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Leo DiCaprio -- Too Cool to Pedal

9/26/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't have time to pedal a bicycle like the rest of the plebeians -- he rides around NYC in a bicycle with a motor attached to it.

It's the stuff dreams are made of.


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Well done Leo! This is a great push to let people know about this fantastic means of transport!

Electric bicycles are awesome and reliable. Have a look at "Electric Bicycle World Tour" on google.

Electric hugs!

1455 days ago


Rumor has it that Leo and Mr Cruise bumped hot dogs to satisfy their curiosity

1455 days ago


So he has a green bike big deal. I think hes setting a good example and there's nothing wrong with not having to pedal your way through town. If he is out of shape as some have suggested maybe hes preparing for a role or his extremely hot gf likes him a bit plump. Leo is no fat slob or lazy as some might be insinuating. All I can say is judging from the response this bike is getting it was a great way for the bike company to sell more bikes, hope he owns shares or just owns the company :)

1455 days ago


You're full of it, "lucy". Always read how the guy is gracious to fans - even annoying ones (and no doubt you're in that group).

Go peddle your lies elsewhere.

1454 days ago


AnonymousDiva, you defend the guy so vehemently that I was wondering whether you are part of his PR team or something. You go after people for the smallest thing like saying his feet look small. Take it easy! Stories like lucy`s are not unusual when it comes to him.
As for Leo, it`s time to lose the German-tourist look already.

1454 days ago


Uh, isn't a bike with motor simply a moped? It looks like a sporty moped to me.

1454 days ago


Kerrilynn, all I'm doing is pointing out facts, not taking offense. The guy wears a size 11 shoe, and we rarely see any plausible stories about his being a jerk. Those are facts. Sorry to blow holes in your theory, but I'm not part of his PR. I'm certain they have better things to do than waste time on a rag site.

It's tough to take offense at stupidity. Hence, why I don't take your insinuations toward me seriously :)

1454 days ago


A Leo-soldier on a high horse! LOL!

1454 days ago


Pudgy fugly needs to peddle. Glad he is cutting down of if he could just join the little people and stay off of private jets and huge private boats!!

1453 days ago


Let's all judge him and then go get in our cars to drive a block to the nearest store.

1452 days ago


Guy needs no motor, wasn't he on the worst couple body shots?

1450 days ago


LOL He is green for you, not for himself. Come on, he has large residences in L.A. and N. Y. last time I heard, who here thinks he bicycles between both. No, the Hollywood crowd want you to be green, none would submit to living in a confining carbon footprint that average American has. Look at the greenie weenies' high priest Gore himself and his huge carbon footprint.

1420 days ago
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