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Heidi and Spencer -- Reunited and it Feels So Bad

9/13/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and Spencer, please ... just divorce already. We got these photos, which were taken yesterday just north of Los Angeles, and the rat we're smelling is really beginning to stink.

Although Heidi insists she's divorcing Spencer, they were walking in stride in Carpinteria, CA at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Spencer is fresh off his arrest at the airport in Costa Rica, after he was snagged for illegal firearms possession, cited and released.

If these crazy kids can't make it work, what hope do the rest of us have?


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TMZ is fascinated by these two ****tards. Yes, she's hot, but there are a billion hot blond chicks out there.

Just, exactly, what have these two imbeciles done - ever - to warrant this much media attention?

1470 days ago

Christina G.    

I hope they stay together. Heidi looks great. Spencer needs a shave.

1470 days ago


Both of these But Ugly *******s get too much press TMZ, they are not NEWS!!!

1470 days ago


I used to think Heidi deserved better for some reason. Like Spencer had been the only one who was wrong. I was wrong. People really do get what they deserve sometimes.

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a raving idiot with those fake bubbies at a breast cancer rally??

She does look ALOT better without the heavy make up as someone said.

1470 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

Spencer is in trouble, Heidi has the ‘magic vagina.’ They feel thousands of times better than regular V’s. If you lose the magic ‘V’ after owning it, it’s like waking up to realize you’ve missed your shuttle flight back from the moon. You can see it is actually causing him an animated walk…sad situation. It’s been over a decade and I still can’t forget my magic ‘V’! Chick looked like Claudia Schiffer but with a bigger butt, this broad would get 'down syndrome' in the sack! But to my point: Spencer you are going to have to release that thing back into the wild like they did Elsa in the 1966 version of Born Free. Remember, you mustn’t give your heart to wild things or to magic V’s. the more you do the stronger they get.. Good luck kid. Now back to folding Mrs. Failenson laundry.

1470 days ago


Please everyone stop commenting on them.
Im sick of TMZ. People are writing here all the time they dont want to read about these loosers and TMZ is continuing.
So please let this be last comment here and that way the lazy TMz crew will realise the truth instead of farting on every story thinking they re best.

Posted at 1:36 AM on Sep 13, 2010 by DANA

You are pathetic. You moan and groan about this? Yet, YOU come here and YOU give them more advertisement and keep the whole subject going.


Grow up and get your own life.

In addition, please learn how to spell.

1470 days ago


i think these 2 people are like a train wreck or auto accidents, at is fascinating to watch isn't it? this is why we have bumper to bumper traffic whenever there's an accidents on the road and people are rubber-necking...drives me crazy after an hour of being stuck in traffic and then you finally get to the wreckage and it's these 2 cars on side of the road just a little fender bender...aarrgghh... not too exciting, yet people still slow down to look...

1470 days ago


I am SO sick of hearing about Spencer and Heidi. I wish they would never make headlines ever again for the rest of their lives! All they do is create stories about themselves to make the news. The divorce is fake, they just hadn't been heard of in a week or so, it was just brought up so they had a reason to bring up the Sex Tape. This Costa Rica news is beyond out there... Spencer has MAJOR ISSUES and Heidi is just brainwashed. I am SO sick of them, they are losers and trash. I thought Heidi was a very pretty girl and now she has just destoryed herself!!

1470 days ago


Why is that dope wearing 2 watches ?

Heidi looks horrible without makeup and extra plastic.

1470 days ago


They both have their wedding rings on. Divorce my ass!

1470 days ago


Analysis’s like waking up to realize you’ve missed your shuttle flight back from the moon:

Posted at 4:13 AM on Sep 13, 2010 by Fredrick j frenger jr.

Hahaha!! You put some serious thought into that one!
Funny, it should be offensive but it's just hilarious!

1470 days ago


Want to see what porn heidi looks like? Take a look at this girl. She is pretty close to a dead ringer for Heidi M.

1470 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

The New Orleans Saints beat the Vikings thursday night 14 to 9.

1470 days ago


I don't see these people anywhere other than TMZ. I don't read about them, or see them on T.V. They are basically TMZ employees now....

I come on TMZ because I visit a lot of sites. The first day I ever went on TMZ was the day the Michael Richards story broke, so I've been coming back ever since...I'm not sure how much longer it will continue.

1470 days ago


Please stop wasting ink/film on these two. If you ignore them, maybe they will just go away. Ditto for Paris Hilton!

1470 days ago
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