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Oksana Grigorieva -- PR Strike on 'Today' Show

9/21/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva's legal team is ready to launch an offensive in the PR war against Mel Gibson ... by going on "Today."

In an attempt to turn the tide in the PR war with Mel -- sources tell us Oksana's lawyers -- Martin Garbus and Daniel Horowitz -- will appear on "Today" on Wednesday ... sans Oksana ... to reinforce the point that Mel wanted to have a child with her ... and wasn't "tricked" into it.

We're told Oksana's lawyers will also point out she turned down a $15 million settlement from Mel because she didn't like the custody situation ... and hasn't taken financial advantage of her other baby daddy Timothy Dalton. 


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They will not violate the gag order, they will make statements about the facts that are already out there.

Anythging they deem a trap or anything they will not anwser , I am ssure they will deflect with something else or say they cant comment or discuss that.

There will not be any revelations tommorow

1457 days ago


Oksana, what is it like to live in Mel's house, drive around in the car he bought, cash the checks that he sends so that you can have the luxury of being a stay at home Mum. Why was that not enough for you? Why are you doing everything in your power to ruin this man?

Maya 28

1457 days ago


Sorry about the typos.

1457 days ago


How can it be called a PR war when the only crap coming out is from her??

1457 days ago


Lol @ "sans Oksana".
They know if they took her on live t.v. they'd have to hog tie and gag her to keep her from spilling a whole bunch of new crap they'd have to cover. Lol
Heading out to bed guys! Ttyl!

1457 days ago


night twilight

1457 days ago


All you hear now is Oksana wants to change the public view on her. You never hear her about the baby.
She said it was all about the baby right I don't see a mother fighting for her child here but a evil witch that's fighting for $200 million and 40.000 a month extra for the baby with the gold diapers she won't settle for less.
Yeah she walked away from 15 million because she wants more.
And who will pay for all the lawyers and pr people yeah Mel.
I think she should pack up her trash and go back to Russia and leave Lucy with Mel and Alexander with Timothy.

Mel is doing the right thing just keeps his mouth shut to the media and just acts on her dirty games like releasing the rights of her music to her. He isn't fighting her through the media.

1457 days ago


sweetheart never talks to me...sigh....

1457 days ago


She hasn't taken advantage of Timothy Dalton because he is not as famous or rich and quite the penny pincher.

1457 days ago


...She said it was all about the baby right I don't see a mother fighting for her child here but a evil witch that's fighting for $200 million and ($)40.000 a month extra for the baby with the gold diapers she won't settle for less.

Yeah she walked away from 15 million because she wants more...

Posted at 2:28 AM on Sep 21, 2010 by Natasja

Agreed Nataja. If it'a REALLY not about the money then why is that all she's fighting for?? Why is it not more abt custody than money?? Very telling, huh?!

My thing is he offers her $15 MILLION DOLLARS and 50% custody of their child. If it isn't greed then what is it. Hell I could raise ALOT of kids with 15 million, couldn't anybody?? Especialy with an exta $40K per month!!

That and the fact Mel Gibson would have the other half custody of the baby! Mel Gibson...not John Wayne Gacy for God's sake!

Mel has proven over the years that he is a good father, at least with his other children. Heck he practically has enough to form a little league team!

Ox needs to stop. There is a point you can reach where you can"t go back. She's extremely close to it.

1457 days ago


Here's an idea... How about actually let this work itself in the courts instead of the public eye.

This whore is only interested in 3 things, money, making herself look better and in destroying Mel.

She is pure evil, she thumbs her nose at our legal system with every move she makes and is wasting taxpayers money on her crap.

Are they all so stupid as to think this will make a bit of difference? At least they are smart enough not to have the soulless creature on with them.

1457 days ago


Oh yeah, and America is ready to believe a story spun by freaking lawyers paid by Osaana whose fee depends upon the outcome of the financial arrangement she secures.

To little too late. The more she tries to repair her image the worse she looks. America isn't deciding her fate so why should it matter anyway?

1457 days ago


At the end she's only up for the money and nothing else matters.

1457 days ago


Like anything coming out of her lawyers mouth is going to mean anything more than anything coming out of her mouth. If anyone can reinforce Gibson wanted to have a child with her it would be Gibson himself. Who in their right mind would take up with a 40 year old to start a new family. Too many risks associated with having kids with someone that old. You mess around with a 40 year old because its supposedly a safe fling.

As for not taking financial advantage of Dalton well didn't she do the same thing get knocked up for cash?

Posted at 1:07 AM on Sep 21, 2010 by txcn


I agree, what could he do...after she got pregnant, but say "I'm happy" ? If he had said anything else, it would be all over the world Mel hates babies!

To ..ASK.. her to have a totaly different than being happy and making the best of it (which it is very evident he tried to do)

All I hear is lawyers are going to go on TV and say he was happy/willing to raise a baby with her.

If they go on TV and say, "he asked her to get pregnant" then they have my attention, and I will think Gibson is crazy.

I feel he didn't ..ask... her to get in my book, the pregnancy wasn't consensual.

So far, we know only what is in the media..


He did fly to MCI or STL in his private plane to meet with some Catholic Bishops there and ask them to pray for him. That he was going through a rough period. That was about 27 April 2010, right after she told him she was preggars.

That doesn't sound like a man that woke up and clicked his ruby red slippers together and thought "Wow! little ole married me is going to ask my on the side fling, to have an illegitimate baby. I know it will break my wife and children's hearts, but what the heck."

These lawyers are making fools of themselves.

1457 days ago


Where the heck is she getting the big dough to pay for such hot shot lawyers?? Not too long ago she was poor mouthing it all over the place and since then she has done nothing but change lawyers - doing something like this all calls for big bucks!! She is definitely nothing but a gold digger using Lucia as a pawn.

1457 days ago
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