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Lindsay Lohan:

I'm Of Sound Mind,

and I Didn't Do It!

9/28/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is fighting back at a company that sued her for allegedly stealing spray tan secrets, and she insists two things -- she's of sound mind, and she's not a spray tan thief.

Lindsay's lawyers filed a motion -- obtained by TMZ -- to dismiss a lawsuit filed by White Wave International Labs. According to the federal suit, White Wave claims a company called Lorit stole its "secret formula" for a spray tanning product.  Lindsay, who was a spokesperson for Lorit, was also named as a defendant in the suit filed in a Tampa, Florida federal court.

In her motion to dismiss, Lindsay submitted a declaration in which she says, "Although I have been a spokesperson for Lorit, LLC, and its Sevin Nyne product, I had no involvement in where or how the Sevin Nyne product is marketed and sold or in the marketing strategy for the product."

Lindsay's lawyers also want the case dismissed on grounds the Florida court has no jurisdiction over LiLo. In her declaration, Lindsay says, "Although I occasionally visit Florida for pleasure, I have never had any acting jobs in Florida ... "

Lindsay also says, "I am of sound mind."  Discuss amongst yourselves.


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I think Lindsay should pony up her E-trade settlement (which she didn't deserve) for stealing this tanning formula. Everyone knows that Lindsay steals.

1485 days ago


A Has-Been @ 24.

1485 days ago


The reason she's saying she's of sound mind is because her mom is seeking a conservatorship over her. Dina is going after whats left of her money and Lindsay is on her way to the loony bid by way of rehab.

1485 days ago


And her mom is telling her Rehab is just a bar at the Hard Rock in Vegas.

1485 days ago


Oh, come on. Another little tid bit about her life? I'm sure she's tired of herself! But did you know she has Super Powers too? Visit to find out

1485 days ago


isnt Lindsay the one normally filing lawsuits for baseless claims???? talk about reversal of fortune....wait TMZ could break the case wide open...i seem to remember numerous pictures in which Lindsays hands showed signs of self tanning spray on them...or maybe she just needed to shower.

will stinky survive this lawsuit or will she be branded the self tanning theif of all time?

1485 days ago


Seriously...enough of Lindsey already. I am so sick of hearing about here!! Isn't TMZ stalking other celebs they could write about?!! The entire website has become all Lindsy/ Mel Gibson all the time. Enough already!! seems to cover stories you guys never even mention.

1485 days ago

O-C Guy    

4 arrests...4 mug shots; Current bail for repeated drug use while on parole...$300,000; "I am of sound mind"...PRICELESS.

1485 days ago

Tim in SanBerdoo    

This lawsuit is baseless in naming Lindsay. In order for her to lose they must prove that she was in some way instrumental in the formula being stolen, provided it ever was stolen. If all she did was be the spokesperson and nobody became sick or injured by using the product, she is pretty safe. They can only go after the company executives and research and development teams.

1485 days ago


This is just stupid!

Just because you're a spokesperson doesn't mean you have anything to do with manufacturing a product. Ellen is a Cover Girl spokesmodel, do you think she mixes the coverup solutions herself?

I don't like LiLo at all. I think she needs to get her **** together, but this is getting ridiculous.

1485 days ago


Her lawyers are grasping at nothing when they don't even need to. She can be sued in a Federal Lawsuit filed in Florida regardless of her residency status. She will be dropped from the suit. They have no real basis to sue her individually and I assume it is just be for publicity. Even if they sued her as an agent of the company, that company would assume her defense if she had a basic, no-frills contract with them to promote the product, which I would assume she did, that is usually covered. Finally, as Harvey knows...."I am over the age of 18 and of sound mind" is form verbage that you'll find in most standard affidavits.

1485 days ago


I would believe in flying pigs and the tooth fairy before I would ever believe this bimbo can so much as spell "sound mind."

1485 days ago


Not of fan of her in the least bit, but enough is enough already. Leave her alone, let her get the help so so neeeds. Just so tired of hearing and seeing her name, and as far as money is concerned......does she even have any left? Let her have a few years of growing up to do and maybe, just maybe she can make some kind of come back.

1485 days ago


I didn't know they used Cocaine and meth in spray tans!!

1485 days ago


Now wait just a minute.... I may be fast approaching my senile years but I clearly remember Lilo's declaration that not only did she help develop that POS tanning product but that the allegations that the the formula was someone's else's property were false. Now that she's getting sued primarily because of these declarations of her involvement, she decides to come clean and tell the truth?' would never lie....She always says in magazine interviews that she ALWAYS tells the truth. Of course she always says she doesn't steal either. LOL.

1485 days ago
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