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Lindsay Lohan -- Failed Drug Tests Could Ruin Career

9/18/2010 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a long-term career problem in the wake of her two failed drug tests -- the judge in the case could derail her comeback.

Lindsay is now relying on Judge Elden Fox to allow her to leave California to shoot "Inferno" in Louisiana and possibly fly to New York City for "Saturday Night Live."

Here's the problem.  Sources connected with the case have been telling TMZ ... if Lindsay were to fail a drug test the judge would probably pull the plug on out-of-state-travel -- a privilege for Lindsay, not a right.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay failed two tests ... one for cocaine last week.

The judge has been pretty gracious, allowing Lindsay to visit NYC to see her family last weekend.  But all bets are off now that Lindsay has flunked two tests.

And sources close to Lindsay somehow already know the big wigs on "Inferno" are pissed that she may have screwed up again, so flying to Louisiana may be a moot question.

As for future projects ... good luck getting insurance for a Lindsay Lohan flick.


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Lindsay is her own worst enemy. As long as she continues to hang out with her coke sniffing friends, she doesn't stand a chance at solving her problems.

It's a shame to see a potentially great career being flushed down the drain.

Aren't drugs great? (said with extreme sarcasm)

1463 days ago


@Anthony Gates

Was that threat aimed at me? You better watch it Mr Gates or you will be banned.
Reading back posts it sounded like Kelly was feeling sorry for you but you have shown yourself for what you truly are. An attention seeking, lonely hateful person that has to pick on others to make yourself feel better. Go to ROL they will love you there!

1463 days ago


"simple..throw her ass in jail....that is what would happen to the rest of us......"

I don't think that is true. There isn't enough jail space to keep all of the drug users in the US. There is some indication that the rest of us wouldn't have gotten any jail time at all, and I think it is highly likely that the rest of us wouldn't have been as closely monitored as Lohan was.

Let's say that Lohan doesn't do any additional jail time. Would you trade places with her? She's got to get herself straightened out, and I don't see how jail will help. And if she doesn't get straightened out, her situation is punishment enough.

People seem to enjoy rubbernecking. They slow down, see the wrecked cars and ambulances. Does that make them feel good? Based on many of the posts here, I'd say that seeing injured people taken away in an ambulance does make some people feel good.

1463 days ago


I give up rooting for her. She belongs in jail.

1463 days ago


And what doctors said she didn't need anymore rehab? If she had just finished the 'original' 90 days would this have happened? Is cocaine in place of the mistakenly prescribed adderall?
Sounds like UCLA should give Lindsay her money back.

1463 days ago

Valerie Velvet    

The war on drugs is a war which won't be won.Lindsey will be a cocaine user forever or until SHE decides to put it down.We as a people can't control the secret behavior of others.All we can do is strip substance abusers of machines like cars,boats,motorcycles,etc...that which can put others at risk of injury.
If Lindsey is in demand put a handler on her and accept that she is who she is,and she does what she does.

1463 days ago


she just admitted it on twitter

1463 days ago


Thank you Firefly!

1463 days ago


Obviously, not a very smart woman. Liar? Duh.

For the most part, we live or die by the choices me make - one day at a time. Maybe she is just not reliable, intelligent and mature enough to make the right choices. Won't be commenting on any news about her anymore - total waste of time and interest.

1463 days ago


Judge Revel is looking kinda smart now, isn't she? She was right all along.

1463 days ago


Oh BS. More PR to drum up drama over this drama queen. No doubt the judge will allow her to go and film, she's Lindsay Lohan, don't you know? I haven't seen the law applied very much to her at all, despite her doing drugs and being caught, stealing and being caught, carjacking and being caught and running her car into a baby carriage. Can you imagine the sentence if a black person had done this? I'm not sure what's more obscene - her behavior or the law's dispensation of "justice" to this spoiled, rich brat.

1463 days ago



Your welcome :)

1463 days ago


Since Lindsay is an actress she must be a lot better actress than we all thought.
Posted at 4:56 AM on Sep 18, 2010 by Firefly
It's called being a sociopath.
Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by an abnormal lack of empathy combined with abnormally immoral conduct despite an ability to appear normal.

And Firefly - who do you think you are fooling? Now you are saying you were against releasing her early? YOU HAVE BEEN ONE OF HER BIGGEST DUMBAZZ SUPPORTERS telling everyone how mistreated she has been and that Revel was out to get her and saying she didn't belong in rehab because the doctors said so.

If you are going to try to lie, you should at least use a different name dummy.

1463 days ago


I did feel bad for Lindsay because of her mother, however that has ended. A lot of posters are stating that Lindsay is not a violent offender and should not be in jail. IMO, Lindsay has been photographed driving and she has tested positive TWICE (according to news reports)for cocaine use. When a person is high and is driving a car, to me that is the same thing as a person carrying a loaded bomb! Will it take Lindsay killing an innocent person while behind the wheel for the LA justice system to finally wake up?
I know that it is tough to stay clean when you are an addict, but it seems to me that Lindsay is not even trying.

1463 days ago


I don't think she is acting (soley) from a sense of entitlement. She knew drug tests were coming. It seems that she has a genuine addiction. I'm no fan of hers as an entertainer, but as a fellow human being I hope that she gets help.

1463 days ago
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