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Katy's High School Target -- My Chick's Hotter

9/15/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everybody wants to date Katy Perry -- despite what she may think -- because the dude who was the target of Katy's "look at me now" moment at her concert this week tells us ... he doesn't regret a thing.


As we first reported, Perry took the stage at her old high school on Tuesday -- noticed her former classmate Shane Lopes in the crowd -- and announced, "You never wanted to date me ... you really chose well, honey. Whats up now, playa?"

We just spoke to Lopes -- who told us he "couldn't believe it" when Katy spotted him in the crowd at Dos Pueblos High School ... but claims she "exaggerated" the whole dating situation.

Lopes adds that Perry was "just trying to embarrass" him -- because he says they "never had any problems" during their days at DPHS.

All that aside, Lopes says he's now engaged, ironically, to his high school sweetheart ... and is "happy with how things turned out."

We don't blame the dude -- his fiancee is pretty damn hot.

Take that, Katy Perry.


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Her personality makes her ugly.

1407 days ago


Money obviously hasn't made Katy any classier. So she was a loser then, and she's a loser now.

For everyone (which probably means Katy and her staff) who post about how "hot" she is, all it takes are a few clicks to find some pics of her without makeup to dispel that notion. Her skin is horrid, as you can see of some recent HD shots of her that TMZ published.

She ain't pretty on the outside, and she sure isn't pretty on the inside either.

1407 days ago


How insecure do you have to be. I mean let it go. If you think you are all that what happened in the past should be a triviality. Obvious this just proves that even with all the wealth and fame she's a little insecure kid on the inside. God help any guy dating her. Imagine how the current boyfriend must feel given that she's still pining away after an ex highschool memeber and has him on her mind to do this ridiculous and embarrasing stunt.

1407 days ago


why was he there?

1407 days ago


thinking she's the ****... She must have forgot she sold her soul to the devil in Hollywood.
That's what you get for being a bitch..

1407 days ago


I like Katy Perry, but I thought that was a pretty tacky, arrogant, pompous thing to do. Especially to an unsuspecting victim. They probably never even spoke in high school for all we know. Clearly she's let her sudden fame go straight to her head. The dude should really be pissed she since she basically slammed his now fiancee. Pretty classless move on Katy's part. And judging from the pictures above, the guy made the right decision, while she's stuck with that disgusting, little wanky Brit douchebag who's 15 minutes are just about up.

1407 days ago


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!!! Another lie from an overnight celebrity trying to convince the world they were the "awkward, out-of-place" reject in high school. blah blah blah!!!! Katy Perry is a cute chick with f'n DD's!!!! Unless she grew them within the past 6 years, she definitely did not go unnoticed in high school. Buddy just picked a hotter chick than her, and apparently one with more class.

1407 days ago


How sad that she's held a grudge all this time. I'm glad he's got someone PRETTY, and he's happy.

1407 days ago


What Katy did was really immature. She didn't embarass him, she embarassed herself and she embarassed her fiance Russell; who probably thought "what the hell? when he heard what she did. Get over it, yourself and therapy already you moron!

1407 days ago


Here we go........ reality show now? Guest on Ellen, the View?
And so, a new career begins for the unsuspecting couple.

1407 days ago


He is just a douche bag so suck it up big boy!!!

1407 days ago


Why did she have to say anything at all? What an idiot, and her music sucks, seriously.Sounds like she's still a insecure nerd.

1407 days ago


To Princess in comment 51, Did you know Katy when she was Katherine? when Perry was Hudson when she was a blonde and not brunette when she was just under two hundy? when shane was shane, same ol' guy he is today, that kid hasn't changed he is a great guy, she came back to his school and tried to make something out of her stardom then got **** on because she looks the way she does and she tries and still fails, maxim 100, who cares, shes hollywood fake, gonna be fatter than fat when she gets off the uppers, ... as for Jamie that chick is hot, a blind man with a Braille reader can see that, you must be one of those defenders of the stars, guess what they still dont like you and it doesnt make you one of them, it just makes you a creep... and not a princess this isnt the UK, why dont you post a picture of yourself and we can all chime in, bet you are perfect to say the least, your airbrushed head over some celeb already touched up body it will be fun ripping you a part...


1407 days ago


Funny how Katie created the profile "princess" and keeps posting on here to extend her putrid performance! @ princess is merely a complete idiot who lacks class and is starved for attention. What a yeast factory! No one cares what your standards of beauty are so why don't you take your mediocre sized lips and put them on the tailpipe of your parents car and inhale till your eyes close! I am a lesser person for commenting on her but someone had to.

1407 days ago



1407 days ago
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