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Dr. Murray Targets Arnie Klein in MJ Death

9/15/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is going after Michael Jackson's longtime physician and friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, claiming Klein is at least partly to blame for the singer's death and should be a defendant in Joe Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit.


In legal papers filed today and obtained by TMZ ... Dr. Murray challenges Joe Jackson's decision not to name Dr. Klein as one of the physicians allegedly responsible for his son's death.

In the new docs, Murray quotes from Joe's lawsuit, "Dr. Klein may have been medicating Michael Jackson up until or even beyond June 18, 2009, less than one week before Michael Jackson's death."

And Murray continues quoting from Joe's lawsuit that Dr. Klein "prescribed or may have over medicated Michael Jackson including to such point that AEG Live, LLC had to hire Dr. Murray in order to separate Michael Jackson from Arnold Klein."

And Murray goes on to quote Joe's lawsuit which claims "AEG Live, LLC read Michael Jackson the proverbial 'riot act' to get him to stop subjecting himself to overmedication by Dr. Arnold Klein."

So with all that, Dr. Murray concludes, "The plaintiff [Joe Jackson] does not explain why, given these allegations, Dr. Arnold Klein is not a required party to be added to accord proper relief."

In other words ... why didn't Joe sue Arnie?

As TMZ first reported, Dr. Klein shot Michael full of Demerol -- 51 injections in a 3-month span, right up until the week of his death.

Dr. Murray also points the finger at other doctors who treated Michael Jackson, citing TMZ stories revealing that 7 doctors other than Murray were fueling MJ with meds at or near the time of his death.

Murray's team also asked the court to dismiss Joe's wrongful death lawsuit -- claiming Jackson doesn't have the right to file because he's not a beneficiary of MJ's estate.


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Put Murray in jail or MJ come forward. Those are the only two things that can take place at this point. No way a man can be considered to have killed one of the most "popular" persons in the world and still be walking free! I'm not so much as saying that MJ is still alive or dead for that matter but you have to agree that this is the craziest death in history!

1462 days ago

lynn morales    

DR.Conrad Murray, AEG & Arnie Klien are all accountable for MJ"S life. First AEG for liability who doesn't check the background of a doctor before signing him on, Second Arnie Klien for bragging to TMZ that he was giving Michael diprivan at least 75times, Thrid Dr. Conrad Murray who dont know how to give mouth-to-mouth recusitation, anyone that have been a trained physician would know that, this doctor was only in it for what he could get out of Michael Jackson. Now it is time to pay the price for taking Michael Jackson life, he better be glad he is still on earth, I dont blame Katherine and Joe Jackson for suing AEG, DR.Conrad Murray and Arnie Klien and you curious people for the fifth time Michael Jackson was not a ***got, that what Arnie Klien said, honestly i dont beleive a word that comes out that man's mouth its just gossip.

1462 days ago


Klein and Murray are both responsible of Michael's death, they must be punished both

1462 days ago


Cause of death. Acute propofol levels. Who gave the propofol?

End of story.

1462 days ago



1462 days ago


OMG .... does it really matter who did what, the man is dead. Please let him rest in peace. As for you idiotic people who want to make a name for yourselves, you have ... you killed him!! so let it go. And poppa J you are the biggest factor in his death, accept it and stop trying to live off of him any longer

1462 days ago

Mary in CO    

Throw Murray in jail and throw away the key and let bubba deal with his ass. Give time to let that simmer. He will have nothing left no license, no business, no home.

Missing MJ.

1462 days ago


There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Klein, encouraged and gave Propofol to Michael Jackson cementing his addiction to this drug. That is another case for the DA to handle.
Dr. Murray was trying to wean MJ off this and possibly other drugs for AEG. I have idea if Dr. Murray gave him too much, if MJ was sick, if other drugs were involved and Dr. Murray did not know, or if MJ himself gave himself some more while Dr. Murray was out of the room. I do know that at that time there was no law about Propofol as an illegal drug. I believe Dr. Murray was negligent, because he should have had a heart monitor, and oxygen monitor if he was giving such drug. Proving this in a court of law will be near impossible without a reasonable doubt.

1462 days ago


God Bless and Protect Conrad Murray.

Artie Klein played a BIG role in many ways by enabling Michael Jackson.

Posted at 2:24 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by Tellit

Seeing that your God is Satan, I'm sure Murray is being well protected.

1462 days ago


Pass the buck??

1462 days ago

Cynthia J    

Michael wanted the drugs that killed him. And, yes,
Murray and Klein enababled Michael's drug addiction. Michael had tons of money and found "questionable" Doctors who took the money to provide Michael with drugs. Actually Klein provided Michael with injectable Demoral (sp). Jesus, Klein was a freaking dermatologist--why did Michael need these injections? In any event, Michael is responsible for his own death by his drug seeking behavior. These "doctors) should pay a price for providing the drugs that ultimately killed him. But murder charges seem a bit harsh. One more thing, you can tell Michael's oldest son was fathered by Klein. Michael's whole relationship with Klein was too bizarre. What a strange world we live in.

1462 days ago


I say that, because we're on HOW many excuses now?

1. I couldn't call for help because there was no landline. Oops, why yes, I did have a cell and made three calls, one taking me right up to the time I discovered the decedent.
2. Hey LAPD. You don't say. I gave him Propofol? Now that you mention it, yes, but only an itty bit. And you can find the bottles in the secret closet.
3. Michael Jackson injected himself.
4. Another person other than Michael and/or me injected Michael. He was murdered by an unknown other!
5. It's AEG's fault; they did not give me the equipment I asked for.
6. It's Arnie Klein's fault. He shot him up with Demerol repeatedly during a three month span leading up to his death.
7. Its' 6 or 7 OTHER doctors' fault, because they were medicating Michael too.

But it sure is hell ain't EVER my fault.

The ONLY part of the above I will agree to is that Klein was peddling drugs to MJ, not 'treating him'. But he wasn't there on 6/25 and had nothing to do with MJ's death.

Murray, Murray, Murray, MURRAY!

Posted at 2:28 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by danger baby

You said it so well! I couldnt have said it any better...this is so true and i agree 100%!

Justice for MJ!!!!

1462 days ago


HI All....Put a pic of Prince Michael next to a pic of Arnie Klein....Notice anything????...DUH!!!...They look exactly like eachother!!!!...Does anyone dispute that Debbie Rowe was pregnant by her boss?????..ALSO Paris is a pretty good replica of Debbie.....Look at the eyes and chin....How America let this freak get away with adopting them and claiming they were his is Laughable.....Patty

Posted at 11:56 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by Patty

And why does this matter???? how many people out there do that? im sure plenty but its not show on news.... He was a father regardless if it was his sperm or not...who are you to judge? He is the one that took care of them and raised YES they are his CHILDREN! who he loved and adored and vice versa for the kids....

so sad that people still have to mention this nonsense....

RIP and JUSTICE for MJ!!!

1462 days ago


Michael Jackson is so terribly missed by his fans.
His fans loved him, and he would have been better off to make friends with a few of them over all the leeches he was associated with.
He was the father of three beautiful children.
And by all accounts, a great father!

Conrad Murray is a doctor who took an oath. If he let AEG push him around then he deserves his punishment. As do they.
Klein should be investigated before he enables more people with drugs. He's is as bad as a junkie with a needle.

RIP King of ours, Sweet Baby.
God Bless you wherever you are, and your children.

1462 days ago


Murray makes absolutely no sense. Dr Klein has been Michaels dermatologist for over 20 years and there hasnt been anything filed or reported that Klein did anything to harm Michaels health. If Murray doenst have do***antation of his claims that Klein was giving him Demerol or pictures of him doing this, hes got no leg to stand on. What is also pathetic about this claim is that its been reported that one of the calls that Murray made was to Klein while Michael lay in bed dying. Talk abouta stab in the back.

Murray and his team are just trying to find some angle that may work to get Murray to be found innocent...guess what guys... THERE IS NONE SO JUST GIVE IT UP!

1462 days ago
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