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Kat Von D & Sandra Bullock

Tat's a Coincidence!

9/15/2010 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Long before Kat Von D, Jesse James and Sandra Bullock were part of each other's romantic history, Kat and Sandy shared an odd connection ... via a tattoo. 


Back in 2001, Kat Von D -- a famous celebrity tattoo artist -- was asked to ink a permanent image of Sandra's face onto the chest of one of her male clients who happened to be a huge fan of "Speed."

So there you have it -- Kat Von D is now dating the ex-husband of a person she once tattooed on a total stranger.

How's that for full circle?



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From what I've seen of Kat's work, that does NOT look like something she would do. If so, it must have been the first tattoo she's ever done. Her work is usually much better than that.

1477 days ago


That can't be Sandra

1477 days ago


Too bad the tattoo sucks! Kat is a pretty good artist, but alot of the tats i've seen that she has done look distorted and not all that great...not to mention her personality stinks...Im so Team Sandra on this one!

1477 days ago


Why is nobody stating the obvious funny part here? Some random guy out there made the great life decision of getting a permanent tattoo of Sandra Bullock on his chest. What TMZ didn't tell you is that he also got a Keanu tramp stamp.

1477 days ago


Looks like it is on someones back not chest

1477 days ago


that tat is a TERRIBLE representation of sandra.

1477 days ago


What a lousy tat. Pity the guy that's wearing that.

1477 days ago


So many people go on about what an "amazing" portrait artist Kat is.
Well,this tattoo sucks dog sack.HORRIBLE!Just like the "artist"that put it there.Now I call her Kat Von Douchenozzel!She is a poor excuse for a woman,let alone a tattoo artist.SHE SUCKS!In more ways than one!

1477 days ago


Definitely, NOT her best work!!! She must have still been learning her "craft", especially regarding manipulation of proportions. Anything which we had witnessed on either Miami Ink (wonder what those guys are doing about now?), or at her own (supposedly) shop in L.A. looked to be of a much higher quality. She's definitely improved over the years . . .

1477 days ago


YIKES! I've seen better ones done in prison! I've seen alot of her work and its nothing to brag about. She is average at best.

If people weren't still trying to figure out is she is a dude or a tranny, the interest in her and her average work would have long been over.

1477 days ago


She has probably done ink on 100's of chicks that Jesse banged.
No big deal there. The guys a walking talking std..

1477 days ago


Most of the other artists that we see on either LA Ink or other related shows, can match or outperform her work. She has certainly improved over the years, with regard to her skill, anyway. She seems to be hitting the chemicals and smoking pretty hard and heavy, as her voice and overall look is radically different than it was back in the Miami Ink days. She looked better before the excessive chemical habits, eating disorder, cheek implants (rarely looks natural), nose work, etc . . . She really sounds a lot different now, whereas she used to sound similar to her sister. Life's difficult, hopefully she'll find her way to happiness . . .

1477 days ago

I am Spartacus    

That just shows the mentality of this chick, I mean putting an actors face on your body from a piece of crap hokey movie? LMAO what a fcktard! Whoever did that tat should be shinning bowling balls instead of inking people. What is that...superman's jaw on her?

Posted at 6:06 AM on Sep 15, 2010 by Whamo"

you're the fcktard since you obviously can't read. Kat didn't get the tattoo, some guy did. She was the one that did the work.

1477 days ago


First of all that is a guys BACK. Secondly, just because some idiot says Kat did this tat, doesn't make it factual. Third, people will do anything to get noticed these days, so it's no surprise that some tool would think he would get his 15 minutes by claiming something as ridiculous as this. I've seen her show and her work is 100 times better than this, especially considering they all use a stencil from photos. This looks more like the work of a beginner and anybody that's stupid enough to have that tat on them without getting another tat over it to cover it up is probably lacking in some qualified judgement. I just don't this this tool is telling the truth, and it must have sucked for him not to get his mug in the picture since he was clearly in search of his 15 mins....

1476 days ago


If the beautiful Sandra has been married maker of refrigerators and a failure to happiness, it is time to try to marry Ahmed manufacturer of gas cookers

1476 days ago
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