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Oksana: Mel Threatened 'Brains All Over the Wall'

9/24/2010 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has told D.A. investigators ... Mel Gibson was so enraged the day he allegedly attacked her that he threatened that "There will be brains all over the wall" ... TMZ has learned.


Oksana went to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office Wednesday and told investigators the day of the nuclear argument, after allegedly striking her, Mel pulled out a gun, waived it around and threatened to kill her, the baby and himself, screaming, "There will be brains all over the wall."

Oksana says she fled the house with Lucia and her son Sacha.

As we previously reported -- Mel's domestic violence case is currently with the L.A. County District Attorney's Office for review. 

It should be noted, claims that Mel threatened to kill himself, Oksana and the baby never came up during the mediation in May.


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What'd she do have a brain fart and just remember this suddenly.

1433 days ago


Mel Gibson is a brilliant creative actor and director. Vilified by the media from Oksana's leaks to the press. He was recorded saying aweful things. He has a mental illness, and she's using it to take advantage and ruin him. I would see ANY Mel Gibson movie, past, present or future before I saw anything sodomizer of 13 year old girls made. It escapes me that while Mel Gibson is being held up for scorn be all in Hollywood, actors line up to work for Polanski.

1433 days ago


This sounds like an out-take from Lethal Weapon!

1433 days ago


So he pulled a 'gun' out of his shorts? Oh come on! many men carry a loaded gun loose and flapping around in their shorts? It would be aimed at their greatest treasure and could possibly go off!

She is really pathetic.

1433 days ago


at the first of all this, ROL said there were videos too. Where are they?

Posted at 12:11 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by azlee
I hope Oksana didn't make a sex tape. Somebody on here the other day joked that she probably had a hidden bathroom cam . I wouldn't put anything past her.

1433 days ago


Piling icing on top of manure won't make it a cake.

1433 days ago

Lynn M    

After reading the agreement that she didn't sign, I think she is a greedy bitch and a liar. She probably didn't sign because she found out that she could get a hell of a lot more money if she had sole custody, so she filed the abuse charges to try and get it. It also rained on her parade when she discovered that the money was for the child and would be monitored with no big spending extravaganzas for her. Hence, her comment, "nothing for me."

Are you reading the one online as she did initial each page as well as sign it? It was the final draft she did not sign which was, basically, a formality. Her excuse for refusing to sign because of the custody does not hold water as it was spelled out in the agreement she signed and initialed. If she failed to read every word, it was HER mistake.

1433 days ago


Her story gets more and more embellished.

Is this the part where Horowitz wants the public to believe she was terrorized?

But wait...according to OG...he din't do anything!

1433 days ago


so what - no biggie - he didn't say it would be her brains. Could be cow brains or tripe - (isn't that what tripe is)

1433 days ago


Now I know why money is the root of all evil. It makes decent people do indecent things, and indecent people do unspeakable things.
Lindsay Lohan, Oksana and Mel, Paris Hilton etc. etc. It really does make me thankful for what little I do have, although I wish God would bless me with just a little more so I could pay off my debts and have enough to live on without the stress of worrying about the coming Winter's heating bills. But even so, I would not trade places with any of the above mentioned "Hollywood" persons.

1433 days ago


Too bad Mel's team couldn't force some psychological testing on her. To me, she sounds like a dangerous lunatic not to mention she is a pathological liar.

1433 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


I don't buy the one night thing either. She made too big a point of saying it "ok, this is important. The tapes were all made in one night" as she looks at the camera. Liar.

So glad you remember the story coincidng with hers! She is a lyin' bitch!

1433 days ago


A simple bullet in the head would be too good for this whore!!

1433 days ago


Next Oksana will claim Mel shot her fish tank, and then he handcuffed her to a burning truck after putting a bomb in her toilet. What a dope Oksana is.

Team Mel

1433 days ago


Dude, I understand you wanting to help Horowitz pay his bills.. but seriously???

This is old, old news, other than the fact she is repeating it to law enforcement this week. She has already told 3 different versions of this story weeks ago, and none of them made any sense whatsoever. And none of them came with supporting evidence, I might add.

I thought Harvey was a smart guy. Aren't you worried about maintaining credibility, Harv? People will begin to fall away if they start to question your sources & integrity. So, just today you guys at TMZ redact important info off of a do***ent that proves Mel's innocence... you totally dropped the ball on the whole Lindsay's bailbondsman will be there, she's gonna' walk today, yada yada, another FAIL... and now THIS?

Dang, TMZ.. the curse of Oksana's sucking you in fast! You better run like the wind, dude! You built this website from scratch, now you are under Warner's wing, have a television show, you seem to be credibile... I would hate to see you lose it all... if you notice anyone that tries to help this woman ends up getting burned! Run, Forest.... RUNNN!!! LOL

1433 days ago
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