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Kate Gosselin

I Need a Bodyguard in Mexico

9/13/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kate Gosselin took time out from starring in reality shows to go to Cabo San Lucas with her bodyguard and rumored boyfriend Steve Neild on Saturday.

Meanwhile on the same day, Kate's ex-husband Jon Gosselin played daddy day care with his eight kids and girlfriend Ellen Ross in Pennsylvania.



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Yawn. I can't even stand to watch the 10 second ads for her show anymore. Fame Whore.

1502 days ago


Photos are tell-alls, for the most part. Interesting, innit?

TMZ has posted a frolicking photo of Sell Out K8 and her "bodyguard" (insert chortle, snicker, guffaw, what-have-yous) minus octs.

And then, here is an oddly (seemingly private and) serenely photo of Jon GROSSelin and his brood, minus the c*ntress of IVF.

Speaks volumes about how each parent are with their children.

Neither deserves much empathy from the masses, however, Jon is always visually do***ented and portrayed as one that earns the most compassion amongst his children and the public.

I seriously cannot wait for the Tell-All book that would be penned by Maddy (totally dislike this rotten, egotistical child, although not her fault) and my ultimate favourite, Alexis ( 'cos it's well known that K8 bitch dislikes the free-thinking, free-bird).

1502 days ago


I just love how all of you seem to know everything about her personel business.... how she's been cheating... how she is a liar - OMG can you get a life! You do not know JACK about her personally - only what you read in low life magazines. None of you have any right to judge her just because she has a TV show and a bodyguard! NONE of us know what went on when the cameras were off and the doors were closed.... she is trying to work and support her huge family... I feel sorry for her!

1502 days ago


Her Body Guard had Black hair til he started dealing with her and her bratty kids.

1502 days ago


Really all I can think when I look at that picture of is how hard it must be o have 8 kids, be a single parent, and live under the microscope of the whole world. I only have 4 and everyone stares at us when we go out. I can only imagine how ***bersome twice that would be to lug around. geez. What a fine hell on earth these people made for themselves (and their kids unfortunately)
also he looks like he's drinking too much.

1502 days ago


I thought this article was interesting. Make of it what you will.

Kate Gosselin has long been rumored to be banging her “bodyguard” Steve Neild. The rumors have been persistently following them ever since the Gosselin’s marriage imploded publicly, as Steve travels with Kate almost everywhere. Kate also spent last Thanksgiving with Steve… and his wife. And earlier this summer, there was a funny story about how Steve “encouraged” Kate to get her boobs done. Like he had a strong opinion about it.

Anyway, I’ve always believed that they were hitting it. And now the veil is gradually being lifted. Us Weekly has an interesting story in this week’s issue about Kate and Steve - according to their sources, “during a recent family vacation to Bald Head Island in North Carolina, witnesses say that the two strolled on the beach each night.” One witness says: “They looked at each other like they were an item.” Sources also say that Steve is very close to the kids, and that he texts the kids every night and that he’s more of a “family member.”

CB also pointed me to this eyewitness account published at The Huffington Post a few weeks ago, and it’s about this same vacation to Bald Head Island. The account is very lengthy and detailed, and you can read it here. The relevant part is this:

Wednesday finally brought an off-camera beach outing. Kate had swapped the modest two-piece she’d had on for filming for a nude-colored sparkly string bikini. The only other adult present, a middle-aged, athletic man with a full head of gray hair, sat very close to her. “Steve, Steve!” the kids called as he splashed them from a bucket of water. I later identified him as Steve Neild, a longtime bodyguard and travel companion who is married and was rumored to have served as Kate’s boob job consultant last year.

I took a couple pictures with my phone and ended up catching Steve’s attention. He jogged over to my beach chair and asked in a stern British accent, “Would you mind not taking pictures of the children?” I didn’t point out I was more interested in snapping him and Kate touching legs. I agreed, and firmly, protectively, he said, “Erase those, now.” I knew he had no legal basis, but allowed him to bully me because I had already saved the halfway decent ones and I did not want to become his enemy with several days left in the week. In exchange, Steve asked if I would like a picture with Kate. It seemed like a routine offer meant to disarm citizen paparazzi.

“Sure,” I said, and we strolled over to Kate, who was staring into space, apparently unaware of the exchange. “I’m a big fan of the show,” I told her. I have never seen an episode of the show, but it seemed like the least sinister motivation to offer. Steve asked Kate to pose.

“Come now, get up!” he said.

“In a bikini?” she whined. Her skin was a deep orange, her long nails perfectly French manicured. She wore dangly silver earrings and multiple necklaces. She pulled on a long white cover-up, ignoring Steve’s repeated assurances that she looked “fantastic” in her bikini.

“One condition,” she told me. “You can’t post this on Facebook or anything. We’re anonymous here and we’d like to stay that way.”

I nodded, wondering how she equated anonymity with bringing a large crew to film her family vacation. Kate struck a red-carpet pose, hand on hip, facing into the wind (”My hair blows back this way,” she explained), and we awkwardly embraced as Steve fumbled with my iPhone.

[From Huffington Post

1502 days ago


Why would she dress like that to stroll around with her body guard?
Could she show any more cleavage?

1502 days ago

pat m    

I could care less about this hag. Interesting that she's a little far away if the kids call and want to be with her instead of Jon. I guess this self important witch has her own version of reality. I hope people keep tuning out the show and she gets cancelled.

1502 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

She's nothing but nasty white trash.

1502 days ago


Kate is a piece of crap. They have been bumpin' uglies since before Jon and Kate split. Have you seen the video of her drinking water in front of her child who was begging for a drink? Classic Kate...piece of ****. She is a horrible human being.

1502 days ago


what a lying skank this woman is. caught in more lies as usual

1502 days ago


OMG, he's actually got a girlfriend? Who would date that worthless freak?

1502 days ago


I was referring to Jon, not Steve, when I asked who would date that freak. Steve is gorgeous. Jon, not so much. Jon's also a douche and a liar. What a s***bag he (Jon) is.

1502 days ago


Hey, TMZ, why isn't the word "s c u m b a g" permitted? I didn't know that was a bad word.

1502 days ago


Bodyguard!?!?!?!?!?! I would not recognize her if she served me a cup of coffee, I am sure that the wonderful people in Cabo share my amazment!

1502 days ago
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