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Let the Foreclosure Begin!

9/20/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom better pack a large bag -- and 14 small ones -- because TMZ has learned the person holding the note on her home is at a foreclosure attorney's office right now, preparing to file foreclosure papers against her. 

Octomom ForeclosureAs TMZ first reported, Octomom is behind about $7,500 on her mortgage payments -- plus she owes a whopping $450,000 balloon payment which is due October 9.

The noteholder, Amer Haddadin, tells TMZ he's at a foreclosure attorney's office right now and plans on having the papers completed by day's end.

That $500,000 Vivid porn offer is sounding better and better by the minute. 


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I'm trying to figure out how she could even afford the mortgage. She knew all about the balloon note, how was she expecting to pay that? Is she hoping someone would feel sorry for her babies and help her? I hate to say this but I hope not...then again she'll be on welfare and then the citizens will be footing her bills!

1501 days ago


Hold on to your self respect, pride and dignity Nadya. Tell Vivid to go jump into the lake!

1501 days ago


Looks like she will be living in a van down by the river unless Oprah will help her out,god forbid !!!

1501 days ago

robert h    

Foreclosures take a long ass time. She can squat in that house for another 6 months or so!

1501 days ago


That's funny Kimba10. I have never heard anyone refer to Nadya's vagina as a lake before.

1501 days ago


So now we the tax payers have 14 children. This is too ridiculous.

1501 days ago


"Balloon payment." Uh huh huh huh...

1501 days ago

I Luv TMZ    

Who will she get to bail her out THIS time. I feel bad for the kids but what did she expect. Who in their right mind would have all those kids and be single and unemployed no less. Oh, that's right, Octomom isn't in her right mind.

1501 days ago


Welfare slut & baby breeder bitch!

She makes me so sick.

I feel sorry for her kids.

Require forced sterilization.


1501 days ago


I rent and I use to make sure the houses I rent aren't in foreclosure!

1501 days ago


Hold on to your self respect, pride and dignity Nadya. Tell Vivid to go jump into the lake!

Posted at 12:39 PM on Sep 20, 2010 by Kimba10

Self Respect? Pride? Dignity? Is that what she was holding onto when she spread her legs for the camera and pretended to shoot those fake babies out of her **** for a few measly bucks on Silent Library a few months ago.

1501 days ago


octo mom for president

1501 days ago


This foreclosure process is NOT like the foreclosures she (and he parents) have used before! This was a PRIVATE sale and funded PRIVATELY. The rules for the foreclosure process she is used to abusing and taking advantage of do not apply in the same way. Too bad Octomom! Pack your bags and maybe you can get a refund on that nasty plastic surgery you claim to not have had!

1501 days ago

Big D    

Doesnt anyone else find it humorous that she spent all this money based on the possibility of a reality television show? Like any one wants to watch her after the fact that everyone in the state has already financed most of her life choices. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

1501 days ago


Excellant post Elilan(?) & you others who believe it's all part of a scam...guess what? It is..& it's as obvious as the mutiple names/post from MsSarcasm/Kimba10/Freaks..I can't remember all of them but, I hope today she can TRY to maintain some dignity..Look, we are all entitled to our opinions & the majority of us that pay taxes, are just worn out! Why should anyone bail her out? Just's just a scam..she'll be out shopping & spending YOUR welfare money in no time.

1501 days ago
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