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'Dancing' Studio on Red Sarah Palin Alert

9/20/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There will be high security tonight when Sarah Palin shows up to watch daughter Bristol perform on "Dancing with the Stars" ... TMZ has learned.


Our spies say security guards at CBS Television City in L.A.  -- the place where "Dancing" is broadcast -- is on "heightened alert."  Although Palin is not officially running for anything, security is treating her like a government official.

TMZ broke the story ... Sarah will be front and center tonight when Bristol dances to "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" with partner Mark Ballas.

Guards have been told to be especially vigilant with anyone entering the lot. 

Our sources say security will decide which vehicles to thoroughly search -- though not every car will get the once-over.

As for audience members who are attending the show ... we're told their bags will be searched and a metal detector is always there.

And this is the best -- security has been told if there is a breach ... Sarah is a "higher priority than Bristol."



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Ben # 106 - why do you care what the rest of the world thinks of us? They are breaking laws left and right and risking their lives to come here. As long as that's the reality, I don't care who they like or don't like. They know where to go if they need handouts and American's are the most generous people in the world. So if "they" hate us - fine, one (or more) less person we need to worry about.

1501 days ago


What topic are you on, Ginger ?

1501 days ago


Drunk blogging again, Ginger ?

1501 days ago


what happened to mama grizzly??? I guess she must have been too busy to support her kids.
btw whats up with bristol she is getting huge is she knocked up again?? and did you see her partner his hands were all over her im sure he is going to tap tht ass tonight

1501 days ago

Ricky Hollywood    

There must be an exclusivity clause in Sarah's contract with Fox News. She's more valuable to them off the air than she is on the air because she makes the right wing look like bigger fools every time she opens her mouth.

1501 days ago


Sarah was a no show. Guess supporting her daughter took a back seat to showcasing her stupidity to the nation somewhere.

1501 days ago


Ginger is a brain washed teapartying birther who believes everything that is spoon-fed to her by Faux News.
Pity her - it really is a sad, pathetic, delusional, paranoid life I'm sure she must live.
And wow, her thoughts on humanity are so very Christian-like.
You Betcha.

1501 days ago

Ben Gleck    

Watch me set off Ginger big time

"Bristol Palin is a self-proclaimed slut and stoner"

1501 days ago


I saw Bristol dance. She sucked!!!

1501 days ago

The Shadowmaster    

juju probably doesn't mind having its hard-earned money go to pay for welfare for illegal aliens. Who's stupid, Libtard?

1501 days ago


Umm she wasnt even there. So all those bag checking was a waste of time.

1501 days ago


I would rather give my money to people on welfare than to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly peddling their books, doormats, coffee mugs, bumper stickers. etc...
What idiots give money to those snake oil salesmen? Don't they already have multi-million dollar contracts to sell lies?
Ignorant racist teapartiers - that's who.

Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow have never tried to sell me anything on their shows. They have respect for their viewers, unlike the Faux News salesmen.

1500 days ago


if it makes you feel better shes wasnt there tonight. bristol did better than what people thought. shes shy but she will loosen up in time.

1500 days ago


SO much for your story and spies!!!! She wasn't even there. Check your facts.... this story was ridiculous!!!!

1500 days ago


Jazzy, how would Palin help you? If Obama didnt' help you why would Sarah Palin help you? She is not in a position to help anyone, she is not an elected official, she is not holding any office and hopefuly she won't. Fox news is helping her get where she is, as an endorser of idiots and as a spokesperson for people who can do their own talking. She wrote a book, so what, who hasn't? I wouldn't vote for anyone associated wiht John McCain, a CFR member or Fox news owned by a muslim Prince and a CFR member, Rupert Murdoch. You'd be the last person she would help, if you are a woman , she might, otherwise forget it.

1499 days ago
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