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Japan to Paris Hilton: Sayonara

9/22/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton is officially persona non grata in Japan because of that whole cocaine thing.

Japanese Immigration officials denied Paris entry into their county because of her guilty plea to cocaine possession this week.

Japan frowns on people who get convicted of drug offenses, so Paris -- seen above at the airport a few hours ago -- is on her way back to the US of A.

Before getting the boot, Hilton was detained at the airport yesterday for more than 6 hours.

A rep for Hilton says "Paris is very disappointed and fought hard to keep her business commitments and see her fans, but she is forced to postpone her commitments in Asia.  Paris understands and respects the rules and laws of the immigration authorities in Japan and fully wishes to cooperate with them.  Paris looks forward to returning in the future to a country she loves and has been coming to for the past 10 years.”

Before leaving Japan, Paris also tweeted, "Going home now. So dissappointed to miss my fans in Asia. I promise to come back soon. I love you all! Love Paris xoxo."


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Finally! Too bad the US legal system is so corrupt.

1458 days ago


Awe poor baby got turned away from the country that has provided her a vast majority of her wealth. Yep, she has modeling contracts there, she does commercials (for some odd reason people do like this rich piece of waste there)...she DOES make quite a bit of money off of them. Now, due to her own stupidity...she won't be allowed back in their country for quite some time...buh bye contracts! The Japanese won't be wanting her to hawk their products either if they won't allow her in their country...they won't want her tarnished image gracing any of their products.

I'm absolutely loving this...her consequences are just beginning to come down on her and it's all due to her own sense of entitlement and bad judgment.

1458 days ago


Look at all you people hatin Paris. She's walthy, anything but stupid. She acts like a dumb bimbo, well, because middle class and poverty level Americans are.....Dumb and apathetic. You're looking in the mirror people.

1458 days ago


You would think her handlers would have checked first before going all the way to Japan. Or, maybe they DID know and went anyway, just for the attention it would gather. Would someone go to such an extreme length (and distance) just for some bad publicity? (If you're PH, probably)

How embarrassing for her.

1458 days ago


She has almost 3 million twitter fans and the number is growing daily.
You all can only wish you had Paris Hilton's life.

1458 days ago


The same thing has happened to other celebrities, such as the Beatles.

And Paul McCartney was actually arrested at Narita airport for carrying pot when he tried to enter with his band WINGS.

1458 days ago


In Nevada, she can have the record expunged for misdemeanors - as long as she does the requirements during the year.

1458 days ago


It's about time someone showed Paris, tough love. Had her parent
been as tough we could all have been spared from the likes of
such a spoiled brat.

I saw where Lindsy, had maid a nasty comment about Paris. Now is
that not funny? How can one drug addict talk about another. I
say put both the junkies, in jail together until they grow up.

1458 days ago


One word for Paris Hilton: SKANK!

1458 days ago


@75...but killing children in Afghanistan and Iraq is ok?

1458 days ago

Jeff Becker    

At least there is some justice in the world!

1458 days ago


It's too bad they don't have military run drug know, like boot camp, get them to straighten up their lives through forced marches, and mile upon miles of runs and challenging obstacles, knock those nasty drugs right out of them. Teach them discipline. Maybe then they won't see "rehab" as a vacation. Yeah let's punish you, we'll take you a cushy resort, let you sweat the drugs out for a little while, give you some nice delicate counseling, and then set you free. The way the "system" punishes celebrities is a @$*%^ joke!!!!! Bravo for not letting her in the country!!

1458 days ago


I hope that US should strenghten its law on those who has cocain conviction at least like Japan if we really want to stop it.

1458 days ago

jay jay    

LOL look at the size of those feet!!! she needs to plastic surgery that **** about 7 sizes lower

1458 days ago


Way to go Japan officals by not letting a coke-head tramp into your country.
Guess money cannot buy everything, haha!

1458 days ago
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