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Kim Kardashian -- $100,000 Handbag Shopping Spree

9/16/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and her mom spent over $100,000 on handbags in Paris yesterday -- and no, they didn't buy a truckload of 'em ... they bought seven.

It all went down in the notoriously expensive Hermes store -- where we're told Kim and her mother Kris purchased six of the label's exclusive "Birkin" bags ... valued at around $10,000 apiece.

But here's the kicker -- sources close to the reality star tell TMZ, Kim also bought herself an extremely rare crocodile-skin bag from the upscale French boutique ... worth around $30,000.

Overall, the Kardashians easily surpassed the $100k mark. 

What recession?!


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Stop watching the shows, they will get dropped for crappy ratings, and they will all fade into obscurity, rehab shows or grocery store openings, where they ALL belong.

1500 days ago

bewildered bystander    

Materialism and Consumerism will not make a person happy for any extended period of time,
they are Spiritiually Bankrupt Human Beings
and crummy role models

1500 days ago

Michael Tonello    

Yeah, they must be rally "rare" if she was able to buy six of them. This company has lied to their customers about this bag repeatedly for 20+ years. Funny how overnight the "two to three year waiting list" has magically disappeared.
If I owned a Birkin I'd return it to Hermes citing that it was sold to me under false pretenses.

1500 days ago


Ya know whats so funny is all of these people are posting comments about reality shows and the people on them are trashy and low class and to stop watching these shows, so, why are you on the TMZ website posting comments about how terrible Reality TV is.....maybe you just need to turn the channel and watch your Fox news and get a life!!!!!

1500 days ago


Who cares what they spend their money on? Those 6 bags were probably for each of the Kardashian girls and the extra one was just an extra. I don't care. If I had that much money I'd buy nice bags, too.

1500 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Vapid whore and her mother pimp acting important. Shes a skank who got famous for sucking c8ck, being screwed and p*ssed on and then got paid for it her mother looks so proud of her.

1500 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

The only thing BIGGER than her Hand Bag- is her Hugh ASS- I winder if its bigger than Oprahs Ass???

1500 days ago


That's wayyyyyyy too much for handbags with ONE wasn't enough?? they had to go all the way buying 7 from the same label?? or are they're going to give them away to people in need??-it's ridicules with $100.000K I could do sooo much with at amount.
Those people have soo much money that they don't know what to do with it-it's a shame!!!

1500 days ago


They are selfish, SHAMELESS bitches...I love handbags as well, but really--$10,000 a piece?!? It's truly sickening to the stomach.

1500 days ago

suzy q    

Kris Jenner is a PIMP!!!! PIMP on Kris!!!

1500 days ago


I wonder how many times Robert Kardashian has rolled over in his grave. Granted he was OJ's friend and he probably was the one who while on a trip got rid of the murder weapon; still in his worst nightmare as a father did he expect for ALL of his daughters to grow up and be suck filthy dirty nasty whores who's only reason for waking up each and every day is to shop and spread their legs.

1500 days ago


DISGUSTING!!! The whole family is.

1500 days ago


Must be nice to have money to throw away like that. Celebrities obviously get paid waaay too much money for what they do, and most of them are criminals that should be in jail (dui's, drugs, guns, beatdowns) and they don't even work hard or do anything to better the world. That kind of money should be going to veterans, police, teachers, etc. I'd love to start a boycott on entertainment so they can go through what the rest of us go through like worrying about money and jobs. What they alledgedly spent on purses could've fed millions of people, or even saved a few lives. Having a cheque to charity in your name every once in a while is just more publicity for them, it's not like they really care. At least Angelina and Brad use their money for good, even though they make sure they're taken care of first and foremost, understandably, but the kardashians and lohans of the world should be out shovelling ditches.

1500 days ago


Looks like her dress is made from her hotel toliet paper.

1500 days ago

Ms. Hellanious    

Noone wants to see this.

1500 days ago
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