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Kim Kardashian Upstages the Mona Lisa

9/15/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaos erupted at the famous Louvre Museum in France this morning -- with a team of security guards springing into action -- all because Kim Kardashian wanted to check out the Mona Lisa.

Kim Kardashian Sparks Security Alert.
Sources tell TMZ ... Kim and her mother Kris were swarmed by a massive group of paparazzi -- estimated to be 50 photogs strong -- as they entered the museum in Paris.

We're told a security team was assigned to the Kardashians -- and they were escorted directly to the Mona Lisa (pictured above).

But once they got to Da Vinci's masterpiece, people started going crazy -- taking photos, screaming their names ... and even asking the reality stars to pose with the painting.

Our sources say it got so hectic, that Kim and Kris had to leave the museum  ... right after they took one last photo for their Twitter page.


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Get f-ed and s-ck a d-ck on camera and get a private security escort through the Louvre. Civilazation as we knew it is officially dead. Look how proud Mom is.

Posted at 12:57 PM on Sep 15, 2010 by ylg
What you said.

So sad that this disgusting family is what passes for celebrities today. Famous for having a big a.s.s and a sex tape. And Mom's proud. Disgusting.

1496 days ago


I only wish I had the hustler gene (the aura) that they have the Situation has and so many others have to have a great life
good for them.
TMZ do the Kardashians rides (automobiles) have those Carlashes
on them ?
Will the Kardashians get involved with auto accessories?
Since the front of the car is being done (headlamps) Maybe they
could develop something for the back of the car, big Chrysler style, 59 Caddy etc tailfins or tailamp,bumper fashions to make even a hoopty stand out.

1496 days ago


Although all of you will be calling Kim and her Mother everything under the Sun, its actually surprising or shocking that she even found herself in a museum to see a masterpiece. The fact that she is visiting museums and not just shopping up a storm which she is, only shows that there is perhaps a small residue of intelligence in her to be doing this. As for the flashes, when I was there it was put behind glass to offset the radiation from the camera flashes. Kim, my advice to you is now go to the Eiffel Tower, The Versailles Castle and Grounds, The Pantheon, and what the hell Moulin Rouge. Its Paris. Go Kim!!!!!

1496 days ago


Besides the swarm of paps (that I am SURE she let know ahead of time where she would be) and some of her "entourage" gag, I only see a handful of regular people walking by or standing off to the side checking out what is going on. I don't care WHO it is if people see lot's of camera's they want to know WHAT is going on! So she and her "gag" mother should not flatter themselves.

1496 days ago


Don't they know that flash photography degrades the paint of these priceless pieces of art! Where the heck were the museum guards?

1496 days ago


I agree with 2, 5 and 6. Picture are forbidden of the Mona Lisa, with all their money, they are still ignorant and all self important...

1496 days ago

Y do he got    

since when did glass stop radition? never plus it`s a dis LA`PAP smearing phooto op.ART is ART none of them know or respect art or the artist it`s just a make me money gig stay at home I would rather see someone STEAL THE LISA than use and damage her for a phooto shoot.AT least is someone steals her they LOVE HER as art..these mooks don`t even love themselfs

1496 days ago


Wow, look at that, twin fame whores!

1496 days ago


I hope the bomb attacks they announce on TV become real and catches these 2 low lifes.

1496 days ago

La La Land    

WOW..look at all the haters on here..But its really not a bunch its the same ol group of haters that log on everyday and trash

Kim K is lookin good, and i like her big booty..haha Seen her around L.A. and she is better looking in person she has that rich girl skin/glow..haha

1496 days ago

Allan Kaplan    

Its because media like you give this no talent beauty the press she needs to make million while their are other young peple out there with real talent do not get the brake they need and are waiting on tables to survive.
Do you really think the public would care if that whole family would just fad away and when they do they should take Lady Gaga with them.She is a discrace to the music business.OHHH while you are at it please please take Snookie and the her whole gang of Low lifes with her

1496 days ago

Y do he got    

2b tech she is dwnstage wayway dwnstage and faceing the wrong way.It could have been a halffacement shot at best without the papsmear OVER lighting but than again to turn your back on THE LISA is a sure curse in the press actions or facts NO ONE DOES that to nay arts at all,paps madethem for mookas$$ bed set bad light all off way waya doffy.YOU BURNT HER PAPPY DMIPSMIT and whoever else is in the photo is NOT in the photo as per mindset and actions.

1496 days ago

Turd Ferguson    

Makes sense she would pose there:

a) her life is a series of poses
b) she has AT LEAST as much paint on her face as Mona does

1496 days ago


y que yo tambien estuve in paris too y nadie me hace una nota que chuchas huevon que hiso de bueno solo fue a pasearse y esa vieja de la mama quita de las fotos nobody te quiere ver

1496 days ago


"Her 15 minutes are up, right?

Talentless fatass slam-pig......

Posted at 11:32 AM on Sep 15, 2010 by FlBiker

Now now angry gay man ...

1496 days ago
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