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Katherine Jackson: 'I Want Justice'

9/19/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson doesn't think any judicial resolution with Dr. Conrad Murray or AEG that will bring her peace ... but that doesn't mean she's not gonna fight the fight.

In another interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine Jackson says, "I want justice done," yet she explains that any victory will be hollow. 


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I feel so sorry for Katherine. She doesn't miss the King of Pop - she misses her son , Michael. She's the only one who seems to want justice for Michael. It's really sad.

1473 days ago



Have you read every post on any given story since June 25, 2009 surrounding the death of Michael Jackson or are you just singling me out????

Damn, the racist, bigotry, hateful and ignorant shoes must fit PERFECTLY for YOU!!!

I stand by every word that I post concerning the death of THE "KING OF MUSIC"!!!!


1473 days ago


I just love this lady's manner, her poise, grace. Money may not bring MJ back and no way she or his kids want money over MJ. Just like with Ron Goldman's father suing OJ in civil court. The same as Carol Oconner suing the drug dealer over his sons death. No it may not bring your loved one back, but it sends a message that you cant do this and just go on like nothing happened. MJ shouldnt be the only one paying for his actions, others took part. I just love her and really feel for her. I miss MJ being in this world.

1473 days ago


ahhh...another nice video pick from phantom..
you are not alone...perfect. thanks phantom!
now i know i will have sweet dreams..night :)

1473 days ago


Where does all this hate come from?? Why not use that towards the ones that hurt Michael the most? Chandler, Arvizo, Ssssneddon, D Demon, Garzetti and many,many more that tried to take what Michael loved and use it against him for money and 15 minutes of fame.
Most of you so called fans should be ashamed of yourselves.
The Jackson family is suffering, they want to know the truth as much as we do. Look how long it took to charge the man that drowned/killed Dee Dee?
Shame on you for attacking MJ's family. Better take a look in the mirror at yourself!

I also gather that haters still don't know how to read?

We LOVE YOU MORE Michael!!

1473 days ago


Dear Katherine,

With your belief in God you should now that on this earth there is no justice...nothing can avenge the death of a beloved son, and especially such a brutal death.

Our children no matter how old they are are always our babies. We

I share your grief personally and I do pray that some of the truth will come out in the trial. You know what and who you are up against, Michael knew, and they are formidable opponents of evil.

Dear Katherine, console yourself knowing that Michael is safe in the will of Jesus.

We continue to pray that Michael will rest in peace and for justice and peace for his family, friends and all those who loved him.

RIP Michael.



1473 days ago


She will keep suing people until she finds the rich white people who are responsible for her meal ticket's death.

1473 days ago


My heart feels sad :(
We can only pray justice is done. God bless Katherine and the children.

True justice - The truth at last on Tom Sneddon and Conrad Murray:

1473 days ago


take out justice and insert "mo money" "mo money"
thats all that witch wants

1473 days ago


It makes no deference if Michael Jackson was an addict, or that it was his choice to use drugs. or he was going to die anyway Not his wealth, ,life achievements , guilty or innocent , his sexual preferences, If he bleached his skin or ,If those were his kids or could he do those 50 shows .have nothing to do with his death It doesn't matter what drugs were found in MJ's home how much or where he got them . It was not STRESS OVER WORKED , POOR HEALTH OR A combination of any other drug Michael had taken or had been given that caused his death. .ACCORDING TO THE LAPD EXANIMERS OFFICE THE OFFICIAL SINGLE CAUSE OF DEATH WAS LISTED AS acute propofol poisoning . The anesthetic Propofol is popular among health care providers for several reasons, propofol works within two or three minutes, which is a fraction of the time required by other anesthetics; it is easy to administer; and patients recover quickly from the sedatives. However because of the unpredictability in a patients reaction to the drug and a negative reaction is not correlated to any factor such as age, weight or illness The drug company includes with each bottle a warning stating that the drug should be delivered by a person trained in administering general anesthesia. The anesthetist should not be otherwise involved in the patients procedure, There is no antidote,' There is no known agent that can reverse the effects of the drug, a patient sedated with propofol ``cannot be rescued pharmacologically. With no known antidote. the label also warns. There is danger of restricted air passages therefore It is imperative that patients who are sedated with the drug need ``airway management'' by a specialist in this area. ``Airway protection is everything .
Dr. Murray used this drug for reasons other than what the manufacture intended . He did not have the equipment needed to handle an emergency. Using CPR on a patient with a restricted air passage would be useless and he did not even do it correctly. There was no excuse for the amount of time it took him to call 911. or that he did not provide the paramedics with the information necessary to properly treat MJ. That seems pretty intentional and malicious to me . Dr Murray does not think he did anything wrong? Michael Jacksons death was a direct result of gross negligence on the part of DR. Murray and he is a disgrace to his profession a danger to his patients and should not be allowed to practice medicine and charged with murder .

1473 days ago


Human Nature,

I have singled you out because you seem to be the voice of the delusional, angry Michael Jackson fans. Stop beating around the bush and see your beloved MJ for what he really was! A 'proud black man' who liked white kids. You haven't answered my question: why didn't he adopt a black kid since he was so proud of his African American background? Sure, with all his wealth, WHITE kids were the only thing he wanted. An adopted black child clinging to him would have been a bit embarrassing, no? For that I have NO respect for Michael Jackson. You should stop to think who you should be labeling a racist.

1473 days ago



1473 days ago


TheTruthHurts: PREACH THE TRUTH! TELL IT LIKE IT REALLY IS! You know whats going on with these sick sad delusional fans!

1473 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

"From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate." Socrates
"The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less." Eldridge Cleaver
"We hate some persons because we do not know them; and will not know them because we hate them." Charles Caleb Colton
"If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us." Herman Hesse
"I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone... they will be forced to deal with pain." James Arthur Baldwin
"The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that's the essence of inhumanity." George Bernard Shaw
"Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself." Richard Milhouse Nixon
"You lose a lot of time, hating people." Marian Anderson
"In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe." Michael Jackson


1473 days ago
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