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Lindsay's Got That 'Warrant-for-Her-Arrest' Glow

9/21/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With her probation revoked, a warrant issued for her arrest and a mandatory court appearance on Friday, Lindsay Lohan got a facial yesterday.


At least her skin is healthy.



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All these addictions experts saying that Lindsey has a problem are merely looking at the cash flowing out of her ass!! Addiction experts have expertise in only one thing...trying to suck as much money as they possibly can out of a persons ass to feed their own addiction...which is money..

1472 days ago


Nicole, is that you?

1472 days ago


Lindsay should go to jail. All of the "get out of jail free" cards she has had is not teaching her a thing, she thinks she can play the courts, leave her butt in jail like any normal person with the same issues would have too and see if it straigtens her out! Ms. Lohan, get some help, please. It's not funny anymore, you have some serious issue! I agree with happy2bhere, lets focus on something positive!

1472 days ago


You really think Lindsay cares about being confined to a place filled up with a bunch of Lezbo's, common? This is a Vacation for Lindsay, do a little time, get some bush, I think the jokes on the Courts and everyone else thinking she's getting tortured by this.

1472 days ago

for now    

Beautiful skin. Beautiful eyes. Beautiful figure. Beautiful everything.
So many people in denial of their jealousy of lovely Lindsay.

1472 days ago


Nicole Enabler gets paid from Dina.She use to pay her with ice cream,but now gets paid on the promise that she'll get to sleep with Lindsay someday.She holds on to hope that her & Lindsay will someday be lovers.Nicole is a dreamer,and she's in love.She lives for Lindsay Lohan,and loves her with all her heart.So blinded by love is she,that you could piss on this girl's back,and tell her it's raining.

1472 days ago


FYI Dina IS Nicole
Dina also goes under the name Jill09 and Chill on Radaronline
On X17 She uses the name Maria,Nathsa and will post insane comments under Annonymous

Oh Lindsay is Susan on Radar, x17 she annonymous but you can always tell her and Ali comments there always Cutie pie, LL= Lovely Lindsay, Beautiful Linds ect ect I think you get the picture.

The Lying Lohans fool no one.

1472 days ago


See # 38 is Lindsay or Ali

I rest my case
Take that name keep it in your mind and always remember its Lindsay

Oh A friend told me that Lindsay and her family gets alerts on every comment
Ha Ha LiLo read this SKANK!

PS Perfect timeing Lindsay you just prove my comment correct Thanks Stupid

1472 days ago


They found room for that homeless man who was just released after serving 13 years on a 25 years to life sentence for taking food from a church because he was hungry even after the priest testified in his defense.

People like this should be released, that’s one solution to overcrowding

1472 days ago


Is that red spot on her hand a zit.......or did she burn herself with a crack pipe?

1472 days ago


Sorry ment #37

1472 days ago


It's more than obvious that Dina,or someone in the Lohan family is here using alias handles defending Lindsay.

The handle "Nicole" is just one of many handles the Lohan family uses here to combat Lindsay's negavity here.

Is more than obvious.

I have heard that Dina frequents alot of the celebrity sites,and posts in Lindsay's defense.

These people sick out like a sore thumb.

1472 days ago


i bet her butt is scared to death, IT SHOULD BE
what is it going to take to make Lohan learn ? she should be worried sick about her life and how's she running it, Lohan your so young but your old enough to know better. GROW UP

1472 days ago


I've suspected myself that Dina,or the Lohan family frequent TMZ posting topics that really come off as if trying to do damage control for Lindsay.I've com to the conclusion that both her parents make a living off Lindsay,and it's their arses on the line as well when crap hits the fan.No matter how many times they read that people are sick to death of this twit,they just keep plugging away trying to justify her actions.They are becomming the most hated family in America.

1472 days ago

Joe Blow    

I always love the comments from random people (*cough*cough*not Dina *cough*cough*) that talk about how "healthy and happy and refreshing" Lindsay is looking after snorting a couple of kilo's of coke. Now we have the one's talking about how "bootiful" her skin looks and how she is the loveliest 75 pound, ten-thousand freckle out 24 year old washed up D-level celeb in the world. And who can forget the always classic "love you lindsay, i could kiss you dear angel"?

Nicole Enabler is getting more and more upset and jealous of these people hitting on her beloved fire-snatch by the minute. Time to ramp up some new excuses and get back to kissing Lie-ho's butt, Nicole. We miss you. Now finish picking up Dina's tampons and get back here soon.

1472 days ago
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