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911: Ricki Lake Fire - 'Mommy Had a Mistake'

9/22/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ricki Lake tries desperately to calm down her children as she calls 911 to report that she's burned her house down ... and TMZ has obtained the tape.

Ricki Lake house fire.
In the call, an extremely panicked Ricki tells the dispatcher, "The couch is on fire ... please hurry," after she tells her kids, "Mommy had a mistake." 

In fact, the house was on fire and burned down after Ricki attempted to refuel a portable heater and started the fire. L.A. County Sheriff's arson investigators have concluded the whole thing was an accident.


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Vote NO Meg Whitman    

Where is CPS on this ? ? ? ?

Using a carbon monoxide producing portable heater INSIDE a dwelling is a huge No No.

Doesn't she read the wraning labels on the heater and the fuel cans?

Why isn't the Fire Department calling CPS for her exposing her kids to a deadly situation?

Is the fire department going to bill her for "mommy's mistake"?

1456 days ago


Gooooo Rickkkki!!! Gooooo Ricki!!

1456 days ago


How did she miss all the PSA on the dangers of portable heaters?

1456 days ago


Okay she was calling in a FIRE. She was being a REAL mom trying to care for her children rather than to the crazy lady on the phone. Did anyone else notice how long it took for the operator to call the Fire Dept?? I thought it would only take like 5 minutes to get there but apparently in California, where it is cold??, it takes at least 2 1/2 minutes of that time to get in touch with the Fire Dept. No wonder the State is going down in flames.

1456 days ago


TMZ if you really want to cover a story why don't you explain why she was using a portable heater in the summer?

Also portable heaters are used by people that are too poor to use proper heat. What is going on with her?

1456 days ago


I still don't understand why she would need to use a portable heater in September in California. Granted I live in NJ, but am I missing something, is it cold over on the west coast? And why would someone fill a heater inside? You'd think the fumes would get to you, aside from the danger factor.

1456 days ago


Malibu is NOT a tropical paradise! It gets cool and is sometimes cold in the summer months. It usually warms up a little more in the Fall. I grew up very close to Malibu.

She made a big mistake adding fuel to a heater while it was still hot. Her mistake, her big mistake. They do still make Kerosene heaters that are made for inside home use. They stink only when you turn em off or you run out of fuel.

She's not going to benefit from this. It was a rental!

1455 days ago


I call shanan****ns on her. This crap is to get a has-been back into the spotlight so she could hopefully make some money.

1455 days ago


Why the hell she live that she needs a heater in September?

1455 days ago


She can't afford to rent a home with central air and heat?

1455 days ago


She'll be on Dancing With The Stars next year

1455 days ago


Portable heater. What , is she living in a trailor park now?

1455 days ago

Devils Advocate    

Well, she was looking to create a source of heat...

And she succeeded!

WTG, Ricki, thanks for the lulz!

1455 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

What the hell's the matter w/ her?!? Is she a redneck in a trailer w/ her last dollar in the bank? They sell electric heaters you can plug into an OUTLET if you don't wanna go full boat. Or, was she going GREEN like the rest of the pseudo-treehuggers? Jeez woman, show some class. And as for YOU, comment # 1, you inadvertently betrayed your stupidity by showing how much you actually DO care about this story. Did the light bulb go on yet?

1455 days ago


WTF #1: What the fk is she doing using a portable heater in the summer?

WTF #2: What the fk is she doing "refueling" said portable heater on or near her couch?

WTF #3: Nice job teaching your kid horrible grammar.

1455 days ago
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