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Oksana Grigorieva -- Dissatisfied, Lawyer Shopping

9/13/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva clearly wants more than she's been getting from the courts -- because she's seriously on the hunt for another family law lawyer in her legal war with Mel Gibson. We've learned she's made an appointment to meet with yet another high-powered family law attorney today.

Oksana Lawyer
Oksana has a sit-down this AM at the law offices of Hersh, Mannis & Bogen in Bev Hills. We're told members of Oksana's posse want her to hire Neal Hersh. The firm has repped, among others, Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards and Melissa Etheridge.

This will be the second interview with a family law lawyer in two days. Oksana met with family veteran Sorrell Trope on Saturday, but we're told she wants to visit Hersh's firm before deciding.

As for why Oksana is antsy -- so far she has not been able to score more than the $5,000 a month in the child support she agreed to in the settlement with Mel in May -- a settlement she has since disavowed. Her current lawyers are asking for more than 40k a month, but the judge hasn't decided whether any or all of that will fly.

We're told there's strife in Oksana's posse over which lawyer she should hire. But it sounds like she's determined to make a change.

UPDATE: We've learned Oksana has just canceled the meeting at Hersh's office.



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1502 days ago


Oksana, no matter how many lawyers you try to hire the outcome will be the same!

you are only making yourself out to be a complete laughing stock! and are becoming an embarrassment to your other child!

stop dragging alexander down with you!
just stop it

1502 days ago


#2. Mel is that you? are you drinking and surfing again?

1502 days ago


Oksana's POSSE???? ROFL this is too much! Giddyap, bitch.

So she visits all these legal eagles... and then SHE decides?? As though they are all lined up for her?

Well...just MAYBE they are rejecting her???

1502 days ago


Oksana, is that YOU??? Obsessing again?? ROFL

1502 days ago


She decides, because her case is so solid that they all want to be part of her team, right? That's why she's been through 6 different family law attorneys over the past 90 days. Or, could it be that the case is a loser nobody wants to stick around knowing they are not going to get paid in the end.

I guess we'll find out soon enough...

Team Mel!

1502 days ago


#2. Mel is that you? are you drinking and surfing again?

Posted at 1:13 AM on Sep 13, 2010 by JLCD

that the best you can come up with?


1502 days ago


Maybe she has a scam for lawyers she's trying to pitch.

1502 days ago


she should be going out and finding a good criminal lawyer cause she is gonna need a few of them to deal with the extortion charges... pssst oksana...try larry h. parker...his tv commercials always say ...I will fight for you! ....

but oksana, what ever you do, do not ...i repeat do not play them your music.....

1502 days ago


This is not interesting.

Come back when they are done.

1502 days ago


#2 Wondering If she was a decent mother she'd care, the very fact she's put both Sasha and Lucia in the spotlight for her own gain shows she really is just a manipulator of all of those around her lol!! Those saying they're glad Alexander can testify to abuse by Mel really are short sighted, he's either going to have to betray his mother or show her to be a selfish money grabbing, extortionist who cared so little about her kids safety she allowed them to witness abuse without lifting a hand to protect them hm?! No matter what Sasha says his relationship with his mother will never be the same again.
#6 Michael I thought you knew, Octomum's twin wants Mel to pay her p.r bill and her lawyers too lol!!! I think someone said earlier it was $84k debt to p.r people!! Of course Fuilginiti may decide to defend OG against extortion charges pro bono but I doubt it, not even sure it's wise for her to be involved but still lol!! All of her p.r people left her because she's her own worst enemy and won't keep her mouth shut, you can't get a p.r agent involved for love nor money (precious little of it lol!) and the way she's going through family court lawyers makes you believe as you say, they're not telling her what she wants to hear! You can pay as much s you like, it still doesn't mean you'll get what you want and you'll be even more in debt! The lawyers fees from this are going to be astronomical lol!!

1502 days ago


The lawyers fees from this are going to be astronomical lol!!

Posted at 1:54 AM on Sep 13, 2010 by emerald

yes, she is going to owe quite a lot of "mouth hugs" to them...hahahaha

1502 days ago


#12 wondering You shock me lol!!! Mouth hugs, lol!!!

1502 days ago


What happened to Trope? Trope knows Oksana is a waste of his time and can't pay his fees. Trope knows Gibson won't pay.

1502 days ago


Good Morning All!

yikes, do these attorneys charge initial consultation or are they free? this woman is unbelievable... she has had some smart lawyers and here she is yet again visiting another attorney? it isn't going to help...she can't change our laws! wonder what she is trying to do? not only find an unscrupulous attorney like her family but also attempting to make herself seem like a common law wife after only 18 months?
she needs to get it into her head that she was just a fling! but it appears she is refusing to believe that? or still using the DV card it seems...and btw, can't they do a phone conference instead of her having to visit their offices? either these are photo ops for her or...these attorneys want to see her in their office for fear of being taped during any phone conference...who else is with her i wonder or is she visiting them by herself? what a fool...

1502 days ago
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