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Katy's High School Target -- My Chick's Hotter

9/15/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everybody wants to date Katy Perry -- despite what she may think -- because the dude who was the target of Katy's "look at me now" moment at her concert this week tells us ... he doesn't regret a thing.


As we first reported, Perry took the stage at her old high school on Tuesday -- noticed her former classmate Shane Lopes in the crowd -- and announced, "You never wanted to date me ... you really chose well, honey. Whats up now, playa?"

We just spoke to Lopes -- who told us he "couldn't believe it" when Katy spotted him in the crowd at Dos Pueblos High School ... but claims she "exaggerated" the whole dating situation.

Lopes adds that Perry was "just trying to embarrass" him -- because he says they "never had any problems" during their days at DPHS.

All that aside, Lopes says he's now engaged, ironically, to his high school sweetheart ... and is "happy with how things turned out."

We don't blame the dude -- his fiancee is pretty damn hot.

Take that, Katy Perry.


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johnny boy    

too funny. Finance is a 10 katy a 5.5, I mean if you can't do better the Russell Brandt, do you really think anybody else would want you?.

1501 days ago

La La Land    

I have to be with Katy on this one, I mean that guy is dating his high school sweet heart,,,hahahaha Talk about never leaving the

I mean come on he prob has never even traveled outside of his city...Katy all the way and i dont even listen to her music.

oh yeah why is that guy so dang sweaty lookin

1501 days ago

T Aussie 87    

I think that's rather rude of Katy. Just cause she's a star doesn't mean that makes her a better person. Good on ya Shane.

1501 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

I have no idea who this young lady is, but what a pathetic tw*t. She has miilions of dollars in the bank for doing a lot of nothing and she's still bitter about being ignored in HIGH SCHOOL for god's sake. What a LOSER. I'm guessing she's a singer. I hope she never has a hit again and rots in hell.

1501 days ago


actually i went to high school with those 3(shane/katy and shane's g/f). He wasn't that type of guy, and he was with her for quite awhile, so i'm sure whatever shane says is true, he's just a standup guy.

1501 days ago


Wow. If that's your idea of "hot", tmz, then I guess you would call me SMOKING HOT cause even I look better then that weird looking chick! SMDH. The dude is nasty too. They better adopt.

1501 days ago


LMAO! She said what we all have wanted to say to douche bags who thought they were too good for us years ago! Team Katy!

1501 days ago

Yeah, I said it.    

Looks like the loser couples drinking buddies have flocked to TMZ to rip Katy a new one and praise the nasty smug looking duo. Life in Katy's home town must suck ****.

1501 days ago


all katie do is make this guy feel 10 times cooler with his girl. If he still bothers katie thats gonna give him some swag with his nobody gf who is smokin hot.

1501 days ago


Wow what a beyotch. Katy even if you became popular and rich through your crappy singing that means the guy who dumped you in high school is wallowing in tears. What a skank. Some people don't care that much about money, there are more noble reasons to live for! Why don't you just use your money and get a voice coach to teach you real singing.

1501 days ago


At the same time Im sure the only people that pointed this out is TMZ and of course the dude is looking at it. Most of the hater post are probably him making all kinds of names and hating on her because hes a nobody and what else would he do. Its obviously reading most of these, hes hoping she reads them.

1501 days ago


Well, first off it's a pretty nasty homophobic rant.

Second, he probably had no idea that she was interested in him.

Third, she would have dumped him for Russel Brand, anyway and he's getting married.

1501 days ago


Nikki C: "wants his 15 min of fame"? SHE'S the one who thrust the 15 minutes on him for crying out loud! He was probably just sitting in the crowd proudly watching the "homegirl done good" and wham she suckerpunches him out of nowhere...

Vincent: I hear ya. He probably had no idea she liked him so much back then. I had that M.O. I think a lot of people do that; try to act all nonchalant around their crush. He probably meant no harm...I like Katy Perry overall but this seemed incredibly shallow. I think she was trying to show she can "relate" to the youngsters (not that she's that much older than them). Like Toby Keith's song, "How Do You Like Me Now" but she really over-dramatized the whole thing.

1501 days ago


Good for that guy, she seemed like a bitter high school dork coming out ripping off a cheerleader outfit and rubbing her armpit with it, awww, the guy you liked who had a girlfriend who he's in love with didn't notice you in the hallway? I probably bet that guy could give two ****s about her money or success, that's not what love is about. If anything, it made her look like she still isn't over HIM and yes, that girl is HOT and katie's ....I wouldn't kick her out of bed, at least until the tequila wore off. She gets to go home to a thong wearing guy with a strange body hair and a bad haircut...but it's not about money right? It's about love.

1501 days ago


1501 days ago
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