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Levi Johnston -- Too Busy to Watch Bristol Dance

9/22/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dancing with the Stars" captured the attention of 21 million viewers ... but none of them were Levi Johnston.

Levi, we're told, was "too busy studying politics" to watch baby mama Bristol Palin do the cha-cha on Monday.

Trying to convince us that this was not a snub, Levi's peeps tell us he's been "learning about the major issues that affect Wasilla and reading lots of books."


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"reading a lot of books." First things first. You have to know how to read before you can read books.

1490 days ago


Pop up books!!! Ha ha ha that is so funny! Maybe he should have popped open a book before while he was in school so he could actually graduate.

1490 days ago


dfdfd #43 -
Wow - you ACTUALLY believe that Bristol works at the Dr's office and goes to school? AND she is on DWTS. Then who is taking case of that illegitimate chld?? And how does she get from work, in Anchorage, to LA for the show and rehearsals everyday??
Do tell!!

Just reinforces my thought that Palin's worshipers are real idiots. Blind followers of the Palin cult. They believe anything she says - how sad.

1490 days ago

Loving Levi    

Bristle has man-boobs.

1490 days ago


Awww, he's just jealous that Bristol got a better acting job than his famewhoring ass did. She didn't even try all that hard.

1490 days ago


He couldn't take a bathroom break and watch? That's his baby momma.

1490 days ago


I think she and her son are better without him in their lives. She is a beautiful person and deserves a real man to be with. He is such a jerk! And a real LOSER! Bristol, good luck in the competition. Hope you do well, and have fun doing so!

1490 days ago


My gosh, what is wrong with you Bristal haters? She is so pretty and has a great figure and all you trailer trash think it makes you feel better to run her down! ! ! I bet if we could see what you all look like, we would laugh our heads off. Only people with no self esteem put other people down like you are doing. Your green with envy, right? Well work on yourself and you won't have to put others down. You make comments about her as if you know her and you don't ! Just like you idiots that say Sarah is "dumb", do you know how smart she really is, well I do and she is smarter than the people trying to run the country now.....! ! ! That is why everyone is so affraid of her they have to make up lies about her!!!

1489 days ago


too bad he didn't watch, she did a good job and was really cute.

1489 days ago


@juju - You have an unhealthy obsession with Bristol Palin's baby boy. Why don't you ask the same questions about Brandy's illegitmate child? Might I remind you that Obama himself is the product of an unwed teenage mother?

1489 days ago


Ah Bristol... I'd watch her boil an egg on the Food Network. She is all that and a bag of diamonds.

1489 days ago



WHY is Bristol's face so HUGE! DAMN!!! she is not even fat but HER FACE!!!! Like is something wrong with her... I need her to get that checked out!

1489 days ago


Let's see..
I didn't even know that Brandy has a child, in or out of wedlock.

I guess that's because she doesn't make her living off of selling pics of her baby in all of the magazines the way Bristol does. That's really trashy to rely on pimping out your baby to make money.

1489 days ago


I'd rather see him naked than watch Bristol dance. Unless she's dancing for tips, I couldn't care less about her.

1489 days ago


This Levi guy is a jerk. He strikes me as one of those people who has good looks (and knows it), but is as dumb as a rock. I wonder what the future mayor's IQ is? "He be readin' books... dur."

1489 days ago
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