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Laboring for Foreclosure Miracle

10/5/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fate of Octomom's home is coming down to the wire -- just 4 days left 'til foreclosure -- but TMZ has learned Nadya Suleman could have a $450,000 ace up her sleeve that might save her family.


The guy who owns the note to Octomom's home -- Amer Haddadin -- tells us he's giving Octo until October 9 to make her $450,000 balloon payment plus $7,500 in missed monthly payments.

But Amer ain't getting the movers ready just yet -- because dude says Octo's lawyers contacted him last week ... insinuating that there's a realistic chance that Octo will muster up the cash to pay off the home.

Octo has been working her ass off lately in a desperate attempt to raise the money -- with a recent garage sale and a guest bartending gig -- but it would be tough to rake in 6-figs unless she had a Picasso in her basement.

Then again, she does have one other way to raise the money ... if she's had a change of heart about the porn industry.


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Extremely sad that it's come down to her having to do porn. She clearly doesn't want that kind of example for her kids. I don't know what I'd do--if I needed to put a roof over their heads, I guess I'd do it. Just SO SAD.

1477 days ago


Time to spread'em wide and rake'em in, Octomom. IT'S OCTOLOVER TIME

1477 days ago


With all these awful people on reality tv, I am stunned Nadya, even though she made a horrible mistake, has to resort to porn to save her family home. JWow is an alcoholic who loves to assault people. What is Kim Kardashian famous for? She started as just Paris Hilton's friend. All of the men on Jersey Shore demean women weekly by screwing two a day and stuffing them in a taxi an hour later. I mean WTF? Extremely wrong here.

1477 days ago


Tell Vivid Entertainment you'll do an octogangnag for a million per wang

1477 days ago


Why doesn't she knock off a couple of paintings, like Tony Curtis did? He made a million bucks in one day, selling his masterpieces.

1477 days ago

Kathy M.    

I honestly think that when Octomom had these babies, she figured that people would pay for a home and a new car and keep the babies supplied in food and diapers for a couple of years. She saw this happen to other families, so she just figured it would happen for her. What turned corporations and people off is that she was a single mom who took all of her workers comp money to pay for the in vitro procedure instead of caring for the kids she already had. What is funny about all of this, is that in one of the interviews with her mom, her mom told her that this would happen and she said her mom was crazy. Another thing that has turned people off (I know it did me) and that was all the foolish spending she did instead of saving for the lump sum that was coming up. Did she really need to buy 2 of the top of the line computers, did she really need to purchase all new toys for all the kids when they moved, Now the piper wants to be paid and she has no money to give him, so now she is acting like, poor Nadya won't have a place to stay.

1477 days ago


I think she should take the money she has raised and move to a more affordable house. That balloon payment is ridiculous. She could buy a house outright for that amount of money in other areas of the country. Move, Octomom!!

1477 days ago


I think she should DO IT!

1477 days ago


there must have been something about her that the media didn't like or she would have had a show. what would make a woman want to have all those kids just to see what it would be like and then what. i have two and i get stressed making sure i keep the personalities straight. if you are willing to make a life you have to make sure you give yourself up because they didn't ask to be here (well at least until they are 18/21 and then it's party time) i wish her luck and blessings because even if she does come up with the dollars to keep her house she still has 14/16/or is it 18 minds to nuture.

1477 days ago


"working her ass off"? yea, right.
Too little, too late.
Just show Vivid that baby factory door and pay your house off.
Now that's a disgusting thought.

1477 days ago


When your landlord's name is 'Amer' you know you're in trouble..

1477 days ago


Nah, she's not going to do porn. She's got plenty of money. She was just hoping she wouldn't have to spend it. She's going to have to pry loose some of the big pile of cash she took in that she's been hiding in her corporation. She was hoping to keep that for herself and have Ma and Pa in middle America or Oprah Winfrey pay for her house but since nobody's fooled by her little games anymore, she's going to have to dip into her own pocket for once and pay her own way. Seriously people, think about it: how many people do you know who are "destitute" who also have a corporation and a lawyer to look after it?

1477 days ago

Y do he got    

COME ON HARVEY she`s jewish? waht would her lab built kids think and pushing a mother into the x industry is way past wrong it`s a crime.Whys does`nt harvey sell his gay tas in some x to save the homeland?

1477 days ago



1477 days ago


I think she should take the money she has raised and move to a more affordable house. That balloon payment is ridiculous. She could buy a house outright for that amount of money in other areas of the country. Move, Octomom!!

Posted at 1:01 AM on Oct 5, 2010 by Holly


I'll second that Holly! She and her lawyer aren't too swift if they think it makes more financial sense to pay off that house rather than buy something bigger for half the pay off amount farther out.

Her problem is that she thinks she's a celebrity and doesn't want to be that far from the TMZ and the paparazzi!

1477 days ago
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