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Katherine Jackson Sues AEG Over Michael's Death

9/15/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children are suing AEG Live -- claiming the company breached its agreement to provide physical care for Michael Jackson -- and that AEG was negligent in their hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray as MJ's physician.


In the suit, Katherine claims AEG's contract with Michael "created a legal duty for AEG to act reasonably toward the physical well-being of Michael Jackson."

In the document, Katherine also blames AEG for hiring Dr. Murray without  a proper background check -- claiming, "AEG did not provide a doctor who was truly looking out for Jackson's well-being and did not provide equipment."

The suit also alleges AEG caused emotional distress to Michael's son Prince because he witnessed Michael suffering and dying, and "he was put in a position as bystander to these tragic events."

Kenny Ortega, who produced the planned London concerts for Michael, is also named as a defendant.

The attorney who filed the suit, Brian J. Panish, released a statement saying, "The purpose of this lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all."

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-#539: Hey Chico! Thanks for your response. My thing with Rowe is that although he did come across as a leech to me, too, at first, I became very suspicious when someone pointed out to me how quickly the Media and AEG took him down and discredited him. He was literally here today and gone tomorrow in regards to Michael's case. That made me think that maybe there WAS something he was saying and someone wanted it kept quiet.
And I agree with you that AEG has one of the strongest motives for Murder. Thing is, when someone dies, the first thing they usually look at is the person's most recent activities, and the people surrounding him. In Michael's case, AEG was not only his employer for a Multi-million dollar Tour, they were also practically under his skin in the process. And when you look at the cir***stances--the contract that gave AEG so much leeway to recoup on their losses, the fact that they were scalping tix for $500 a pop, the fact that they Insured half of the shows, the fact that they shot TII in HD when it was just supposed to be for Michael's library, the fact that Randy Phillips went around creating Spin right after Michael died, and repeated that Michael insisted on having Murray as his doctor, which Murray now says isn't true, this so-called Intervention they had with Michael demanding that he quit seeing Klein and only receive treatment from Murray--HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.....and on and on.......
As for Branca, there's just still something about him that bothers me. Thing is, while I know he's doing a good job for the Estate, I can't give him credit for that because he's reaping the rewards also with his 10% Incentive--without this, he would come across as more of a friend to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he shouldn't get paid for his services, but he was getting that already--5% of $250 mil. is a LOT of money...was that not enough for them? And I still can't get past the fact that Michael would rehire him at the 11th hour when he was still in bed with Sony for the most part. I know some people think Michael forgave Sony, but I think not. I think he TOLERATED them because of the ATV--they did bail him out on several occasions when they had the right to snatch it right from under him. But as many of us have reiterated, Sony wouldn't do that because they've been controlling Michael's share for decades, and at this point, they don't have the money to buy him out--nor do they want to rock the boat and have someone else buy Michael and Sony are in a co-dependant relationship, for lack of a better word, IMO....
The other thing about Branca is the fact that he arrived late to the party, but as soon as he did, Michael was dead one week later. Of course, this could be in his defense. It could be that the moment AEG saw that Michael hired Branca, they realized they wouldn't be able to take advantage the way they wanted, and decided to terminate the deal....and Michael, unfortunately, so they could recoup their losses......
Back to Sony--I still need to read the rest of Rowe's book to see what else is there, and reread Muzik's blog. That codependency Sony has with Michael on the ATV makes me think they aren't culprits, but I still have a problem with the fact that I'm being told Sony still holds Michael's Master Tapes, but you say they went to the Estate--which one is it? Who holds them, now? Also, there's an issue of Sony and Michael's LLC, which I'm told Michael could've pulled out of in 2009, but the problem was Sony was having financial issues at that time and couldn't afford it, so this would have possibly RUINED them. If that's all true, it's a HUGE motive for Murder...have you heard about this?
It's just getting harder and harder to justify the whole Barrack-Tohme-Murray connection. Barrack's main thing was Neverland and the Sycamore LLC--make no mistake, I still suspect him, especially when he filed for those trademarks and to purchase the Sony-ATV ONE WEEK AFTER MICHAEL DIED!!
Okay so let's talk about the brothers involved. From what I've read, it's been Jermy and Randy who were identified as possible culprits, but the only one working with Sony that I know of is Jackie and possibly Marlon and I have to admit that that's a bit of a stretch for me to imagine them being involved......
As for Muzik, I am going to reread her blog for the sake of Michael, but it just really does damage to her credibility for her to being using language of that nature, especially, as you said, since MIchael was Black himself.
But I know about the attacks--especially from fans and it's a real trip!! It's as if they think you want to point to Branca or DiLeo or Randy J. and call them a MURDERER...noone I know wants to do that and I certainly don't, either. It would be so easy for me to just stick with the bottom feeders in this--MURRAY AND TOHME, but if we do that, we're simplyt enabling them to harm some other poor unsuspecting Artist. We have to expose these people for what they did to Michael, and COULD DO to others.
And with the possibility that AEG or Sony was involved, there are a lot of eager artists out there, who they could possibly devour......sad......
No Peace till Justice!

1387 days ago


-#540: CloBird, thank you for your interesting thoughts. I totally agree, there are people trashing Michael on a regular basis--and his fans, too, but I'm here to do something about it--not just gonna roll over and let them do it here....not on my watch. I realize that I could just back down and ignore, which I do when it comes to the rabid hate mongerers you mentioned. But every once in awhile, I even feel the need to call them on their crap, just so they don't perceive good breeding with weakness.
My only reason for being here is to support and get Justice for Michael. I happen to support the theory that he was killed by more than just an inept, sketchy doctor--oh Murray DEFINITELY did his part, but he by no means was alone and when you look at the evidence, it's pretty clear that there's more involved. I have been on a few other sites but only as a visitor, never participating, and there was another board here where we only discussed the case. I decided at some point that I wanted to share what we were saying--at least the parts I agreed with--on the current TMZ/MJ boards, and I've been attacked ever since.
Thing is, it's frustrating, but in the end, I just realize that means I must've hit on something because it bothered someone enough to come after me with all guns blazing....
As for Rowe, I know what you're saying which is why I'll continue to read his book with a watchful eye. Rowe's connection to Joe is what ruined his chances when he went on CNN, but as they say, the devil is in the details....there is some truths in that's just a question of discerning the truths from the false. I still think he has something to offer, though in regards to what he has to say about Randy Phillips and Sony especially. As for Branca, he may be clean, but the more people tell me he was above reproach. the more it makes me want to find something on him--this could be an issue on my part, I won't deny's just that I know the devil never comes to you with horns and a pitchfork, he comes masquerading as a "good guy", all sweetness and light.......
-#541: Hey r.schildt! I agree that Murray would've never been certified in the UK--unless they had a connection there, also. Someone pointed out how corrupt LA is and that they more likely decided to kill him there because of their connections....they didn't want to get to London, then find they had to Murder him and deal with a system where they had no voice....
As for Adams, Michael did go to him for Dental Work, but db claims he is also considered an anaesthesiologist, but I'm not sure where she got that info from.......
No Peace till Justice!

1387 days ago



Here's the thing about that 5% of $250 million. First, Branca refused to accept any money that had to do with the ATV or Mijac. So essentially, Branca is reaping much less than 5% of $250 million, when you cut out the royalties from either ATV/Mijac. In addition, the $250 is spread out over a seven year period, so when we take that into account, the amount Branca/McClain receive is fair and equitable, imo. The amount of work they have to do regarding the estate (i.e. deals and policing all the idiots who use MJ's likeness/name without permission from the estate) has to be extremely overwhelming.

Also, even though Katherine initially objected to Branca actually representing the estate, she NEVER objected to the amount of money the executors requested. I personally believe that Katherine originally objected due to her attorney (was it McMillan?) but once Streisand came on board, he advised her to accept Branca, because by far, he would do the best job for the estate.

Leonard Rowe's book regarding Branca is a pack of lies. And when I looked at Judge Beckloff, his record is impeccable. Beckloff would have never signed this will into probate had there been one iota of suspicious as to its validity. Not only that, Branca submitted a letter from Michael which said he was hired on 6/17/09. There had to be a check for the authenticity of Michael's signature before that was admitted into court as well. The date of Branca's rehiring is the most interesting of all. Branca was rehired ONE DAY before AEG went to Holmby and "read Michael the riot act", threatening to "pull the plug" on the shows if Michael missed another rehearsal. I have to wonder if Michael lawyered up because he was sick of being controlled by AEG and the indentured servitude-like contract that left the King of Pop scratching his head and saying to himself...THIS is why I never wanted to tour again.

1387 days ago


I totally get what you mean and I do remember that Branca and Co. waived their rights to a piece of the ATV and Mijac--a smart move since most people assume they're after the ATV like everyone else surrounding Michael. However, the $250 mil I was referring to DOES qualify to go toward Branca's 10% because it's the deal from the CD's....
Again, I want to reiterate that although there's something about Branca that bothers me, I can't quite put my finger on it, and there isn't strong enough EVIDENCE against him at this point, whereas Sony has the issue with the Master Tapes, and that LLC situation which may have put them in a do or die situation.....
As for Rowe, I admit I haven't read the entire book, only excerpts someone sent me. I will be reading it as soon as I can, but why do you consider it a pack of lies? Because of his affiliation with Joe, or because of what he said about Branca and Beckloff?
Thing is, I may have my issues with people who I perceive to have hurt Michael in his life, but I'm trying to be as open minded as possible so I can CLEARLY see the difference between someone who was merely a leech and had an adverse effect on him DURING his life--I would put Papa Joe and Dieter Weisner in this category, as opposed to someone who took part in the decision to ruin him AND take his life.....
As for Beckloff, my main question for him is what did he use to authenticate the will in the first place. I just wonder if the fact that Joe was involved caused Beckloff to view the questioning of the will as a joke--I mean, how serious did he REALLY take it?
Bottom line, I mentioned Branca's "11th hour rehire" cuts both ways: it can be questioned as being one-sided and convenient since Michael's not here to refute it, OR it can be looked at as the possible trigger that caused the Conspirators to decide to murder Michael. I have to admit the latter is the more sensible explanation of the two, based on that showdown you mentioned between AEG and Michael. Thing is, thr excerpt I read in Rowe's book somewhat backs this theory in that he implied that AEG wanted to run Michael and didn't want anyone else interfering....
BTW: Re #481 "PowerLunch"--while I agree Chico's post was impressive-they ALWAYS are, but I would LOVE to know who YOU are behind that generic nic of yours......which SUSPECT are you?
No Peace till Justice!

1386 days ago


PowerLunch aka danger baby

1386 days ago


MiMi and her smart ideas.

1386 days ago



I will admit that once I read Rowe's take on Branca and the will, I skimmed over what he had to say about AEG and the contract. The good thing about the book is that is has an unredacted contract. So while we can see a copy of the AEG/MJ contract on Radar Online with most blacked out, Rowe posts the contract in its entirety. This in itself is very telling.

I probably should take another look at what Rowe had to say about the AEG contract. What was interesting is that Rowe states that Tohme was under contract with AEG. For what? Didn't Tohme say he worked for MJ without any compensation? Somehow, Tohme just doesn't strike me as an altruistic kinda guy.

Also, like I have said before, I am 99.99% convinced that Branca has done everything humanly possible to pull the estate into solvency. The past year has required a HUGE amount of work on the part of Branca and McClain, and I think they should be compensated for it. Don't forget also that this is taxable income, so Branca will pay heavily in taxes for what he rakes in in income. Rowe, imo, is dead wrong about John Branca. Also, nobody is questioning Joel Katz (an attorney) who was rehired at the same time Branca was. Now Katz is not an executor, this is true, but he works very closely with the estate.

Personally, I think Michael wanted out. I think AEG was controlling MJ to the point that it was driving MJ crazy, and really, who wouldn't feel this way? On top of this, MJ was no ordinary man. MJ had done things HIS way for most of his life, and was not used to being put in a position where he was controlled in any way. I think Michael wanted out, didn't know how to do it by himself, and rehired Branca/Katz/Dileo/an accounting firm that I can't remember the name of, and AEG found out about it. This is where the "riot act" speech came in from AEG. Notice Phillips NEVER mentioned anything about "pulling the plug" when MJ first died? It wasn't until AFTER it came out in court docs that Phillips admitted it, and even then he tried to downplay it. Now whether someone decided that they couldn't afford the financial loss from AEG decided to murder him is a big statement to make, and there isn't enough evidence to prove it. But it sure doesn't look like Mr. Christian Conservative Phillip Anschutz was leading the life he wants everyone to believe if he is giving his entertainers ultimatums, and one week later the biggest entertainer of our time ends up under his watch.

1386 days ago


AEG also operated sport events and sport training facilities.
They must have been aware what the medical care for top athletes is; followed more or less on a daily basis.Therefore their sloppyness re michaels medical state and needs is unforgivable.--Michael was the core of the planned shows,without him no amount of money would bring those about.
Why on earth hire a bankrupt(thogh not yet officially so) doctor
and promise him a huge salary, a big house im London.Did they not understand that murray could NOT continue to malpractice in UK.-Why not have a straight thruthful, diplomatic talk with Michael if they really ment things to be right?None of the insurances AEG or the one Michael was forced to take out was to benefit Michael.--Thome-Thome´s presence is vexing, Michael was afraid of him and even felt him evil. murray is an incompetent,
broke, desperate for money, unethical, lying ****###,and not boardcertified in anything.And such do they put in charge of their big star. The "Riot act" and threat to pull the plug made
Michael really ill.On 6/23 2009 he was cold and shivering during
rehearsals. Propofol can cause ill effects even after on a longterm basis and after a lenghty awake time,among them feeling cold and shivering..forgetfulness, and inattentiveness.AEG did
not act "in good faith" and "cooperation"

1386 days ago


-#484: Hey Chico! The fact that it came out that Tohme was EMPLOYED by AEG, when he was SUPPOSEDLY working for Michael, free of charge, is one of the KEY things that made me buy parts of his story. As you stated, I've NEVER been able to accept the fact that Tohme would work for Michael without payment of SOME kind--and it doesn't fit his track record of being a Producer of sorts, with TRW, the Auction deal, the setup of MJJ, Inc. and so on....
Thing is, if Tohme was being paid by AEG, it explains why he was still around well after MIchael had fired him. Not sure if Michael knew that Tohme was working for AEG, but in essence, Michael had no authority to fire him if it's true. And most of us have assumed all along that Michael fired him because of that Julien's Auction debacle, but maybe not....maybe he fired him when he found out who Tohme was REALLY working for--AEG. You know how MIchael tended to react when he found that people had been disloyal to him--he usually cuts them off, EXACTLY what he did to Tohme........
As for Katz, I knew he WAS listed as an Executor, but he resigned. Didn't know he was still working with the Estate, though. Based on what? Is he partnering with Branca's law firm? I'm confused as to why they would be letting him take part. I'm also aware that we tend to leave out McClain, who I'm sure has some skeletons as well, but in the past, he was in the spotlight more for shaping Janet's career, than any work he may have done for Michael. Matter of fact, I remember reading that Janet dropped him suddenly, but I'm not sure why........
And I totally agree that Michael wanted out of the deal with AEG. I think he may have resigned himself to do some of the concerts and give the fans what they wanted, but I agree that he must've been LIVID when realized the corner they painted him into, and decided to do something about it.
Thing is, if what you said about him hiring Branca, DiLeo, as a rebellion against AEG is true, then I don't understand why they haven't come out and explained this--especially Branca and DiLeo. I guess there's the chance that they didn't know it, but SOMEONE did. Maybe that someone is a person Michael REALLY trusted, and that person went back and briefed AEG on what he was doing, leading to that "riot act" showdown....
So that person is KEY to finding out what happened. I doubt it's Tohme--because Michael had already fired him, but it could've been DiLeo, playing both sides of the fence, or worst yet--Jermy or Randy J......
BTW: I doubt that Anschutz himself was a part of this fiasco. I'm sure he knows about it now, but when it happened, I think Randy Phillips was running the show completely. He has lied throughout this investigation and my only concern is that the DA is even considering going after him because of AEG's support of his campaign. Have you seen the copies of the receipts online? UGH!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1385 days ago


Hey MiMi! You are too funny! And you know after a few of their posts, I knew who it was...LOL!!
Hey r.schildt! Great post, I didn't realize that AEG has done sporting events and such. As I stated, they definitely have a LOT of explaining to do which is why I'm SO GLAD that Katherine is suing them. I highly doubt they would ever be exposed for what they are if we had to wait on the DA to do it....
No Peace till Justice!!

1385 days ago


Chico--one more thing,
Remember on the day Michael passed, it came out that Randy Phillips and DiLeo were both staying at a hotel not far from the Holmsby Mansion? There were also reports that they had brunch together that day, but I'm not sure how true that is.
Question is, what were they doing staying so close to Holmsby? What were they waiting for?
And we forget that Phillips had other running buddies--Paul Gongaware and Tim Leiwicke--who is also on the board of MusiCares, btw....
Just WAY too many coincidences for me........
No Peace till Justice!!

1385 days ago



Katz wasn't the guy that resigned as executor. That man is Barry Siegel. Katz was MJ's entertainment attorney while MJ was still alive, rehired shortly before death. Now Katz works closely with the estate, side by side with Branca. McClain is not an attorney, he is a manager, and since I am interested in the legal side of things, I tend to focus on Branca. Also, McClain is supposed to be ill, I heard that somewhere.

In the beginning, when Michael first died, I swore he was alive. Then as time went on, I accepted that he was dead, a tragedy of untold proportion. But, when I look at the situation MJ was in, how he was literally cornered by AEG, had not filed federal income tax in three years, had a huge balloon payment due at the end of 2009 on the Barclay's loan (and Sony may have been ready to take the 25% of the ATV at that point),Hayvenhurst was going into foreclosure THE DAY AFTER MJ DIED, the utilities had not been paid for several months and were going to be shut off, it really seems to much to bear for one human being. Having a quack for a doctor who DOESN'T KNOW CPR (that it should be done on a hard surface), DOESN'T KNOW THE ADDRESS TO MICHAEL'S HOLMBY HOUSE, who spends 47 minutes on three phone calls after administering an anesthestic in a home setting with no resuscitative equipment or a pulse oximeter, I think to myself:




Did he finally say, THIS IS IT....THIS IS MY EXIT? Not as in suicide, as in EXIT? Of course everyone will say I'm nuts, but bringing Branca/Dileo in at the last hour may just have saved his life rather than taken it.

1385 days ago


There is in Europe a man with a whole country in his hands,a big owner of media of all sorts he is, just hope the US justice system isn´t that lax.
Michal had in the past drug popblems,nobody knows if he used any at the time of his death. The symptoms he had could have been something else and called by a a recognised diagnosis.
There are so many unknown facts and I just hope the prosecution is as diligent as when Michael was the defendant.The intervention by murray and aeg-reps. should have led to an emergency admission.-Well, but ofcourse their immoral conduct would have been detected.

1374 days ago


Dear Katherine, what has happened is so sad.Murray was the last link in the killing, had an MD after his name, should be held to a higher standard.I know he was malpractising from day ONE. He made many wrong, ie, malpractice moves all along and I do not understand why there is only 1 charge against him.I could list many other instances of malpractice, but suggest you or your attorney confer with doctors from several specialties,
sportsmedicine for ex. It was an inane plan they put in place to get MJ in form. He should have had the same treatment as top athletes preparing mentally and physically. Then consult an
Emergency Medicine Dr. He may have overhydrated Michael, compare body weights before 108lb to 136 at autopsy.Water in excess is a poison too.--The fact that murray did not take Michael to an ER that morning is malpractice also.He re-hydreted
without access to a lab. for electrolytes,these are vital for heart and lung function. I belive the original autopsy results were ok.The can be seen page by page on The Smoking Gun.
I am sure you can figure out much more, but purely medically it was pure "bad smell" all along.--His medicalmalpractice insurance company has been vert clear: He was never, ever authorised to give Propofol.And they will not pay. Speak to them too.-- Again, it is tragic.Lets hope justice will be served
and good luck to you in this respect

1352 days ago

Jason Chen    

yes, it's cool

1331 days ago
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