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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehabbing ... Her Image

9/27/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan did something for others yesterday by visiting the Dream Center homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

As we first reported, Lindsay will check into a live-in rehab center for addiction in the next few days ... so she says.



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There are rules for the Liberal Elite, and then there are rules for the unwashed masses. We break probation, we get jail, the Liberal Elite that protects Lindsay gives her bail. Seems rather unfair does it not?
This girl will eventually throw her self off a cliff, and all the parasites that tell her, "Linds you don't have a problem, the judge does," will scratch their heads during the obligatory prayer vigil and sob around the candles in front of her house, "We just didn't give her enough love."
Then Lindsay's mother will turn to her cash cow in waiting, Lindsay's younger sister, and in time she to will throw herself off a cliff, because you see self destruction is the only thing the Lohan's know.

1490 days ago


No buying op...won't help her.

1490 days ago


The Dream Center is more than a homeless shelter, it's also a live in treatment center for addicts and alcoholics...perhaps it's just the place for her to get clean and really sober...certainly not a plush resort type treatment center, and apparently they have a high rate of success there :)

1490 days ago


This is just offensive! That she is so low that she would exploit homeless teens in a blatant attempt to repair her image.

This just shows how clueless she also shows how dumb she thinks the public and the courts are.

1490 days ago


What is going on with this little girl. Either put her in jail or drop the charges. Enough with this courtroom circus.

1490 days ago

for now    

9:36 George believes that it's wonderful to kill and torture people in foreign countries.
He thinks that missing alcohol classes is serious crime. A typical hater.

1490 days ago


@6 more importantly she has to acknowledge she is an addict ( not to the outside world but to herself ) .I'm still not sure she has done that . The biggest hurdle is doing that and deciding to quit. The recovery process also doesn't take a few months but years . So the notion you can check into rehab for 2-3 months and be done with it is false.

Her acting career will have to be put on hold for a few YEARS ,not months , to take back her own life ( if she ever had her own life, with all the hangers-on I'm doubting that ) .

Obviously she can do other stuff,apart from acting, but always realizing she's in the midst of recovery for the next few years.

1490 days ago


If the jail she's been in twice is SO overcrowded, why can't she be sent to one that has more room and she can actually serve a full sentence? Is there some stupid law requiring she has to servie in that county, no matter what?

1490 days ago


This has become a joke that gets more absurd each day. If you or I pulled these same stunts we'd have been locked up with no hope of the easy way out the she's being given. It just proves that there are certain perks depending on what you do for a living or how much money you have when someone breaks the law over and over again.
I'm fed up with this media circus.

1490 days ago


I'm sure most people in here have seen the pictures of Lindsay (allegedly) injecting some drugs like cocaine or heroin.

What Lindsay might not realize is that you're literally dancing around with DEATH with these drugs. It can be like "Russian roulette". There's some very powerful drugs out there ... street drugs AND prescription drugs. You take the wrong thing at a party or trust the wrong person who hands you some sort of drug and you could be laying on a cold slab at the coroner's office like on the show "CSI".

That's what happened to promising young Hollywood actor River Phoenix at the "Viper Room" on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood in 1993. He went to the bathroom to get an injection of heroin and cocaine and was dead within a half hour. I wouldn't be surprised if he was drunk and didn't know what the hell he was doing before he got the injection. That stuff happens.

Lindsay needs to take a trip to THE CORONER'S OFFICE and see some drug overdose deaths. She needs to be "scared stiff by the stiffs" in those drawers at the morgue. There's PLENTY of arrogant, "know it all" young people who thought that drugs wouldn't kill them ... but they SURE DID!

All over America, those arrogant, wild and crazy, "cool kids" from wealthy families end up in the morgue after an overdose. They're the same type of people that Lindsay probably hangs out with. In one stupid night of being a "party animal", their life just "fades to black" like those old black and white TVs ... permanently.

1490 days ago


If Lilo wanted to have good PR and start to fix her image all she had to do was accept the 30 days in jail and do her time like anyone that wasn't rich would have done.

Then she could have entered rehab upon release, which would have made people believe she was at least trying.

The fact that she's continually shifted blame for her drug problem from herself to other people, always tries to keep from receiving any kind of punishment for her actions, and has done everything she can to leave rehab when she's in one seems to me to prove that she has no desire to help herself.

1490 days ago


@72 I find those photos to be suspect in no small degree . For starters : Daily mail ( enough said ) . Secondly , apparently - according to the articles - they were taking in 2007 .We're talking some 3 years ago .

They surface only now - miraculously- at the exact time when LL is in the news .
I don't buy it.

1490 days ago



I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Paris Hilton herself took those pictures of Lindsay a few years ago on an iPhone or some other security camera device ... like one of those hidden "nanny cams". Rich people tend to have security camera systems you know. Kind of like in Vegas casinos. Never know when you're being "caught on tape".

I bet Paris or one of her buddies has had these (allegedly original non-photoshopped) photos on a computer for quite a while. Then, someone else might have gotten their hands on them somehow or another. A computer hack perhaps? Maybe they wanted to "get Lindsay" for whatever reason. Who knows? Paris Hilton and Lindsay started out as friends and then became enemies or "frenemies" or whatever.

It's still pretty disturbing if Lindsay has EVER injected herself with either heroin, cocaine, or who knows what. That's something that most people who have smoked a little pot would be very reluctant to do. But in Lindsay's mind, she's thinking ... "well, if Paris and Nicole Richie are doing it then it must be okay. They're the "cool kids" on the Hollywood scene and they drive Bentleys so maybe injecting some heroin or cocaine is a safe thing to do and it's no big deal".

For some people all it takes is ONE hit on a crack pipe or one hit of meth or ONE injection of heroin and they chase that high for the rest of their (usually very short) life. That's how it was for Tom Sizemore. He was in movies like "Born on the 4th of July", "Saving Private Ryan" and "Black Hawk Down". Crystal meth, cocaine, and heroin put him in the poor house and jail, made him half crazy and it probably nearly killed him.

1490 days ago

Robert aka Bear    

Everytime she is arrested her PR team start's the spin. Now let's see what happened to her & what was the condition of her release. Must not be around any place that serves alcohol (thats one)Must not drink any alcohol or take any drugs. (thats two) and must submit to a search by any law enforement officer at anytime (thats three).
Now the reason she is saying and going (we will believe it when we see it) into rehab. She is doing everything she can do & say anything to sway the court and the public opinion about her. When she checks into rehab she don't have to worry about any law enforcement officer searching her. She is hoping that the court will think that she is changing her ways.
I dont buy any of this S**t that she & her team is putting out. Until she really wants help, she should be locked up along with her (so called) mother & father along with her. The news should stop reporting on her and the rest of her team. Thats what she lives fore..

1490 days ago


Lilo need to go to jail. she won't learn and no get out early crap. it didnt work paris and it wont work for her. these rich b****s need to learn money doesnt buy you everything

1490 days ago
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