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Let the Foreclosure Begin!

9/20/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom better pack a large bag -- and 14 small ones -- because TMZ has learned the person holding the note on her home is at a foreclosure attorney's office right now, preparing to file foreclosure papers against her. 

Octomom ForeclosureAs TMZ first reported, Octomom is behind about $7,500 on her mortgage payments -- plus she owes a whopping $450,000 balloon payment which is due October 9.

The noteholder, Amer Haddadin, tells TMZ he's at a foreclosure attorney's office right now and plans on having the papers completed by day's end.

That $500,000 Vivid porn offer is sounding better and better by the minute. 


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15. She just needs to get her butt in gear and get down to the welfare office TODAY. And she needs to start looking for a new place to live. Sitting on your azz and waiting for some media to come to you is delusional. Scammer needs to do something pro-active!

Posted at 10:45 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Alvin
You said it all Alvin. Right on. She's got new clothes on her back (thank god she's a wearing a bra for a change) and a fresh touchup on the eyelash extensions and nails in her RO beg-a-thon tape this morning. I hope she does end up on the street -- at that point, CPS will take her kids and place them where they can be reasonably cared for and I'm all for it. She can live in a cardboard box for the rest of her life for all I care -- she's earned it.

I also hope this guy gets his house back soon. He seems to have learned the hard way what getting involved with any of the Sulemans means -- it means you're gonna get your pockets picked down to the link and then run over for your trouble.

1503 days ago


Angel, so send her your paycheck (or welfare check as it may seem).

1503 days ago


"That would be true if it were a bank financed foreclosure. But since it's owner financed he can have them out in 30 days after the balloon payment is missed.

Posted at 10:40 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Snow White"

I hope you're right. I'm sure her neighbor's hope you're right too.

Posted at 10:50 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Carvey

We foreclosed on a home that we had financed ourselves. They had money for expensive cars and vacations but couldn't seem to make the mortgage payment. On the 31st day we were there with the sheriff and they got kicked to the curb.

Does her mom and dad still have a home? At one time they were facing foreclosure. She'll move back in with them unless there's another sucker out there who will rent/sell to her.

I read that she's trashed the inside of her last home and this one.

1503 days ago


Octo-Dad is a turkey baster.

1503 days ago


i have twins. i run my own company. i average 1-2 manicures a YEAR since they were born which was 7 years ago. why? because when you have children and have to pay the bills - trust me, your nails & gym visits take time out of your day that is better spent washing clothes, fixing meals and earning money. (p.s. i am happily married -- so i even have help & a partner in life) but regardless of two able, loving parents -- the little things start to suffer because your kids matter most.

i am SO sickened by this woman i don't even have words. i've never posted a comment before, but this time i just can't control myself. if she ends up on public assistance, there needs to be public outcry.

where is the negligent doctor who filled up her uterus with a gaggle of fetuses?

where is the psychiatric evaluation of a woman who would birth a litter of infants as a cash grab?

how do you justify afternoons in the gym and 10's of thousands in plastic surgery (hey, nadya?? NO we don't believe those are your tits, lips, forehead, cheekbones, etc., no matter how many times you claim they are...) when you have 14 CHILDREN to feed?

you'd rather beg for handouts rather than do porn because you're so MORAL & PROUD? You'd rather "live under a bridge with your children" rather than do porn? guess what, if i was about to be homeless with my children - i would do porn. i would eat a **** sandwich rather than let my children suffer for my foolish, narcissistic behavior. why? because i am a responsible for my actions -- the good & the bad. because i am an ADULT.

i would have more respect for someone who does porn with their head held high than a bogus, grifter who spawned 14 innocent children to nab herself an Oprah interview and a bikini spread in US.

you already tried to use your vagina once as a cash grab - what's to stop you now from doing it again? get enough money to pay off the house. get to a place where the cost of living is lower and ****ing pull it together -- or just forfeit those children and admit you ****ed up. i'm SO sick of hearing every 2 months that you're ****ing broke AGAIN. You have 18 years of bills to pay -- admit now you have NO intention of EVER providing for them and spare us all the rhetoric.

1503 days ago


Pickles, if she knew she only had a week (or two left) why the hell did she go get her manis/pedis? That $60...-100 could have gone for food for those kids. I agree about Amir getting his house back, he's really getting screwed by this clan.

1502 days ago


Don't ya love the pic up top with her and her Jimmy Choo's? Or are they Ray Ban's?

1502 days ago


Posted at 11:09 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by elilan

Brilliantly said, Elilan! Absolutely brilliantly said.

1502 days ago


Why is this guy notifying TMZ that he's at the attorney's office?

1502 days ago

Snow White    

Why is this guy notifying TMZ that he's at the attorney's office?

Posted at 11:15 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Al

My opinion is that he's in on the scam and is trying to drum up some one with a lot of dough so he get his pay off.

1502 days ago


I'm not convinced Amir isn't in on the Suleman scam. Remember he was asking Oprah to payoff the loan? The loan is probably TWICE the amount of what the current market value is today. (join the other 70% of people in this country truly affected by the economy) After all, who in the hell would do business with this family? Funny how he tipped off TMZ this morning at the attorney's office too. I think there is MUCH MORE to this story.

1502 days ago


She knows how to work the system and is looking for sympathy. Just throw her out and be done with it. I hope her parents don't take her in again after all the abuse she put them through.

1502 days ago


42. Why is this guy notifying TMZ that he's at the attorney's office?

Posted at 11:15 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Al


Cynical answer: He's in on the most recent beg-a-thon because he hopes someone will pay her tab (again) so she doesn't screw up HIS credit any more than she already has by stealing free housing from him.

Not-cynical answer: He's tired of being taken advantage of and wants to tell his side of the story so people don't attack him for putting this user out on the street.

1502 days ago


I cannot believe she cannot even afford to take care of herself, she had no business having all those babies...I can't stand people who do all this stuff and then the taxpayers have to foot the bill...that is one ugly broad...yuck!

1502 days ago

Snow White    

This isn't an owner financed loan. It is an all-inclusive Deed of Trust which means her father agreed to pay Amir and Amir agreed to pay the bank. Bottom line.... this house is financed by an institutional lender. (bank)and yes... she probably has (and knows) she has LOTS of time to sponge off the very people who offer to help.

Posted at 11:05 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by spenditall

Perhaps I used the wrong term when I said owner financed. Yes, the loan is in Haddidan's name. And if he were to let that loan go in to default, it would take several months (or more) for the bank to come in and start the eviction and default process.

But, he has a separate contract with Ed Doud to make those payments and pay off the loan by a certain date. If those terms aren't met, he can have them evicted after 30 days notice. He doesn't need to wait for the bank, nor would he want to unless he wants a foreclosure on HIS credit report.

1502 days ago
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