Kid Rock -- Stogie Break in Waffle House War

9/14/2010 5:55 PM PDT

Kid Rock -- Stogie Break in Waffle House War

Kid Rock found time to fire up a big, fat cigar outside a Georgia courtroom today -- where Kid faced off with a man suing him over a crazy brawl at a Waffle House a few years ago.

Kid is being sued by a dude named Harlen Akins -- who claims the rock star should fork over more than $6,000 for battering him mercilessly during an early morning rumble back in October 2007.

Rock's attorney claims the singer and his entourage were merely defending themselves -- but today, several witnesses testified that Team Rock pummeled Akins ... and continued to bash him even after he was unable to defend himself.  

The incident was caught on tape by Waffle House security cameras -- check it out for yourself.