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Kid Rock: I Tried to 'Moon' My Waffle House Accuser

9/16/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock just told a Georgia courtroom that minutes before his 2007 Waffle House brawl -- he tried to give his accuser a view of the "moon" ... but he ran into a little problem around Uranus.  

Kid Rock Moon

Rock told the court that he and Harlen Akins were exchanging middle fingers during an early morning exchange in October 2007 ... Rock even claims he tried to flip the infamous "double bird."

But according to Rock, Akins took things to another level when he took his pants down ... so Rock tried to counter with a mooning ... but there was a catch.

Rock claims he couldn't unlatch his custom steer head belt buckle ... so he had to settle with a "small moon ... not a full moon."

He added, "I couldn't do what I wanted to do and give him the full moon ... because he was a smart ass."

The two eventually got into a scuffle that was caught on a Waffle House security camera -- and now Akins wants more than $6,000 in damages.


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What a bunch of judgmental mfers! Seriously! Because you don't like his hair or what he is wearing he is a s***bag?? Paalease! Kid ain't nothing but himself. Stands up for himself and what he believes in. Doesn't take *hit from nobody, keeps it real 365...all you douche bag haters should take some fing notes!

What's wrong with this world is people like you, not Kid putting some mfer in his place for running his mouth. The *ss was given a chance to shut his mouth, push and push... get put in your place. The End!

Like Kid doesn't have 6000 to shove down this guys throat? Principle people...he's standing up for what's right! He's wasting his time in court and not paying off the *ss. Tell ya anything?

Too bad for all're missing out on a great musician and person!

Love ya Kid!!!

1462 days ago


what i said earlier was out of line, i was talkin out my ass mostly. i apoligize to all those i offended. seriously

1462 days ago


He looks unwell.... he better steer clear of the WH or he'll be taking a dirt nap.

1462 days ago

don rychlick    

way too old to be acting like that! and kid you not a kid any more! Act like you 40!

1462 days ago


With ignorant racist fans like his, no wonder Fox news has this sh*t head on as a guest

1462 days ago


I'm neither a fan of Kid Rock or Tommy Lee, with that I thought of a funny situation. What If, you had to spend the day as a punishment with either, heck let's toss in Pam Anderson aswell.

I think I'd pick Kid Rock for sure. At least he can make me laugh, seems more down to earth than the others. And can write some decent songs and sing. Heck after a doob, might even be fun. Least I could get in a waffle fight with him. Kid Rock is mainly a dorky guy with bad judgement and some bad music. I liked him in Joe Dirt though.

Tommy Lee, would get on my nerves very quickly, possibly want to make be punch him also, just for being a big queef. Sure he can play the drums well, but that's got old already and his masturbation rap [and video] could choke a chicken. He's a big a-hole and a closet bisexual.

Pam "Spam" Anderson, would probably cause me to die of boredom. Even if I could do her, I wouldn't. Her naked body is boring. She is boring. And Very irritating with her psycho babble, like water-drip torture. Her bewbs have been altered more then my car. Her kids are probably also extremely boring. I'd get anxiety just having to be around her. Just imaging being married to her. Must be a nightmare. If she saw a nuclear explosion she'd probably say something like "Wow, neato! Didn't we have the 4th of July already?".

1462 days ago


This is so funny hahah. Kid Rock will always be rock with the name of Kid Rock. His name Kiiiiiiiiiiiid!

1461 days ago


I really like this guy, but OMG. He is so immature. How juvenile can you get? So low class too.

1461 days ago


America loves you Kid!!! Keep fighting the good fights and get back on tour ASAP!!! Bawitdaba!!!!!!

1461 days ago


*holes STFU!!! I have a daughter in Afghanistan and a son in Iraq. What Kid does for all our troops (and he's not the only one, 5 Finger Death Punch Bad Company Cover) but these *holes don't know #$%t. If you had seen a Kid concert you'd know each band member does a GREAT solo then Kid takes thier place and does the same solo. He a multi talented MILLIONAIRE dumb$%#$s I guess if he read some os the BS here he say "Only God Knows Why"

1461 days ago

Ben Gleck    

If you want to fight, join the Army kid. Put your money where your mouth is.

1461 days ago
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