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Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty in Cocaine Case

9/20/2010 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton just pled guilty to two misdemeanors in her Las Vegas cocaine possession case -- in a move that will keep her out of the slammer ... if she can stay out of trouble.

Paris just fessed up to misdemeanor drug possession and obstructing an officer -- and in exchange she must pay $2,000 in fines, complete 200 hours of community service and complete an "intensive" substance abuse program. She will also be on probation for one year.

The judge informed Paris that she has been given a one year suspended sentence -- which means if she is arrested for anything other than a minor traffic violation, she will spend 1 year behind bars.

The judge then warned Hilton, "The Clark County Detention Center is not the Waldorf Astoria."

Hilton was busted back on August 27 after cops found her in possession of less than a gram of cocaine.


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joyce richardson    

there are no laws for people like paris hilton so to get upset is a waste of time these judges that keep letting her go free after she breaks the law they are a disgrace to the legal system this is why we are seem in the eyes of the world as the country with no morals of values lets see what happen with TI and tiny when they go to court paris hilton is a pathetic human being if you can even call her that the media needs to stop covering her she's not even a celebrity just because her family is rich that doen't make her a celebrity she needs to grow up

1463 days ago

central american girl    

This "kid" is the result of parents who have never disciplined her,
never taught her doing drugs and drinking has its consequences
and have always let her do everything she wants. She has no morals
and really thinks she is cool getting arrested and having drugs in
her possession. I still don't understand why the California legal
system lets celebrities do whatever they want,in any other state
specially Texas she would be in much more trouble. In Texas if you
are caught with a significant amount of drugs you go to jail imme-
diately,if it's a small amount a police report is done and you get
a huge fine. California needs to tighten its laws with people in-
volved in drug cases including people from Hollywood. But if she
ends up going to jail again she will finally understand she did

1462 days ago


well someone's gotta git the white people their country back. dang!!! it's about time!!

1462 days ago


Dumb blind people what make you think when she mess up they will put her in jail for a year. look at l-lo she failed two tests she won"t go either. but let;s see what happens to t.i when his comes up.

1462 days ago


This case really let me down as far as equal justice in Nevada. However, the judge is only partially culpable, as the bulk of this injustice lies with the prosecutor (DA's office) in changing what would ordinarily be a felony offense to a misdemeanor (and with minor penalty to boot). I really can't believe that she wasn't even assigned a probation officer, or at least random drug testing (which is the "norm" in most cases of this nature).

My bet is that she'll repeat her actions thinking she'll get away with violating law(s), I just hope she doesn't injure anyone other than herself, and that she gets the justice she is due.

1462 days ago


Why do they bother to arrest her they are not going to punish
her for her actions.Cocaine possession is not a simple charge. if you would throw the book at some of these devas,some would get the picture.oh and people like Harvey would not have a job..
you know "Im a Lawyer" what a crock... this a non story.

1462 days ago


hi im new on this so whats up people

1462 days ago


yea i think so 2

1462 days ago


It is amazing how the USA drug laws differ from state to state and county to county. If she had been arrested in Harris County, TX..she would have had a felony long ago. Seems money buys everything in LA and LA County should set an example that money CANT BUY FREEDOM. Obviously, it does. And the taxpayers just keep enabling their representatives to do so.

1460 days ago

mike p    

down here in the south she would be doing years in prison-unless the judge was bribed, of course! karma is building up on her-sooner or later she will pay!

1459 days ago

Elmo Smidlap    

With every deal there is a price to pay. When you accept a deal like this you have to agree to cooperate fully with law enforcement so this means she gave up her connections to get the deal. I would not want to be Her connection that is for sure. If her boyfriend had been wearing and using his sta****wear all of this could have been avoided.

1455 days ago
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