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Lindsay's Failed Tests Could Derail Upcoming Film

9/18/2010 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the production of Lindsay Lohan's next project tell TMZ her latest slipup could throw the movie into serious financial turmoil. 

Lindsay is set to star in "Inferno," a biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace. As we previously reported, one of the things Judge Elden Fox can do in light of her recent failed drug tests is restrict Lindsay's travel -- and "Inferno" is set to shoot in Louisiana. 

A source close to the film tells us shooting the picture in Los Angeles instead of Louisiana "would radically change the budget" and force producers to try and secure additional financing.

We're told the producers might be less inclined to make certain sacrifices for LiLo -- the film's top people are "beyond irritated by the recent developments" and "there is a concern of her commitment to the work."

Looks like a lot of people have a lot riding on whatever Judge Fox decides.


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Lindsay's parents need to read this article:

"Michael Lohan is despised by Lindsay, and many of her fans as well because they have heard what Lindsay has to say about her father. Michael Lohan isn't buying what Lindsay is selling like her mother Dina is, so it would only stand to reason Lindsay would sway towards her mother and stay away from her father.

At times Lindsay demonstrates the same behaviors towards her parents as a young child may do when the parents first divorce. A MANIPULATIVE child will usually pit one parent against the other. Lindsay appears to be doing pretty much the same thing, but the problem with this is that Lindsay is a grown woman, and not a child.

The Lohan family appears truly dysfunctional and many of this dysfunction revolved around the divided camps on whether or not Lindsey had a substance abuse problem. Dina was adamant that her daughter did not and Michael knew different. The division continued around how to approach Lindsay with this problem that she did or didn't have.

Of course Lindsay will cling to her mother and call her the best mother in the world, she is Lindsay's biggest fan. She is a mother who loves her daughter, maybe so much so that she cannot see the truth.

Michael Lohan also loves his daughter, although his approach comes off very different. He is angered by the BEHAVIORS that go on and BY THE WAY IT IS ALL TAKEN LIGHTLY BY DINA AND LINDSAY. His latest quote was that Lindsay failed the drug test because he was not allowed in the picture, according to RadarOnline.

Both parents appear to want what is best for their daughter, but the divided house does nothing to help Lindsay's plight. This constant polarization of her parents may just act as a FUEL for these behaviors to continue. One of the best things they can do for their daughter is to BITE THE BULLET AND FIND A WAY TO WORK AT THIS TOGETHER."

Lindsay Lohan's MOTHER needs to "get real" and be a real parent instead of trying to appease and spoil Lindsay like she's just another one of her friends in her little clique. No doubt about that Lindsay's father has PLENTY of issues himself. The WHOLE FAMILY needs some major work with psychologists.

Maybe Lindsay's parents can stop being petty for once and show a UNITED FRONT with Lindsay on this stuff. I think this would shock Lindsay enough that she might actually "wake up" and do what she needs to do to stay away from the drugs and booze and get her career back on track ... if that's possible at this point.

1434 days ago


She obviously doesn't WANT to straighten up.

1434 days ago

Daryl Nelson    

They should have kept her in jail for the full sentence and in rehab for the full term ordered!!!! You do not recover in that short a time especially with her addictions and SHE is not taking it serious as she says she is-she'll say anything at this point. She needs to be in a locked treatment facility. But who knows-the justice system is so screwed up.

1434 days ago


Here's an idea - get someone else for the role! It'll be terrible if she's in it, anyway. If they get someone else, it might actually be worth seeing.

1434 days ago


C'mon,she was just doing "research"to play Linda Lovelace.Everyone knows porn stars are coke heads! DUH!

1434 days ago

Joe Blow    

TMZ is doing a fantastic job reporting on this sad, ongoing saga. Keep it up, gang. The Lie-ho enablers just don't want you reporting the truth about their beloved idol, Princess Lindsay. Instead, they just want everyone to pretend that nothing is wrong with her, and to blame everyone else on any problems she may have and let her continue to not take responsibility for her own actions like a normal adult. Just like the enablers always do. Again, you guys and gals at TMZ rock. You're awesome.

1434 days ago


The silly ass slut belongs on the inside looking out... enough... Normal unlucky citizens who have done far less would find themselves locked up months ago; she needs to be removed from the gene pool before she breeds...

1434 days ago


I don't blame the producers of Inferno for being angry with Lindsay. This is the second time they will have to delay filming because Lindsay can't get her act together. It's amazing how Lindsay is willing to screw up her career for some stupid cocaine.

1434 days ago

Joe Blow    

And what was it, a few days ago, when there was video shown of Lie-ho at a gas station surrounded by media and standing there smiling and striking multiple poses for the cameras before finally getting in her car and leaving? You idiots blaming TMZ and the media for her problems and telling them to leave her alone are living on another planet. She's sitting there sucking it all up, loving the attention. You better open your eyes and pay attention, because you're obviously looking at a different Lindsay Lohan than the rest of us sane people.

1434 days ago



1434 days ago


I was kind of hoping to see a "new Lindsay" in the next few years. I guess I am naive and thought she might have really changed. I thought maybe she'd start acting and looking like successful actresses such as Reese Witherspoon. Actresses like Reese and Sandra Bullock are the people Lindsay should try to emulate. They look professional and competent but still "hot" and they're the type of woman you'd just like to hang out and talk to.

There COULD have been some good parts in movies or TV that Lindsay might have lucked out and landed. If Lindsay could simply stay sober, get a new group of people to hang around with and stay the heck out of bars and places that the drugged out people go to she could DRAMATICALLY increase the chance of getting those good gigs.

1434 days ago


Geeeez, just make this bitch finally go away. Just another tragic story from foolyworld

1434 days ago


Remember what Judge Revel said about Linsday?
She was someone who cheats and thinks it isn’t cheating if she doesn’t get caught.

1434 days ago


Just say NO don't pay to see the movie, She;s Box Office poison.

1434 days ago


Linda Lovelace huh. Can't wait to see Lindsay's "Oral" argument.

1434 days ago
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