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Miley Cyrus Allegedly Hits, Runs ... But Hit-and-Run?

9/17/2010 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus banged up her mom's Mercedes-Benz SUV, totaled another car and then left the scene ... according to the alleged victim's attorney.

Miley Cyrus hit and run.
The owner of the other car -- a Los Angeles restaurant parking attendant -- claims Hannah Montana herself smacked into his parked car. We spoke to his attorney, Mauro Fiore, who says Miley claimed the white Benz she was driving belonged to her BF ... but we checked and it's actually registered to her mom. 

Fiore says Miley left her phone number with the parking attendant -- whose '91 Camry was totaled according to Fiore -- and then sped off.  The attendant didn't file a police report at the time -- but his lawyer says he plans to do so today.

As for whether Miley's actions constitute a hit-and-run ... police tell us, hypothetically speaking, it doesn't because she left contact information with the alleged victim.

Miley's rep had no comment.


No Avatar


Lindsay Lohan 2.0!!

Coming to a trainwreck near you!!!

1495 days ago


off to a good I see a DUI in the near future?

1495 days ago


Look at her face..She looks like she was hit by a train..

1495 days ago

Big Daddy    

Give the young lady a break. Her last name isn't Lohan.

1495 days ago


ROFL what is this who cares its a 91 camry. People with the "next lohan" **** just stop no one can be as cracked out as lindsay.

1495 days ago


While I don't like this chick, she did leave info, so I don't really see the issue other than TMZ and more money for his Camry

1495 days ago


Lindsay Lohan in the larva stage.

1495 days ago


how is it a hit and run if she left her number? my god fail. If she totaled her moms car how did she drive away?

1495 days ago

Pretty LL    

I'm guessing he didn't call the police because he's illegal

1495 days ago


She left her phone number o.k, being Miley Cyrus it wouldn't be hard to recognize her, the thing is first she claimed it was boyfriends car (was he driving?) and it turned out to be mum's car, how's the guy supposed to know whether the phone number is the right once and everyone is supposed to wait at accident scene! Especially since the other car was parked, worried about a DUI maybe hm?! Check to see what damage is done so inflated estimates can't be produced or the one fleeing can't go to court and say there was no damage when they hit the car, someone else did it hm?! Seems she was in a real rush to get away! You're also supposed to exchange insurance information, not just hand out what may be a bogus telephone number hm?!
Why worry, the guy will only get the cost to replace or make his car right again!! Miley's been trying to get attention in all the wrong ways for a while now, she's a little diva, so perhaps a shake up will give her a wake up call before she's just another teenage star who can't make it as an adult, drinking and taking drugs until they die young their lives wasted!!

1495 days ago


She could have handed the gentleman $2K and been done with it. That would have been significantly more than book value on a '91 Camry. Now, the situation lingers, . . . and I suppose that he'll wake up with a magical neck injury, even if he wasn't in the car at the time. It will be a "stress" related neck injury, as proposed by his lawyer. I find it interesting that a person working as a lot attendant, and driving a '91 Camry, has a lawyer ready to go!!!

1495 days ago


number 13 just stop talking you made no sense.

1495 days ago


how is it a hit and run if she left her number?
CRY MOARRRRR. Leave this girl alone.

1495 days ago


It wouldn't take much to total a '91 camry, how much could it be worth? Tho some toyos will run 4evr if you take care of em.

1495 days ago


Get out of CALIFORNIA!!

1495 days ago
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