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Lindsay Lohan -- Failed Drug Tests Could Ruin Career

9/18/2010 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a long-term career problem in the wake of her two failed drug tests -- the judge in the case could derail her comeback.

Lindsay is now relying on Judge Elden Fox to allow her to leave California to shoot "Inferno" in Louisiana and possibly fly to New York City for "Saturday Night Live."

Here's the problem.  Sources connected with the case have been telling TMZ ... if Lindsay were to fail a drug test the judge would probably pull the plug on out-of-state-travel -- a privilege for Lindsay, not a right.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay failed two tests ... one for cocaine last week.

The judge has been pretty gracious, allowing Lindsay to visit NYC to see her family last weekend.  But all bets are off now that Lindsay has flunked two tests.

And sources close to Lindsay somehow already know the big wigs on "Inferno" are pissed that she may have screwed up again, so flying to Louisiana may be a moot question.

As for future projects ... good luck getting insurance for a Lindsay Lohan flick.


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As another person stated at another site, I don't believe that Lindsay is ravaged by an addiction. Even UCLA's team found no addiction to any drugs. Instead, I think she's a girl who's never had the word, "no," applied to her. I think she's very, very spoiled and self-centered, to the point where she never thinks of anyone but herself. She isn't getting any attention for her acting anymore, so I think she's enjoying the attention she gets for all of her negative behavior, just as a small child would. This is all a game to her. Her actions clearly show it. If she has an addiction to anything, it's lying and denial. Hate to say it but she's a chip off the old Michael and Dina Lohan block. They are unappealing people, and so is she. She's showed it time and time again.

1496 days ago


Drugs are bad, but who is she hurting besides herself. She chose her path, her life now is the sum total of those decisions Who are we to say she deserves prison time for a drug problem. It is obviously an addiction that she cannot control, and needs serious help for. Also, she is insane by definition i.e. doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. No, I disagree with all y'all, she doesn't need jail time. That won't fix anything. She needs real help, from people who care about helping her.

1496 days ago



Are you kidding me? I have never once wanted her released early. I don't know where this is coming from. Maybe someone I have pissed off has been coming on here as me because I have never been a Lindsay Lohan supporter.
In fact it discusses me that she keeps getting off lightly.
So, disturbed I am highly disturbed about your accusations.

1496 days ago


How is it she is still getting work from producers and directors given her sociopathic, self-destructive behavior, and complete inability to control her drug and drinking habits? It appears some in Hollywood are just as delusional as she is.

1496 days ago

Wise Guy    

To Brutally Honest: When comparing Lilo to Raven its true that Raven Symone has stayed out of trouble. The difference between her and LiLo is that Raven has a slight weight problem that she wouldn't have if she followed LiLo's lead and did a line now and then... it jacks the metabolism and helps keep the weight off...

1496 days ago


The difference between Robert Downey, Jr and Lindsay Lohan is he had talent to begin with so he could make a come back. Lindsay Lohan has/had no talent she has nothing to come back to. This this skanky hoe in jail for the FULL SENTENCE given. The judicial system is becoming a joke with sentences not meaning what they say.

1496 days ago


@ Brutally Honest, Justin Timberlake came from Disney and there is nothing wrong with him!!

1496 days ago


And this is news, because??? Who cares, already??? Go away, loser!!!

1496 days ago


I feel bad for her. She's trying to fit in with the wrong crowd and it's ruining her life. Drugs are hard to kick. Been there, done that!!!

1496 days ago


ASK ME IF I REALLY CARE????? I think these so called STARS should be treated just like every one else that breaks the LAWS and that includes Ms. Paris Hilton making a plea deal for one year of probation instead of jail time. These Stars can do what ever they want and get away with it and they know it. I guess Lindsay's first Judge did know best wanting to send her to rehab for ninety days.

1496 days ago


wow you people must be christains LAMO!

broad does what most other 22 yos do but with TMZ up her ass it gets a bit overblown.

lighten up!

1496 days ago

Al R.    

Puh-lease......she's not going to jail. Not in THAT State. Celebs even get away with murder in California. If she wants to die, then just get on with it.

1496 days ago

dube blu zuko    

it sucks that drugs have such an grip on you that you cant even stop when everythin is on the line. she probebly wants to stop but all the quees horses & all the queens men coundn't help lindsey stop all together then.a person has to want to do it for themselfs, juat be sick n tired, disquested, and over it to quit & move on.whats really messed up with lindseys situation is she just isnt a nobody with a habit but had major sucess she chose put on the line.with all dopers, at some point you qiut doing the drugs & the drugs start doing you.get it together lindsey & keep your game tight.get new kids on the playground, clean & sober, to chill with & flip your script. do it for none other than yourself.

1496 days ago


With cocaine being metabolized out of your system within 72 hours of usage, you have to be pretty stupid to get busted dirty. With as much as she has to lose you would think she would take this more seriously. Anyone who has ever been to jail knows it's better to just do your time and get out free and clear. Probation just sets you up to fail, and ends up doubling and tripling the actual time you have to deal with the system. She should just shut her mouth and get this over with if she has no intention of quitting.

1496 days ago


She looks like Kid Rock.

If this story is true....say bye...bye


1496 days ago
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