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Randy & Evi Quaid -- They Made Themselves at Home

9/19/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Randy and Evi Quaid made themselves so comfortable in the home they are accused of squatting in ... they actually hung their picture over the fireplace.

The Quaids were busted Saturday afternoon on charges of felony burglary -- after they were found to be living in a home they once owned.

A source close to the situation tells TMZ the owner of the home sent a realtor to the house after an alarm went off Saturday morning. We're told the realtor found the gate codes had been changed, security cameras had all been moved to face up, and Randy had carved his initials in the mailbox.

When the realtor went inside, we're told he found the place trashed -- dirty dishes in the sink, footprints everywhere and clothes that didn't belong to the owner were hanging in the closet.

The kicker -- the Quaids allegedly broke a $7,000 mirror that had been over the fireplace and, according to our source, replaced it with a photo of themselves.

The Quaids were arrested and charged with felony residential burglary and entering a noncommercial building without consent, a misdemeanor. Evi was also charged with resisting arrest.

A rep for the Quaids could not be located.



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Clark, I hope u dont mind me & the wife are fryin up some hamburger helper burgers on ur grill. We Griswold's have to stick together - just like these meatless burgers, real close - pass the catsup Audrey darlin.

1458 days ago


I will pray for them

1458 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Is it crack or meth?

1458 days ago


Seems to me that they are actually asking to be sent to prison.
So be it.
Send Idiot Girl to Madera's Womans prison and send Idiot Boy to the one in San Luis Obispo. A year and a half apart would do them good. A lot of good, if you ask me.

So what if they are homeless, I have no sympathy for anyone that has that kind of money and then lose it because they lived to high.

Looks like they don't want to give up the lavish lifestyle they became accustomed to.

1458 days ago


Crack is whack.

1458 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Not only is Evi insane, she's ugly to boot. And I'd bet her breath stinks. On the other hand, her hair looks marvelous.

1458 days ago


Wow!!....i wonder what kind of drugs they are on?

1458 days ago


These people need help. They're either on drugs or mentally ill, and enabling each other's dysfunction. I hope the judge sees this for what it is - a psych case - and sends them to treatment, resorting to jail only if they fail to complete some course of therapy.

1458 days ago


R. Quaid made MILLIONS during his career.

Currently, there are MILLIONS of AMERICANS who are unemployed, and want to work, but they cant find any work.

How immature, negligent, or stupid was that guy to have squandered more money than most people would be lucky to see in many of their lifetimes?

Go tell R. Quaid's "woes" to the skilled laborer, or blue collar worker, out there looking for a job, but cant find one, and then ask 'em if they have any sympathy for R. Quaid.

1458 days ago


Many Many hardworking people are out of work.... R.Quaid I would guesss ac***ulated ALOT of money from his career.... probally more money than the average person would see in two or three lifetimes of hard work...
How immature, or negligent, must he be too have SQUANDERED fortunes??
Tell his troubles, and past success, to the blue collar worker who is umemployed, wants to put in a hard days work, but ca'nt find the work ....
Boo-Hoo millionaire who wasted it....cry me a river stupid.

1458 days ago


OMG I love Randy Quaid, hes hilarious!!, I hope hes not on anything, God Bless that man and his Wife, Dennis for crying out loud help your brother!

1458 days ago


#23 Drug Addiction.These are 2 of many that suffer from it.

1458 days ago


Dennis Quaid are you listening? Your bro and Evi need a psychiatric evaluation before they commit further acts of bizarre behavior. They're flippen' nuts.

1458 days ago


they both need neuro-psych evaluations

1458 days ago


I can understand one person becoming mentally ill and doing all this crazy stuff. But how two people can do something like this and think it is perfectly reasonable is beyond me. Maybe Evi was always nuts (I don't know enough about her), but Randy was ok for most of his life.

I also wonder why Dennis and the rest of Randy's family aren't more involved.

1458 days ago
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