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Gaga's Meat Dress is a Maggot Magnet

9/13/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga may have smuggled in a few extra guests to the MTV VMAs last night -- because the people at PETA think it's likely that her raw meat dress was "crawling in maggots."

Lady Gaga Meat Dress

A rep for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tells us that Gaga "has a hard time being 'over the top,' and wearing a dress made from cuts of dead cows is offensive enough to bring comment."

But the rep notes that if the dress was made from actual meat -- and not the fake stuff  -- it wouldn't take long to go sour ... saying, "After time spent under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh that it is and likely be crawling in maggots."

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Take her to the dog park. That would be awesome


1496 days ago


It takes flies laying eggs in unrefrigerated meat to get maggots. And then it takes one day for those eggs to hatch. That dress, if it was real, was probably kept refrigerated until just before she got into it. That means it probably didn't have time to develop maggots. Nice try though, PETA. You could have gone down the salmonella or e. coli track and been just as disgusting, and far more accurate.

1496 days ago


This dress was made with real meat!! the designer has say it!!

1496 days ago


Meanwhile her concert is number one concert for money as of right now. So everyone here is acting like noone likes her well her concert sales say othrwise

1496 days ago

steven katz    

Its not about "**** PETA". Wearing real meat from an animal is close to wearing fur.

1496 days ago


I wasn't worried about the starving children all over the world. All of that food was better used as a statement from a fame wh0re who deserves being cut up into little cutlets and used as a display piece. Then at least she would be remembered for more than what she is now. What a d0uche!

1496 days ago


PETA is beyond stupid and so is anyone else who think the dress is actual meat. I mean really, are they that retarded? even gaga isnt dumb enough to wear something that would smeel like rotting flesh and be crawling with maggots under the hot lights. Also, to get maggots you need...flies!! and are any flies visible in any of the pictures? no. if it was real meat shed be surrounded by them. Case Closed.

1496 days ago


Why people says this is fashion???? r u nuts????? i'm gonna make a dress with my pubic hair so that would be fashion!!

1496 days ago


stupid...nuff said.

1496 days ago


Yuck, good music or not, that`s just too much. Cher`s just as gross for touching it.

1496 days ago


I eat meat but I wouldn't have gone near that dress with a 10 foot pole! Cher needs to take some anti e-coli medication after hugging her.

1496 days ago

Cat Lady    

I don't know why she doesn't chill out. All the craziness distracts from her music. It is like she only wants to attract freaks to her music because she is starting to bore the rest of us with the drama.

1496 days ago

bite me 10    

Having heard her sing, I truly beleive the reason for the over the top outfits is to cover up the fact this woman can not sing. You spend more time looking at the outfits than time listening to her sing. What's the next out-fit going to be? Gee it's too bad she doesn't have singing talent then people would spend more time talking about her singing then her clothes. Just a thought.

1496 days ago


This is so sad/pathetic! People are starving all over the world and she is wearing meat on her body as clothing!! Have some respect!

1496 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

I'm guessing she an actress or something, but give me a break. People wear leather and fur and to church on sunday and yet call this young lady pig. Meat is meat, bitches. As the kids say, "what's the freakin' diff!?!" Really!?! Take off your leather shoes and stop eating hot dogs and then maybe you can call her a pig. Otherwise, shut the f*ck up and let her make a fashion statement. I think the dress is pretty.

1496 days ago
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