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Gaga's Meat Dress is a Maggot Magnet

9/13/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga may have smuggled in a few extra guests to the MTV VMAs last night -- because the people at PETA think it's likely that her raw meat dress was "crawling in maggots."

Lady Gaga Meat Dress

A rep for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tells us that Gaga "has a hard time being 'over the top,' and wearing a dress made from cuts of dead cows is offensive enough to bring comment."

But the rep notes that if the dress was made from actual meat -- and not the fake stuff  -- it wouldn't take long to go sour ... saying, "After time spent under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh that it is and likely be crawling in maggots."

Still hungry?!


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rafael T    

I love meat, but this dress is not attractive. Had it been BACON, however...

1465 days ago


The only thing grosser than wearing meat is eating it. All you meat eaters and wearers are murderers and I wish you would evolve already and become vegetarian. Your selfish desires for bloody carcass are foul and revolting! That meat is rotting in your ******* and you smell!

1465 days ago


Hasn't she ever heard of salmonela?? It's disgusting how far she will go 4 attention. Her songs are catchy I'll give her that but she's a friggin' characateure. This dress is just plain sad. Whatever!

1465 days ago


Biggest troll in Hollywood history.

1465 days ago


This is really sick, I dont care why she did it theres no reason to where something so nasty and repulsive.

1465 days ago


Gaga is lobbying for the "Get Gaga as much attention as possible" group. Gays are the "in" thing right now, so it seems fit she would leach onto them and their plights to be 'controversial' IE to garner as much attention to herself as possible.

To all you bleeding hearts: boo frickety hoo. Meat tastes good. Milk IS healthy (how else did my broken finger heal so quickly if it wasn't from the 2 8 oz glasses I drank every day? Even the Dr. was surprised) and also tasty. You keep your lecturing to yourselves, us carnivores don't wanna hear it. I *love* the food chain.

1465 days ago


If you have ever placed steaks on the counter while you get the BBQ pit ready, you know that the meat dries out and turns brown if not covered in plastic wrap. And the thinner the meat, the faster it happens. So I do not think in any way this was real beef.

That being said, meat cannot be that healty for you. I'm paraphrasing the Bible here, (Yes I believe in it), but after the flood Noah survived, man was allowed to eat meat. Guess what? Then they were also told their life span would now max out at 120 years instead of the HUNDREDS of years their ancestors lived who were vegetarians.

I'm not a supporter of Peta either. They are way to extremist for me. Were they not the ones who condemed the use of rescue dogs on 9/11 for fear the dogs might hurt a paw? Never once did they think of a HUMAN life that might have been saved. I bet that attitude whould have changed if they had a family member possibly trapped.

In my area, we have a local newspaper. A man every week has a letter in it about animals. One time he even said something like, "The world would be better off without humans because they are the ones who destroy these precious animals". I was about to write, "You are correct. Humans do harm animals sometimes. But why don't you lead by example and eliminate yourself first?"

1465 days ago


hahaa, haven't seen any vegetarian live hundreds of years.
And i'm pretty sure there are as many meat eaters than vegetarian who have lived over hundred years.
Btw, Jesus himself ate meat.

1465 days ago


I'm not a fan of her gimmicky costumes, but can't stand PETA and their radical actions - using sex to sell their ideas, AS IF any of us likes people abusing and using animals.

However, I must be the ONLY one wishing we'd gotten to see Cher's ass in that mesh costume from way back when. Remember it wasn't allowed to be seen in the video she did on the battleship? Ah, but times have changed . . . Sooo, who's got a picture of her OLD ASS that is surely still LOOKING FINE?!

1465 days ago

I Heart NKOTB!!!    

Umm... this is kind of a dumb question......was the dress real or fake meat?

1465 days ago


You are NOT GETTING IT folks. She is a true performance artist in the style of Grace Jones. Her visual displays are meant to entertain, to complement any other talents she has like singing. It's like putting lipstick on the pig. Enjoy all the work she puts into going over the top.

1465 days ago


NIIIIICE!!! You stupid FUGLY dumb git!

Walking, talking E Coli, Shigella, Salmonella, staphyloccocus and listeria. nuts nasty!

Gross! I couldn't stand having raw meat touch my skin in that manner. Not without a full bodied condom suit or sump'n. Nasty microbial pathogens entering her pores. ::shudders::

1465 days ago

eff you idiots who didnt watch the draft and dont know the whole story    

to the person that said it is not real meat. It IS real meat they did a zoom feature here on tmz shows that it is real meat

1465 days ago


To all of you who think Peta should go suck it, consider this. An animal gave it's life. The least that we can do is treat the animal with dignity and honor it's sacrifice. I'm a meat eater, but I believe in the ethical treatment of animals and believe that they're bodies should be used with respect. Taking and wearing this meat, which is going to end up in the trash, is not what I call respect. Lady Gaga, people who are really talented, don't have to use gimmicks.

1465 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

See now, when you have talent you don't have to do these insane things. She needs serious help.

1465 days ago
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