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TruTV Not Yanking 'Rehab' over Hard Rock War

9/23/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TruTV's reality show at the "Rehab" pool party is so raunchy, allegedly, it's spawned a lawsuit between Hard Rock and the Hard Rock Hotel -- but that doesn't mean it's going off the air.


The lawsuit was filed yesterday by the owner of the Hard Rock brand -- who claims "Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel" has damaged the company name by associating it with "drunken debauchery, acts of vandalism, sexual harassment, violence."

Despite the nasty lawsuit, reps for TruTV say the show is still a go -- saying, "The current season will continue on as planned."

If the owner of the Hard Rock brand ends up winning the suit, there could be a name change at the hotel -- although "Rehab: Party at the Hotel Formerly Known as the Hard Rock" ain't so catchy.


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Sounds like Hard Rock is between a rock and a hard place. mwahahahahahaha suck it TMZ!

1488 days ago


why not change the name from hard rock to disneyrock then...
or christianrock....
how lame can you get

1488 days ago


Sorry to spoil the fun, but anyone in the Vegas nightlife / daylife industry will openly tell you that there is VERY little about that show that isn't completely scripted or setup.

So much for "Actuality." ;-)

1488 days ago


just about every show on "trutv" is scripted and contrived. If any company had a manager/supervisor/director like that fidget Matt that treated employees like he supposedly does, that company would be open to so many lawsuits it would make their head spin. It does make the Hard Rock look pretty bad to have their employees abused like that either way. Ever notice how the cameras are right there when something happens.

1488 days ago


I worked in the bar bizz for years and yes his attitude is somewhat tru. Lets face it the sharpest knives in the drawer are not working in the "serving bizz". They do need a little fear factor since it is a cash industry. However, Matt would never survive acting like he does if it wasn't for the drama effect. Bouncer types do NOT take mouthing off like he does.

1488 days ago


I watched about 15 minutes of that show this season. TruTV went false with this horrible show. Disgusting.

1488 days ago


Rehab=Pure s^%t...

1488 days ago


The drama is staged especially the conflict between Matt and security.
You'd have to be a total doink not to realize it.

1488 days ago


I had to stop watching this season one episode in. Matt is a complete ass#### and I can't take watching how he is with employees. I'm happy posters on here have said it's a complete setup because how in the world can a Manger curse, lie on and do half the crap he gets away with? They would have law suits out the ying yang.

But really the show hasn't been good since the 1st season when they focused more on the Rehab party-goers.

Please let this be the last season!! The show is no good anymore

1487 days ago


I gotta say that after i seen commercials for this nasty show. It made me not wanna ever wanna visit the HardRock hotel. I know there is others who feel just like me. Who the hell wants to watch such filth? It's like every other person on the planet these days...wants to be naked,drunk and stupid on camera.

1487 days ago


Last season's show set up so many fake situations so poorly done, it was hard to watch. The participants are not good actors, porn stars are more believable. The first season was pretty amusing and fairly true to the bar scene. I hope the waitresses that were victimized by Matt's harassment was able to use the footage to get sizable settlements. While sexual harassment can be a hazard in such an environment, the perp should not be promoted and should have been fired.

1487 days ago

Larry Dallas    

Every reality show is staged in some way.
Even if this show is staged, you can still get a feel on the element that goes to this hotel, where I be staying far far away from this property when I venture out to Vegas a few times a year. I would be trying to put a stop to this show as well if I was the owner of the Hard Rock brand.
Abhorrent is an understatement with the behavior from this filth.
Being a young professional from Boston, I used to enjoy going to this hotel a few years back with a group of friends. But like anything good the animals always find a way to ruin everything. It happened in Buckhead Atlanta when I lived there, and it has happened to Miami. These "gorillas" as Snooki calls them, the eminem white trash sellouts with the skinny sideburns and malnutrition skin, the trashy girls who ruin their body's with tattoos and awful boob jobs etc. The classic part about these animals is they actually think they are the coolest people when normal people laugh at them and their act.
Just watch one MTV video music awards show and tell me why kids are growing up like this. The "coolest" influence being pushed is to act like a total thug and hood.
Blow up Rehab and get rid of these animals!

1487 days ago


@ 12:

I work in Vegas and am regularly at the Hard Rock. With the exception of the Rehab party itself having the muscled douche factor up quite a few notches, the clientele for the actual hotel is pretty much the same as it has been for the past 5 or 6 years.

This show hasn't changed that at all.

And, yes, with the exception of the occasional fight, fake ID, girl from Wisconsin who got too drunk.....I'm afraid the pool parties really aren't that over the top security and operations wise. If this show had made it to another season, I'm pretty sure they'd be showing that the security officers have to stop terrorist plots on a daily basis and contain bomb blasts using only their bodies and fast response skills, lol.

1487 days ago


This season is all about Matt and Sharon. Totally setup and fake. Last season was bad but this is worse.

1487 days ago



1486 days ago
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