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Kim Kardashian -- T&A Meets TSA

9/26/2010 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian got wanded today as she made her way through airport security at LAX.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, BEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!



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David Brickner    

I would guess that "wanding" kim would be all they would do. I sure wouldn't want to catch something from her.......too many bad habits...

1382 days ago

David Brickner    

Hey.....Is that the "Octomom" in front of her!!

1382 days ago

Mark Santeramo    

Forget Kim K this time, who's that absurdly hot chick that's in the purple tank top in the front of the picture. That chick is absurdly hot. And whomever said she looked like the Octo-mom, are you foxing retarded? She looks nothing like that ghostly lookin broad...the chick in this pic is straight fire, so much so that if I was her manager she'd be makin six figures in six months.

1382 days ago


Nipple piercings must of sent the thing off.

1382 days ago


I saw the video, she is saying," oh yeah baby, go lower, lower, I love it big and black and hard, get lower, get it inside, oh baby, pay me some money and I will suck on it too, you are the best, you big black ****, so hard, let do it for the cameras, how much will you pay me, you know whores don't do it for free, I like it but I need to be paid, I need to pay for more antibiotics to take care of my cooties, and more plastic surgery to make me look like a wog Barbie, to honor my dear father who helped OJ commit murder, we are all one wonderful family, pay me, pay me, go lower, go deeper, oh, you are the best, whatever your name is, just go lower"...and that goes on for about 10 minutes, then she takes that big black you know what and runs to the restroom, taking off her panties and giggling...

1382 days ago


TSA sucks…it’s all for show and to give us a false sense of security. They don’t catch everything because they are too busy taking people’s shampoo away.... Kim looks like a terrorist?? it is all so stupid. This was the TSA employee 15 minutes. And for all of you people who say they feel safer wise up.

1382 days ago


kudos to kim. usually when a black pole is in her face her instinct is to suck it.

Posted at 2:57 PM on Sep 26, 2010 by chrystal
Now that's funny! Kudos to Chrystal! Chris Rock's got nothing on you!

1382 days ago


If that thing detected piss residue she would have been busted!

1382 days ago


Question is why is TSA wasting their time on her while terrorists on no fly lists get into our country? No t its? Shameful. Our gbmnt s ucks. Taking more and more of our rights away and in the name of safety, we get molested by TSA agents. Bad policy.

1382 days ago

Terry Joe    

Geez, ONLY would this CRASHdashian broad be photographed
going through security. IS she a star ? HA !

1382 days ago


Oooh. Somebody needs to lay off the fried chicken...also get those arms toned up if you're going to wear your brother's underwear!

1382 days ago


yeesh, such nasty comments on here. It makes me weep for the human race that we have been degraded so far to lash out so venomously to people we don't know...

1382 days ago

rez gurl     

everyone is jus A hater... she is so HOT!!!!! the ppl writing the mean stuff r prolly fat ugly bitches!!! :) yuu wish yhur ass wazz lyk hers!! yes i said it!! and how is she a whore? only the tru whores wud knw.... YIKES!

1382 days ago

Vince Robles    

Well here we go again with more publicity from Kimmy Kimmy Kimmy. Somehow I think she is enjoying all of this because she's afraid of getting old ALREADY so she'll do anything to get attention.

1382 days ago


somebody needs to wand TSA. tired of those 70 IQ idiots with attitude harassing good American citizens. no respect for any government yahoo . . .

and yeah, Kim's a real security risk, TSA agent just looking for a little quality star time, sort of like the cop with Paris Hilton in Vegas. What jerks.

1382 days ago
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