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Everything Must Go!

9/25/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Deep in debt, facing foreclosure, and trying to feed her children ... Octomom did today what any responsible mother of 14 would do ... had a yard sale!

Nadya Suleman tossed her goodies on her lawn in La Habra, CA in an effort to make some scratch. As we first reported, Octo is behind about $7,500 on her mortgage payments -- plus she owes a whopping $450,000 balloon payment which is due October 9.

The big item today ... you can get your pic with Octomom for just $10. That's about $9 more than it's worth ... but it's for a good cause.


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I'm not sure why Kimba/Sarcia feels that Octo deserves a show just because she birthed a whole passel of brats. The vast majority of large families do it on their own, every day, without a paycheck from TLC. It's called living within your means.

As for what kind of job she could get to support them, it wouldn't really matter what type as long as she HAD one. In California, the cutoff for receiving WIC is over one-hundred thousand per year for a family of her size. That would cover food. She'd also be eligible for medi-cal. And if she works, she just might be eligible for low cost, state subsidized child care. Would it be the lap of luxury? No, but then it doesn't need to be. No one is owed a certain level of living just because they are walking freak shows.

1423 days ago


Kimba Kimba, I just knew you wouldn't be able to control yourself as usual. Thanks for not caring if I read your posts but dedicating another idiotic one back at me.
1. I didn't just mention Amish read my post again oh bright one. I said others too. Although you claim not to know about Amish you write a long un factual paragraph like you do know. Did you google the name or quick read it out of a book? They shop at wal-mart and we drive them.They live in their own homes. We all live as neighbors they dont have their own community. They pay bills too. Did I mention they shop at wal-mart. Just thought I would again, in case you didn't get it the first time. You are a bright one.

2. quote" oh here we go again comparing the Amish to OUR way of living" Get over yourself Kimba , try using the word MY way of living don't speak for everyone else. Get over your SELF! It was an example you twit.Some people NOT just Amish choose to live without mani's, 300 channels on tv, internet etc. Nobody has to live above their means. Example Kimba thats all it was. Sorry you took it so personal as a comparison to YOUR way of life. There is a difference .

3. I don't think I have to do anything to make you look stupid.But you can call me all the names you want. That is what you do to everyone that has an opinion that isn't the same as yours.

1423 days ago


Kimba, Kimba... how's Wales this time of year???

Hey, I'd be proud to call mysel Bellestarr if I was her but I'm not. You are really scr*ewed up! Can't keep your names straight?

1423 days ago


Posted at 5:55 PM on Sep 29, 2010 by Tina

No, I didn't have to look up anything. Its fundamental basic lessons taught in schools about other cultures and their way of life. Amish people have a total different way of living then the average American people. Don't even come close to paying half the bills that "WE" do, so comparing them to Nadya or... pointless!

FYI-- the part where I say (Amish people) goes to the zoo, museums "etc" um that would include (wal-mart and other stores) as I said; they buy "BATTERIES" among other supplies.

Tina, what do you expect when you insult and disrespect me? Talking about people "Intelligent" calling people twits and idiots? Telling me to get a job (for which I have btw) do you? I do not single anyone out nor do I call names unless I'm being attack first.

I never said the Suleman's were any better then any other families out there. I merely pointed out that Kate Gosselin whom Nadya has been often comparing too, is no better then Nadya and usually break down why I thought so. It is you and others who think like you that get upset because imo you're fans of Kate G. and other TLC families that are brought up. Oh well!

This article is about Nadya Suleman, not about me. So when someone single me out and discuss me like I'm part of the article, start accusing me of being Nadya or not of this world or start in with the insults and name calling. Hell yeah I usually take offense and retaliate throwing it back in your faces. That's what happened to you, Tina. You single me out because I disagree with you all about Nadya. You dedicated a whole lame post to me, lying and calling me out. You didn't attack anyone in your posts, but ME! Therefore, I have every right to defend myself against whom I like to call "Cyber Troll Board Bully". Don't like it, move on. Keep my name out of your topic of conversation and we won't have a problem. Get it?

1423 days ago


Posted at 8:07 PM on Sep 29, 2010 by Alvin
------------->Shut up Alvin and get back on ROL! LOL

Posted at 5:54 PM on Sep 29, 2010 by Bruno
I'm not sure why Kimba/Sarcia feels that Octo deserves a show just because she birthed a whole passel of brats. The vast majority of large families do it on their own, every day, without a paycheck from TLC. It's called living within your means.
-------------> First off, I never said Nadya should have a reality TV show, though at this point in her life it wouldn't hurt. Even the ladies on the view asked that same question yesterday. Secondly, if you truly believe what you said about the vast majority of large families, ask yourself what is the Duggars, Gosselins, Roloff, Hayes, Masche, Quints from NYC and TX doing with a reality TV show just because they have large brood? Why is it okay for them and not okay for Mrs. Nadya Suleman and her large brood? Just asking! :) BTW this whole mess got out of control because Nadya was on food stamps. Why would she want to get back on it when her goal is to not become a burden on taxpayers again? She wants to try and raise her kids without it, Bruno. Where's the harm?

That's another thing I don't get.
the federal government spent $800000 of OUR money to fund a program on Africa teaching men how to wash their genitals after sex.
Nancy Pelosi Spends $18736 a Month on Office Space..
We're spending billions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq to STOP terrorism, fighting a war that's been going on longer then I care to remember.
General Motors spent 2.8 million dollars in order to lobby the government for more money. We already gave these people billions in the freaking bailouts.
The Government spent millions bailing out banks etc with our tax dollars. Yet we're complaining about Mrs. Suleman on food stamps and her disable child on SSI? (scratching head) Sorry, but I just don't get it! lol

1423 days ago


kimba10, no,I don't guess you would get it. Shoulda gone on and got that GED, some book larnin' woulda done you good. Didn't someone say you were raised in a third world country? That explains the "not getting it part" and the lack of boundaries about what is moral and ethical. No wonder octoslut is your hero.

1423 days ago


Eventually this Octo Turd will disappear and crawl back under her rock and we will not have to hear from her again. She is never going to get rich from some lame ass reality show, the public thinks she is pig vomit, and generally people wish she would crawl into a hole and die. This woman is as ugly as hell, a proven liar and a thief, psychotic, and more stupid than anything I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

Octo Pig thought her life would be mansions, Cadillac Escalades, exciting jet set trips to Hawaii, dining in the best restaurants, book deals, staying in the best hotels, lots of pretty new clothes, tanning sessions, more plastic surgery, and the cover of the National Enquirer every week. In reality her life will be poverty, Section 8 housing, food stamps, Medi-Cal, and public scorn and ridicule. As soon as the ¼ of the kids of hers who are not mentally retarded figure out what she is all about, they will flee, never to be heard from again. If they are lucky, they can escape this dimwit and have half a chance to live a normal life. If they are unlucky, they will be sentenced to severe emotional problems due to this ninny’s narcissistic need for attention and chaos in her life.

Wow…it sucks to be Octo

1423 days ago


Tell it Sammy!!

1423 days ago


@Posted at 8:53 AM on Sep 30, 2010 by Sammy

Well, that pretty much sums it up! Nice job Sammy!

1423 days ago


Again, Kimba can't keep her arguments straight. It's really not a simple matter of either do a reality show or be on welfare. There is so much in between that the Octonut could do. Yet she chooses NOT to do anything other than pimping out the kids pictures for $100 a pop. That's the whole crux of the problem.

The difference between Nancy Pelosi, General Motors and the Military is that they provide a SERVICE to this country, and therefore what they get from the government is earned (there's that word again), whether you agree with them or not. Octo doesn't provide a service, doesn't pay taxes and has zero value. She's purely a consumer of the public's money.

1422 days ago


19 months ago Toxomom was a Miracle Mom. Now she is a National Skidmark. She has only herself to blame for squandering about $1.5 million in a year and a half and having only her flabby plastic Joe-Camel lookalike carcass to show for it. If you go to eBay and look at octodaddy1's feedback you can see how she in the past two months alone has blown the last of her money on Barbie, Disney, clothes and electronics.

And the octodaddy1 name should give you at least a clue where she gets the money to spend on ebay.

She was wearing $450 mink fake eyelashes while begging on Tattoo's radio show. Too bad he didn’t mention that.
If anyone gives her money this is where it goes.
If this is what she does when she is about to be homeless, then why hasn't her lawyer had her committed?

Why isn't the wealthy babydaddy --rumored to be a local doctor with the same last name (that’s why she changed hers to that) providing for the 14 kids he spawned over 10 invitros over 10 years? Why are Californians stuck with paying for a rich man's kids?

1422 days ago


Good News! Science has found a way to prevent future tragedies like the Saga of the Suleman Octuplets from happening again! Valkyre, BiggieShortie, Bellestarre, Gigi...and all of you who have kept up the good on the link below and have some hope! Say hello to Robin for me! Miss ya, guys!

1419 days ago
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