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Paris Hilton

Cops Plea in

Cocaine Arrest Case

9/18/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton will serve a year of probation and avoid a felony charge after she struck a plea deal with prosecutors in Las Vegas.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Paris will plead guilty to drug possession and obstructing an officer (both misdemeanors) to avoid two consecutive six month-sentences in the Clark County Detention Center.

Instead, according to the paper, she will get a year of probation and also must complete a drug abuse program, pay a $2,000 fine and serve 200 hours of community service.

Paris was busted back on August 27 after cops found her in possession of less than a gram of cocaine.


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If Paris is busted outside of Nevada during probation, will it apply? Probably not, so Hilton just needs to not party in Nevada for one year or have a "bag" girl carry her stuff.

1462 days ago


A fine, probation, drug course, and community service is a very normal sentence for a small quantity of cocaine.

Haters can spin this all they want but it is a normal sentence!

1462 days ago


It is funny. People think by going on probation or parole is getting off easy. Just look at Lohan. She did that back in 2007 and look where it got her. Now she is facing another violation. I know many prison inmates who get out on parole and violate just to go back and get it over with so they can continue their foolishness without someone looking over their shoulder. These gals should learn from other people's mistakes. But... not so. Whoever thinks they are going to get caught when carrying and using drugs? I mean, come on. IT screws up your basic thinking. Partying is not what is use to be in the Hollywood crowd. Now ... we can watch another celebrity think she can do probation. The plot just got thicker.

1462 days ago


Lawyers and judges are all spineless *******s..."struck a deal with prosecutors"...anything to do with $$$??...they are all afraid of her..."probation"...Hilarious!!...and she won't do a single hour of community service...get real!!

1462 days ago


TMZ: You mean obstructing AN officer... not AND officer???

1462 days ago


rich/celebrity/white female justice

1462 days ago


Take it easy. Hilton did not beat the charges. If she even gets a traffic ticket she violates her probation and does a year in jail. Read the news report. She just does not have to do any jail time... now. From her previous experiences it is just a matter of time before the other shoe drops. This is not rocket science folks. What we are witnessing is man's in-ability to police oneself and the hired guns step in to dish out justice. Simple stuff. It is all about sin.

1462 days ago


I wonder how much Daddy paid to get his cocaine ridden whore of a daughter off this time? Yikes she's ugly...put a black plastic binbag over that thing before she scares the ducks.

1462 days ago


To the person who said everyone say no to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, well they can spen the night over at my house anytime. (just don't bring any drugs) :)

1462 days ago


Look it ... she didn't commit murder. When one comes up against the law consquences are dished out accordingly. You would want the system to treat you fairly wouldn't you? A couple of slaps on the wrist at first. As you dig your hole deeper the pressure gets more intense and the consquences more serious. This is not Iran. However, the wheels of justice move slowly but fast enough that if you continue in your wicked ways it is only a matter of time until the hammer comes down and you are up the road... during time in the big house. Step by step... inch by inch ... get it?

1462 days ago


Yep, Paris has just made a complete mockery of the entire American justice system. If she was black, she would have gone down for 10 years. I hate this ****ing **** dead. If she ever needs to commit suicide, give me a buzz. I'll pay for the bullets.

1462 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

I'm not on Team Hilton but the I think a fine and community service is fair. That's what should happen to anyone who is busted for possession. If they're pulled over and found to be in possession then it should be a revoked license and a fine. That way if they decide do themselves in on the junk, at least they won't harm an innocent because they're behind the wheel.

1462 days ago

Rick Hilton     

We were hoping for the death sentence.

1462 days ago


Just put her and Lohan in a cell together and lose the key.....PLEASE

1462 days ago


What? If she was black she would get 10 years? Come on, give me a break. The girl got caught with .08 grams of coke. That is less than a gram... four fifths. No one ... black, white, brown or yellow goes to prison for ten years for that small amount. Man... get with it folks. So you are pissed. But, get real. She is on a very serious type of probation. She would have been better off going to jail for a bit. Now she kicked the can down the road like her buddy, Lindsay...only to have to deal with their troubled life another day. Just like you and me.

1462 days ago
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