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Bristol Palin Plays Baby Card on 'Dancing'

9/19/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Politicians know the best way to drum up votes is to pose for pics with a cute baby -- so it should come as no surprise Bristol Palin brought her super-cute son Tripp to rehearsals for "Dancing With the Stars."

She's not the only one -- Audrina Patridge brings her twins to the studio every day.


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truth hurts    

Ok. got me...I was trying to rack my head about Audrina's twins then I remembered "the girls" of funny....just kinda.

1495 days ago


TMZ, Bristol is not running for office.

Knock it off you bunch of jerks.

1495 days ago


What else is she supposed to do with him? Leave him with his "father" while he's doing a photoshoot for Playgirl?

And I would never let Sarah Palin babysit my kid, so don't even suggest leaving him with mom.

1495 days ago


Strange. You recently posted a picture of single mom Sandra B out and about w/her adopted baby and called it cute, yet you claim political motives with this single mom w/her baby-you know, when you tracked her down waiting outside her car for her to arrive.

Odd. Folks that PRETEND for a living are glorified-even when they PRETEND to be like normal people. But normal people show ANY signs of normal behavior (you know, the behavior that "celebrities" occasionally pretend to have), yet here you you claim it isn't genuine. Newsflash. She got there because she IS normal, NOT by pretending to be normal.

Oh the irony of the liberal media.

1495 days ago


Tripp is so adorable & cute! Look at that smile and wave! What a sweetheart he is!

1495 days ago


First night of the Sarah Palin Show!!! All the attention will go to her--forget the dancing competition. This gives Sarah all the free publicity that she craves and nobody will ask her any questions that involve serious thinking. She will absolutely shine.

1494 days ago


Gossip amongst the other contestants is that Bristol has two LEFT feet and will TRIPP. Also that Mama Grizzly is being paid for her front row appearance that will increase the ratings. I would be very mad about this favoratism if I were one of the other hard-working contestants as it sounds like Bristol is guaranteed to keep winning so the ratings will be very high.

1494 days ago


I think the Queen of Abstinence has gotten enough public exposure and money for being a role model and showing all teenagers how rough life is if you are a single unwed teenage mother. Sob! Sob! If you really want to get the abstinence message across, why not have Octomom be on the next Dancing with the Stars and the representative for Candies. She would sure get the abstinence message across fast! And with 14 kids and because all of her money has now run out and she is on Welfare, the State of California would welcome the help!

1494 days ago


We see more pictures of the Palin babies in the news than we see of Octomom's crowd. And the Palins certainly don't need money as badly as Octomom does. Maybe Sarah Palin could offer Nadia some advice--she sure seems to offer it to everyone else. Or maybe Sarah and O'Donnell could sit in the audience tonight together and both of them could practice their witchcraft talents to get Bristol to have an outstanding performance. Funny that everyone thinks that Bristol is a slut and trailer trash and she decides to have a strip tease as part of her first dance.

1494 days ago


Man, Levi appears to be busy posting hate messages on the TMZ board. Go get a job LEVI. Bristol was at work, at a REAL JOB, in a medical office in Anchorage when DWTS called her to be on the show. Levi however is weeping away that his sleeziness isn't what the masses are attracted to. That green-eyed monster is too much to bear for those with low IQs.

Can't wait to see Sarah either! Spew on the hate America haters---spew it on! Just a few more days!

1494 days ago


Turns out that was a lie: Bristol had quit her job and was no longer working at the doctor's office. Also DWTS was working with her publicity agent--that is who contacted Bristol. Depends on what day of the week Bristol tells the story as to what version is given....or maybe the version depends on how much she is paid for each interview?

1494 days ago


Turns out that was a lie: Bristol had quit her job and was no longer working at the doctor's office. Also DWTS was working with her publicity agent--that is who contacted Bristol. Depends on what day of the week Bristol tells the story as to what is true and what is not....

1494 days ago


Let's get rid of Bristol this week. This show needs someone with more class--she looks so ugly inside and out when she used her interview to badmouth the Father of her baby. Nobody has ever used media attention on DWTS to be a bully. This shows no class at all--Bristol is still one of those mean girls or bullies from junior high that think they will look better if they pick on someone who can't defend themselves. The Palins called for firing of people who used the RETARDED word--I suppose FOX will explain to the nation that her negative comments were all said in satire? Poor taste--if Palin does this on national TV, Levi should go to his attorney and report the incident and push for sole custody of Tripp. You don't want this little baby growing up with a Mom who goes ballistic and cannot even control herself. Sarah is constantly saying mean, dishonest things about people; recently Willow was shown on YouTube talking rude and mean to the lady from Homer; Todd was video taped at the Valdez airport bullying a man who was seeing his wife off (on the same plane that Sarah was on); Track tried to kill the students by cutting the brake lines on all the Wasilla school buses; and now Bristol acts like a Slut and criticizes her ex-boyfriend on TV. This is not how we teach people how to act--and this is not even the behavior of wannabe stars or celebrities. Shame on all the Palins--they are an embarrassment to all Alaskans.

1494 days ago

james maddison    

lay off palin you freaks,like your any better you freeking loosers. i would rather see her mom as pres then the rag head closet muslim in there now. at least palin loves this county.....

1493 days ago


Shes a beautiful girl and her son is the cutest little guy! I wish her all the best on this season.

1493 days ago
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