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Lindsay Lohan -- Things Are Gonna Get Intense

9/26/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ Lindsay knows her next trip to rehab won't be a walk in the park ... she'll be in for some "intense" treatment.

People close to Lindsay and the family tell TMZ they were all shocked that Lindsay got tossed in jail on Friday --  if only for a few hours. One close friend said Lindsay thought the judge was trying to make an example out of her -- Lindsay called it "completely unfair."

As for what's next ... our Lohan sources say Lindsay knows she needs rehab and she needs a good "foundation." The word that keeps coming into Lindsay's circle is "intense" -- that Lindsay needs to go away this time, and sooner rather than later.

We're told Lindsay, Dina and her business manager, Lou Taylor, are all a part of the rehab discussion.

One last thing ... as we first reported, Lindsay is going to have to wear the SCRAM bracelet again. As one LiLo pal put it, "She hates that f**king thing."


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How comes it's ''unfair'' she was thrown in jail on Friday? Doesn't she get she is breaking the law over and over again?
It is always unfair what is happening to her. She is never to blame. And even if she kills someone tomorrow while under the influence it will not be her fault they were crossing the street- they should have looked twice!

1435 days ago


Maybe if she stopped hanging out with druggies and people that blab to TMZ about her every move she'd make some progress. She also needs to disown her leach of a mother.

1435 days ago

Scott Guiher    

If they keep letting her out of jail and rehab she will eventually die and then who's fault will it be? Who will step up and admit that this girl needed help instead of...

1435 days ago

Bob Dobbs    

Lindsay, proper procedure would be having a trainer or companion nearby to help. You've got the money, get the helper. Staying out of jail is the main goal. It's not your game anymore, get a clue. Use the time to think and reflect, keep your companion close. Fulfill the details of your condition, and then relax when things are done. It's not a race...first one to the end of time is not the winner...chill last. Survive.

1435 days ago


just landed in cali and going to new house to set up drug ring looks like i have a new mule no laws that i cant buy off here love this place

1435 days ago


Most of you here on TMZ are idiots. I have finally realized that after having spent time here and reading all of your remarks. Most of you are jealous, poor, cry-babies, that wish they had the good life as well as Lindsay. But what I have come to realize is that you mostly are fat, overweight, gross, detestable human beings that would eat their own children if they ran out of food. You disgust me. When you die, you will face fire and eternal seperation from anything good, and that is good, although deep in my heart it is not what I want, but what you have chosen. Lindsay will live another day, while you overweight pigs, who have no life will sit and rot. She will make it out just fine, but all of you with your negative criticism wil not. You will die the obese, unclean, un-bathed, people that you are. Meanwhile you will recirculate your jealousy that you do not have the money, the dediction or the time to fix yoursleves all the while blasting those who are 10 times ahead of you. You may not like my politically inccorect language, but if the shoe fits wear it, the only problem is your fat lazy azz's cannot fit into any show. You stink, you need a bath, and you need some exercise, besides laying off the food you cram down your government supported azz. I predicted her release as did TMZ, but you would not listen. You pronounced curses, cried like babies, and gave all of the hoopla of the overweight, barely unable to move, and completely undesirable to any man or woman. I will take her outward beauty over your ugliness any day of the week. You are an embarassment to America, and should be placed on farms to either be milked or slaughtered.

1435 days ago

Peter Sc    

Yes, the judge did make an example out of her. It was nice to see that the justice system did work after all, so she got out on an appeal.

No, she doesn't need rehab. She needs to make it at home. No rehab can house her family, her "friends" and the entire media industry. They are her "triggers" so rehab (if the entire concept worked) will be waste of time because once she return she will stick out and have to adjust so she looks like the rest of Hollywood. Then she will be back where she started and what use is rehab then?

1435 days ago


Lindsay get to rehab, get the help you need, if i was a round i would get you cleen, cycling is the key, give it a go, its the one's that got you on to it that should be in Jail.

good Luck

1435 days ago


TMZ, are you going to publish the photos of lindsay shooting heroine and making out with Paris, or are you just going to let all the other sites do it for you?

1435 days ago


Cry babies, wa was wa, boo hoo, im 300lbs, it's not my fault; yeh right, you cram down twinkies and whatever you can get your hand on, keep cramming pigs. Keep cramming. I am going on a date with her, while you BLAST her. You all are a joke. Take a damn bath, go walking, and quit stuffing your mouths with food. Fat azz's. -jake 5'10 160...lbs-in life not the death you are and trying to live vicariously through others because YOU hve no life.

1435 days ago


Anybody else who gets a probabtion Violation gets Jail time for the Violation, then they get treatment. what makes her any different. I bet she will be the next Courtney Love but look worse than Kurt Kobain

1435 days ago


Lindsay, screw rehab, finish probation, and keep on partying girl; get a driver and get as drunk as you want, you will outlive it; these people got no lives, no money, live off welfare and are obviously jealous. Your not an addict, you like to feel good, there is nothing wrong with that, especially in this pitiful world of the fat and unfamous. Just be low key. Wait until October and remember, don't drive, make someone else drive, pay a sober person. These people are PIGS, along with the judge and all of his secrets, which I will reveal soon enoguh, he is nothing but a lush, a sex crazed maniac, and if given the chance would have liked a piece of pie. Congrats on your F/U. He deserves it, hidden homosexual. Wait until I prove it, you will see, ALL OF YOU.

1435 days ago


#33 LIFE IS NOT FAIR, need a tissue?

1435 days ago

Glenn B    

Does this mean Paris has to get arrested again! So she's back in the news?

1435 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is NOT a drug addict, you are fools for believing it, but since your fat, ugly, lazy azz's don't like it you complain; you always have to lower people to your level because frankly you suck. You cry injustice, injustice, meanwhile you cram tweeknies and every other FAT product down your throats. DISGUSTING.

1435 days ago
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