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Oksana Grigorieva -- PR Strike on 'Today' Show

9/21/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva's legal team is ready to launch an offensive in the PR war against Mel Gibson ... by going on "Today."

In an attempt to turn the tide in the PR war with Mel -- sources tell us Oksana's lawyers -- Martin Garbus and Daniel Horowitz -- will appear on "Today" on Wednesday ... sans Oksana ... to reinforce the point that Mel wanted to have a child with her ... and wasn't "tricked" into it.

We're told Oksana's lawyers will also point out she turned down a $15 million settlement from Mel because she didn't like the custody situation ... and hasn't taken financial advantage of her other baby daddy Timothy Dalton. 


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Good luck with that Ox! Everybody knows you are a gold digger with absolutely no soul.

You had the equivalent of 3 lotto wins with that $15 Million settlement but it wasn't enough for your greedy self.

1495 days ago


maybe she could do a guest spot on are you smarter than a fifth grader, and family feud...

1495 days ago


Here's a crazy idea... stop releasing tapes and written messages that Gibson sent you. If you stopped doing the things a gold-digger does maybe people would stop seeing you as one. The most nonsense you release the more hated you become. Dumb whore. Go back to Russia.

1495 days ago


I will make Certain that I do not watch the "TODAY" show. There is no defense in these comments! They are "Oksana sided", and therefore obvious twisted! She ruined her own reputation and she isn't a celebrity whatsoever. She is just known for a stunt that backfired on her!!!! She is also pretty much detested for her tricks, lies and attempts to win hearts with her lies.

Her Agreement was signed for 15Million with custody going 50/50 to Mel Gibson at some point certain. This was several months after her so called abuse. Pathetic! She probably realized that the 15Million would be held in trust for the baby! To be sure, it is something about money that caused her to "back-out" of the agreement. Besides, the tapes hit the American audience when she herself claimed that "Mel was playing dirty and not sending her money as he promised". This is a quote everywhere. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HER PR CRAP. THE LAWYERS ARE ADVERTISING THEMSELVES! GO BACK TO RUSSIA YOU PATHETIC SKANK. I am tired of hearing about this, honestly. Why does she keep this in the news anyway....all this stinking laundry that is not anyone's business. News Flash put this in the news! Bimbo.

1495 days ago


She is holding the kids for ransom. I don't care what fancy lawyer you buy yourself the fact remains she is demanding money from the fathers of her children while she has no job. She enjoys the press, she enjoys the attention, she enjoys the circus that is now her and her childrens life. She wants more than money, she wants another man to destroy.

1495 days ago


Why so much focus on PR, Ok$ana?

It's a custody case decided by a single judge, ain't it?

1495 days ago


If you wants us to like you Oksana, then for God's sake leave Mel Gibson alone. And if you could, could you please have a heart, a soul and some compassion would be nice.

Maya 28

1495 days ago


The Today show is just a fluff piece show and mainly gets their guests from pr firms/agents to promote their clients...

there will be no hard questions asked of her... only pr agent approved scripted banter period

Posted at 12:55 AM on Sep 21, 2010 by wondering

1495 days ago


I Know she is losing the P.R. battle, that's somewhat evident. But I think it really seems like desperation to go out and say what you have already said.

If anything I think all the leaked tapes and the photos have been the cause to make everyone question her version of events. If you look at things when the allegations first came out the majority of the public was on her side.

If she had stuck with only releasing one segment of the tape she would have had people going " wow, I wonder what is on the rest".

Instead they all came trickling out onme after another after another, and the more you listened to the recordings, the more questions they raised.

Then the photos came out when people and the media started to question the recordings authenticity. And the photos were even worse IMO because they were very vague to the points she was trying to prove.

I would think she would realise that silence is golden till you are in a courtroom and have an objective audience to state your case to, but I guess we all have a different take on how this is playing out.

1495 days ago

Fidel's niece    

ROFL! More Spin from her lawyers. This makes no sense...

Ok$a seems to be more concerned with her PR image than the
the legal cases like extortion.

She turned down 15 mil, does not want Mel's money,
yet she is asking for 40 thousand a mo child support.

Crazy bitch!

***TEAM MEL***

1495 days ago


too bad TMZ cant send one of the team truth or team mel posters to the today show to refute, rebuff, and counter her one sided claims and yarns

1495 days ago

Zooma Zoom    

what about the gag order?

1495 days ago


Jerry Springer didn't offer enough?

1495 days ago


Like anything coming out of her lawyers mouth is going to mean anything more than anything coming out of her mouth. If anyone can reinforce Gibson wanted to have a child with her it would be Gibson himself. Who in their right mind would take up with a 40 year old to start a new family. Too many risks associated with having kids with someone that old. You mess around with a 40 year old because its supposedly a safe fling.

As for not taking financial advantage of Dalton well didn't she do the same thing get knocked up for cash?

1495 days ago


maybe she can do a lil gypsy dance for the people on the today show... with her mom organ grinding and her father fiddling ..and a lil monkey running out into the live audience holding out his little hat for donations and gift items ...

1495 days ago
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