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Lindsay's Bosses -- We'll Deal with Hijinks

9/25/2010 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might have to worry about being sent back to jail next month, but one thing she doesn't have to fret over ... her next movie.

Sources close to the movie "Inferno" -- the Linda Lovelace biopic LiLo is scheduled to star in -- tell TMZ they don't want to lose Lindsay for the part ... so they are going to start scouting locations in Los Angeles and begin shooting in January.

As we first reported, it's going to cost the flick a chunk of change to move from their original location in Louisiana -- but we're told they are willing to spend the dough to keep Lindsay as the lead.

One source tells us, "We're staying [in Los Angeles] -- good for the movie, but also the best way to deal with travel restrictions or other hijinks."

As long as Lindsay is around, hijinks seem unavoidable.


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I don't know of anyone who's even intrested in seeing this movie. I'm curious as to why they are catering to this junkie. NO ONE is going to see this movie.. no one cares. Everyone is sick of LL. The only reason anyone might want to see it is to find out if she can act... but like someone already said, how hard is it going to be for her to play a coked up boozing ho? She does that all the time and we watch that here for free!

1467 days ago


Anyone who pays to see this skank at the theatre or on dvd condones this behavior.

1467 days ago


They should do some research. She has about 5 fans left. It will be fun to watch the movie sink.

1467 days ago


Are you kiddin'? The movie will rake in the cash - I predict a huge hit with her starring, no matter how bad she is or the movie is...huge!

1467 days ago


"Who is playing John Holmes?"
Mark Wahlberg obviously. Didn't you see Boogie Nights?

1467 days ago


The fact they now say filming will begin in January kind of tells you The Machine has been at work and a deal already struck that she will go into rehab for 90 days and avoid jail time on 10/22, then start filming on this pos movie the day she gets out of rehab. Wonder if that was the secret meeting yesterday in chambers with her atty, the DA, and Judge Fox.

1467 days ago


Lindsay's mother (and manager) Dina is a total slimeball if she actually APPROVES of Lindsay doing this movie. She's THE worst child actress parent of ALL TIME! Exploiting the hell out of your own daughter for money for the Lohan family? Jeez.

Read some of the humiliating, degrading lines that Lindsay would have to do in this pathetic movie about some 70s porn star that nobody has ever heard about these days or cares about.

"To me, there is nothing more delicious than gism. I love it! I like to smear it all over my face like Ponds Cold Cream!"

"Is there anything in this life I like more than **** sucking? Okay. Well, one thing. On OCCASION. I love it when my man Chuck socks it to me in the ass."

"I once took on a pro football team--and I don't just mean two at a time! I mean more!"

"I was put on this earth for one thing and one thing only--sucking a footlong ****!"


You will be typecasted as a "D list" porn star if you do it. You do not need the money THAT bad. It is not worth it. You can do a lot better than this junk Lindsay. This movie is hardly like that movie "Monster" about the woman serial killer that won Charlize Theron an Oscar! This movie is pure garbage.

1467 days ago


Sorry but I'm not paying to see someone who has made a joke out of limits imposed on other human beings. She is clearly sending out the message she is better than other people who actually pay for their mistakes. Had she payed for her mistakes and acted like a decent person I would have.
I m not judging her for being an addict. I have no right to do that. It's her whole attitude that makes her so hated. Look at her behaviour the last days following her appearance in court on Friday. She didn't appear the least bit worried. She promoted her own clothes range on the day of the hearing, she appeared shocked when she was taken into custody...oh.. and she was out by the same night..

1467 days ago


I don't get why everyone is so down about this film, Lindsay would be an idiot NOT to do this film as she needs the money and there's probably not too many other directors willing to hire her at this point anyways, also for all of you who are saying she can be easily replaced, don't be so sure, Linda Lovelace is NOT the type of role that just any unknown actress can handle that type of role(I don't think even Heidi Montag Or Paris Hilton would be willing to do a bestiality scene), and there's not too many other A-list actresses who would want that type of role. The main reason why Wilder is sticking by Lindsay is likely because it'll be easier to wait for her then to just replace her, don't believe me-one of the main reasons why Basic Instinct 2 took so long to get off the ground is because the director had a really tough time finding a male lead who was willing to do full-frontal nudity, and I can only imagine how difficult it would be to find an actress willing to play Linda Lovelace, A-list or unknown. Anyways i'm really looking forward to this film and I won't feel the least bit guilty about spending my money on it, and I applaud Lindsay for taking on such a difficult role that few people would ever touch.

1467 days ago

Alan Carver    

What is interesting is that these producers of this movie think that they're doing themselves a favor because Lohan has proven that she is not RELIABLE, at least not to the court of law in LA County, CA. The insurance on this is going to be 'incredibly' high for the duration of the film. Basically this low-budget bio-pic will attract the original sleeze balls that got-off watching Linda Lovelace when she was in her PRIME 40 years ago! That would make most of them GRANDFATHER's by now!

This is a true testament to the few remaining 'producers' and or 'directors' that are remotely interested in working with her. Obviously this movie is not being shopped or even produced by a large movie studio. Some back lot indie operation . . . thank you Dina-Ling.

Last night on ET/The Insider shows, they moved the LOHAN GOING BACK TO JAIL STORY AS SECOND UP TO ASHTON KUTCHER! So needless to say, even they're tired of this and know NO ONE cares about this train-wreck since she is incapable of staying off of drugs. It was pretty hilarious if you ask me! I thought it deserving.

Once again, the self-proclaimed




1467 days ago


Times are different now what with the H.I.V. epidemic.
The last thing people want is to be reminded of that done by a lesbo slut jail bird addict.

1467 days ago


DUH!! Nobody in their right mind would want the part! Lindsay will act like a whore on the cheap! She's desperate and obviously that sh*tty movie director is desperate!

1467 days ago


By all means, Lindsay if you want to PROVE to the world just how stupid you are go right ahead and do this ridiculous Linda Lovelace movie! Go ahead and exploit yourself for cash real good.

You'd be a real rebellious woman then! You'd sure "show" all those judging people in America how tough and independent you are. You'd sure "show" your father who's the boss wouldn't you!

1467 days ago


They're spending money to move the film, but think about how much they're saving on advertisements! Lindsay has gotten so much publicity for this movie already, and they haven't even begun shooting yet.They're not going to need to advertise at all.

1467 days ago


Of course they don't want to lose her, no decent actress would take that part in such a piece of garbage, I really can't even
believe she would sink low enough to be in it.

1467 days ago
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