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Tiger Woods Drops the Kid Off at the School

9/22/2010 2:28 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After giving away roughly $100 million in his divorce from Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods simply spent time this morning -- taking Charlie to pre-school in Orlando.

Being a good father is priceless.

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it's about f*cking time!!!

1462 days ago


who cares?

1462 days ago


Is that poor baby even two years old yet? What is with calling it preschool? That baby is in daycare! You'd think Elin or Tiger could parent their baby and not hire out his care.

1462 days ago


baby daddy gotta make this quick; f in B @ CH, I should be on the greens right now!

1462 days ago


Charlie is a toddler, he can't go to pre school yet. Probably a play group or a "parent tot" class where the parent stays. I can't picture Tiger mingling with other mommies or nannies and singing Wheels on the Bus etc. Also, he can't hit on any of them because he knows everyone is watching!

1462 days ago


I think this is good for him to spend time with his kids... I think people who judge him have problems of their own.. all we know is he cheated.. we do not know what wnent on before after or during that.. all we see is what TMZ would want us to see.. men cheat all the time sad but true. he is still supporting his children he didnt cut his wife off like other jerks and I think he is really doing good by taking all the hard stuff that is coming his way. Elin is his x wife and I feel for her too but again we dont know what happend behind closed doors, she could have been cheating on him the whole time too but do we know that know because she is no celeb and no one really cares.. what we do know is Tiger has a billion bucks.. he maks sure the chikdren are well taken care of.. and she was just a Nanny before she married him now she is her own Millionare so plz ppl.. these kids have their daddy and Mom they will be fine.. stop hateing on tiger it's over.. I think since tiger got it so bad for cheating every man that cheats from now on should be plasterd all over the media from now on.. My Question is for the ppl who hate tiger so much... would it be ok if tiger cheated after you all found out that Elin was cheating first or maybe ever dogging him out, then would it be ok? Like the saying gose it better to judge than be judged right...

1462 days ago


Beautiful wife, beautiful kids, a great life and he didn't appreciate it. He just got caught up and became ' too full of himself'

1462 days ago


Preschool education is the provision of education for children before the commencement of statutory and obligatory education, usually between the ages of zero to five, depending on the jurisdiction.
This is a reply to Donnas'comment...

1462 days ago


Tiger didn't "Give Away" millions of dollars to Elin. Since they were MARRIED, she worked equally hard as wife, head of household and mother to his two children. They were equal partners in the marriage and therefore it's HER money she received.

1462 days ago


Do these people ever let their kids WALK?

1462 days ago


To #6, Elle, um Tiger Woods did not just have an affair with one person. Have you read any of what the 100 or so women who have come forward have said?? He shouldn't be praised or lauded for spending time with his children; that's his role as a parent. I don't hate Tiger , I don't even know the man. BUT my dad has a friend who's young grandson caddied for him in really hot weather at some tournament, the kid was pretty young and afterwards asked Tiger for his autograph. Tiger told the kid to get out of his face. He is a spoiled brat who is unlucky enough to live in an era where no indiscretion seems to go unrecorded or written about. No question what an amazing golfer he is or was, but mostly he's just a very wealthy, self indulged, ego maniac, who is also a big baby. He has his parents to thank for that. I do not believe that Elin ever cheated on him.

1462 days ago


Thank you Teresa. Yes, it must be based on the jurisdiction. I have been a pre school teacher for 10 yrs and it is between the ages of 2 and 5. Anything below that age is with a parent or it is considered day care, not pre school. Thanks for the def though!!

1462 days ago


good dad tiger...keep it up...we forgive you

1462 days ago


He's got nothing else to do since he didn't make the top 30 for the fed x cup he's done with the golf for awhile

1462 days ago


To#11 You seem to know alot about Tiger..."he's just a very wealthy, self indulged, ego maniac, who is also a big baby"
Opinions are like a**holes, everybodies got one!

1462 days ago
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