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Lindsay Lohan

Reunited with Fam

9/12/2010 9:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is back in New York -- and for the first time since she got sprung from jail/rehab ... she spent time with her family.

Lindsay hasn't seen her sister Ali, mother Dina or brother Cody since she's been a free woman. We're told Lindsay is in town for Dina's birthday, which is next Wednesday. 

She posed for this pic -- which we got -- on Friday after she arrived from Los Angeles.

Missing from the family reunion photo: Lohan, Michael (father).


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Something is going on with Ali in this pic. She's involved with something, not sure what. That's why she's the most formal dressed in this pic.

1501 days ago


Ali looks anorexic and older than Linsay, Linsay looks WAY older than her years and Dina is a nasty looking cougar!

1501 days ago


That is one strange family pic... Dina standing there looking ready to get shot - no joy in the faces of anyone - not even the little brother. Ali looks older than Lindsay - guess she's partying as hard as her sis used to. I find it hard to believe she was granted permission to go to NYC for a week, when she has to get drug- and alcohol- tested every other day and is going through out-patient therapy.

Can't wait to hear about how she misunderstood the situation this time.

1501 days ago


Now that's what I would call an awkward family photo.

1501 days ago


The only reason Lindsey is still popular is her tits. Ali did get them, her mom isn't talented and her brother is useless, so when Lind's tit's start to sag, then the poularity is over

1501 days ago


Lindsay looks good. She needs to have a "posse" of good, solid, sober, SMART people in her inner circle. She needs to get rid of her old bad influence so called "friends".

Let's hope that she can be cool and stay out of trouble with the cops. She's had her wild and crazy days in her early 20s ... like a LOT of people do. There's probably a lot of hypocrites who badmouth Lindsay for doing the same things they have done. Lindsay needs to just let SOMEBODY ELSE drive her around for awhile. That's for sure. Bad stuff seems to happen to her when she is driving.

Lindsay needs to just stay focused on her career. Try to get some big movie or TV roles. Who knows, she might even find a new guy and settle down in a house with a kid. It happens. People turn their lives around all the time.

I want to see how she does in more sophisticated "adult" type roles in the movies and TV. She's got enough talent. She'll have to work hard on those acting skills like everyone else does though.

1501 days ago



Sunday, Sept. 12 2010 - 4.02 am. Lindsay Lohan was arrested outside the tragically unhip Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood following an automobile mishap in which witnesses claim she backed her gold-plated one-of-a-kind Maybach SUV over an elderly woman who was returning home from chemotherapy and kidney dialysis treatment at the highly-respected UCLA Medical Center.

“The bitch was in my way so I played hardball, but I tweeted “sorry” right after”, Lohan was quoted as explaining. “Besides” she continued, “how do you know it wasn’t that black guy”?
A rudimentary search of the vehicle uncovered the party-drug Ecstasy, an open container of an unnamed alcoholic beverage, as well as a “salable” amount of a substance later determined to be cocaine.

While it had been reported earlier that Lohan was in New York at the time of the incident, closer examination showed the photograph depicting her with the important members of her family was merely a cardboard stand-up figure of Lohan, further disproving previous claims that the incident was a made-up attempt by Samantha Ronson to exact revenge for refusing to “service her” needs any longer.

In order to fly under the radar and quash the paparazzi, Lohan’s arraignment, plea bargaining and sentencing were quickly carried out in the basement of the Beverly Hills Courthouse, and presided over by Judge Marcia Revell. Although previously fired by Dina Lohan for playing hardball, Revell assured Lohan’s publicist - known only as “Nicole”, that she would be fair and not play hardball. She was sentenced to time served, and Revell apologized for wasting everyone’s time. “F*** you”, Lohan was heard muttering under her breath as she and “Nicole” slipped into a diamond-encrusted stretch-limo and headed out to celebrate their victory by practicing retail therapy at an undisclosed high-end clothing store which had gotten wind of the situation and volunteered to open its doors so that Lohan may shop exclusively.

Efforts to reach Dina Lohan for comment were unsuccessful, but she had been spotted earlier in the evening hurling eggs at the Carvel Ice Cream store in the Merrick Mall in Long Island. She was subsequently arrested for vagrancy after being picked up in Millpond Park in nearby Bellmore, found wearing enough jewelry to keep her from standing upright and pulling her face tight by grabbing the back of her hair and trying in vain to secure it with duct tape. Park rangers claim “she just showed up. One minute - nothing, then all of a sudden - there she was, screaming uncontrollably at a group of innocent eucalyptus trees, insisting that they were paparazzi, and that she was going to play hardball”.

Michael Lohan is expected to comment shortly on the “Today” show.

1501 days ago

Mary Ann    

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the typical American trailer trash family!!!!

1501 days ago


I cant tell who is who on this picture.

1501 days ago


Not one of them looks even remotely happy in this photo. I have to wonder if the people commenting saying they do have lost their eyesight or something. Look at the boy, he looks like he's miserable. I wish they would just go away, Dina is the absolute worst, I have to stifle my gag reflex at the mention of her name.

1501 days ago


That is one seriously ugly family.

1501 days ago


Just another classy bunch.

1501 days ago


Sadly the only one that doesn't like they were rode hard into their forties is Cody.

1501 days ago


Aw, come on people. Everyone loves the Lohan family. So maybe they're a bit dysfunctional. So is Ozzy Osbourne's family and everyone seems to like them.

You "Lindsay Lohan haters" probably secretly have big posters of her in your bedroom and you stare at them every night. You're going to love it when Lindsay starts doing blockbuster movies again. That's why you make a comment on TMZ when they do a post about Lindsay isn't it?"

1501 days ago

West Vasquez    

I am really looking forward for Ali's sex tape. It should be out soon. As soon as Montana Fishburne gets a deal you know Ali is going to want to put hers out. I would love to work with her on it, maybe even produce it. But I'm sure I am far too late because she probably has quite a few in the can already.

1501 days ago
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