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TMZ Live: LiLo, Katy Perry, Suge Knight

9/23/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Lindsay Lohan's court date tomorrow, Suge Knight's car being searched by cops, and Katy Perry's honkers being too hot for "Sesame Street."

Plus: MJ's estate is raking in the dough.


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Since Facebook is down, might as well watch this ****.

1399 days ago


I shut it off without even finishing it today. As soon as Harvey said that Lindsay was taking Adderall because she'd been wrongly prescribed it I shut it off. Everybody knows why Lindsay and celebrities take Adderall and it has NOTHING to do with being wrongly diagnosed. They go to the doctor and claim ADD because they want Adderall for weight loss and weight management. For Harvey to not even talk about that is lame and irresponsible to boot and just makes him look like a tool. For Jason to sit there and not comment about it too makes him look lame also. I know that you think your audience is stupid, but we aren't THAT stupid to just buy what you put out there all the time Harvey. You are trying to sway public opinion on many things. By giving Lindsay a cover on the Adderall thing, you are no better than her parents for enabling her either.

1398 days ago


The Washington Area Sniper only killed one person in Washington, DC proper.

Of course, if the Iraq War vote opposition had continued, then there's every chance that a few politicians may have had their peace-loving heads blown off too.

The possibility itself might have helped assure passage of the Oct 2002 legislation. Final vote on the funding occured on Oct 11 2002, Muhammad and Malvo were apprehended Oct 23 2002.

1398 days ago


#33... THANK you. That's what I've been saying all along. I don't understand why Harvey insists Lindsay was misdiagnosed. I think Lindsay manipulated a doctor to get Adderall. To think that she is completely innocent in all of this is absurd.

1398 days ago


Why is there always some yahoo screening when you are live at the LA courthouse?

1398 days ago


Now that Lindsay is in jail, do u think she will be getting out before Oct. 22?

1398 days ago


lindsay lohan is not learning lessons by recieving a bull **** sentence of being in jail having drug tests having to attend classes on a weekly basis this girl is going to end up dead if she doesnt get her **** straight and no one not even the justice system can help her! Harvey what would you do to straighten lindsay lohan out?

1398 days ago

mom of teen    

What did you think of Michael Lohan admitting Lilo is a drug addict and is incapable of saying no when the drugs are put in front of her....If he had left the rest of the jerry springer show at home it would make it more believable that he wants to help. I agree with him that she needs a long term in patient drug/alcohol/mental abuse facility.

1398 days ago


Did Robert Downey Jr ever get a harsh sentence like this? Has anyone asked him what he thinks of all this?

1398 days ago


if every pkayer on the NY Jets gets a Kim K. blow up doll will they have a chance at a winning season?? what does Charles think? haha

1398 days ago


Harvey, please ask the lawyer why he would come on the live show and talk about something there is suppose to be a gag order on the defendant is not suppose to talk about it and the lawyer is going too... the botton line is that things were leaked and it makes her look bad also any time she talks she also says things that cross the line as to not talk about Mel..saying that things will come out that is what she said the last time when she was headed to the lawyers office,,, and does he think he is going to keep his job ? how many lawyers has she had to this point ????
you have the best show it tells the truth....

1398 days ago
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