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Meg Whitman's Housekeeper -- 'Explosive' Allegations

9/29/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0929_pete_wilson_thumb_Getty_100UPDATE:  Meg Whitman's campaign chairman, former California Governor Pete Wilson, tells TMZ he is unaware of any claim by Whitman's former housekeeper, but, "The timing of this is highly suspect."

The former housekeeper for Meg Whitman -- the Republican candidate for Governor of California -- is about to make "controversial and explosive allegations about her former employer," TMZ has learned.

Whitman housekeeper.
We're told the housekeeper has lawyered up with none other than Gloria Allred. The housekeeper and Allred will hold a news conference today in Gloria's office at 11 AM PT, "to tell how she suffered as a long-time, Latina household employee in Meg Whitman's home."  

We're told the housekeeper will be filing a legal claim against Ms. Whitman.

From what we're hearing, the disclosures could have a significant impact on the campaign and possibly the election.

We will, of course, live stream the news conference.  It doesn't matter where you live -- Don't miss this one.



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Gloria Alred is nothing more than an ambulance chaser. This just shows how dirty and corrupt politics gets close to an election!

1455 days ago


Good to hear.

No state deserves a retread hack like Jerry Brown more than California.

Hopefully a Brown win will speed up the ultimate tanking and bankruptcy of the once great state of Cali.

1455 days ago


Gloria Allred … glorified ambulance chaser and diseased democrat hack. Champion of perpetual “victims” everywhere.

1455 days ago


Here we go again attacking the victim.Every time a little person sues a famous person and the story hits this website the people on this site start attacking the victim.

1455 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

I just found my Halloween costume. Thanks!

1455 days ago


Who do u believe Gloria Alrred or the devil? As for me I care only how she is going to fix our state, if she can abuse legislator or union then I'm all for it and that goes for Jerry too. What she do in her private life don't mean a thing as long is not murder. Beside the timing is all for the money if she waited this long.....hoping for the big bucket for the last important month of her campaign

1455 days ago


Gloria Allred is an Opportunist thief! She preys on the vulnearable to suck not only the people she is suing for her client,BIG BUCKS!; but sucks her own client's dry out of their money to line her own pockets while ruining peoples lives all around her on both sides! I am tired of seeing this whore hound lawyer preying on the vulnerable for her own exposure everywhere on TV. I am a proud HISPANIC Women who is proud of Meg Whitman and know what she has done for many in Silicon Valley. Made many people live nice lives, including her maid!!!! Otherwise, she wouldn't of ever been able to afford to live in Santa Clara County. Turn off the conference today and protest it!!! I've been in California long enough to have seen ex Gov Mr. Jerry MOON BEAN, RUIN THIS STATE! HE IS ANOTHER OPPORTUNIST WHO IS MOON BEAN TO THE RESCUE WITH THE CITY OF BELL! Where was he when this was going on the last few years as Attorney General! Where??? He didn't do anything because he let the Unions steal right under his NOSE!! NO, NO Jerry BROWN!!! He let them do it AGAIN!!!!!!!

1455 days ago


Gloria Allred is a soul less woman. Anyone that attaches themself to her shall suffer the same fate. Unfortunetley that is a life of extreme riches and fame.

1455 days ago


Wish we could get that Ukrainian chick to videotape herself throwing Gloria Allred in a river.

1455 days ago


Gloria Allred is pig and basically nothing more than an extortionist with a law degree. Wonder how much the DNC is paying her to do their dirty work?

1455 days ago


Wow, I knew there was more to this woman than being miss goody goody.
I have researched her out and everything that I have found shows nothing but good about her.
I watched the debate last night and all she did was restate her commercials.
I am sure Jerry Brown's camp would love to know about this and watch the news conference

Apparantly your not familiar with Ebay..she single handledly ruined it for anyone wanting to sell unless your a big business you cant make anything there anymore. Fees went through the roof while she was in charge and the little guy cant compete with the ridiculous prices the big guys can sell for. Typical Republican....shes no different than all the others. Just a big hypocrite!!!!!!!

1455 days ago


Gloria Allred- DEMOCRAT, seeks out cases that have no legal merit, seeks out publicity and $$$$

Jerry Brown- DEMOCRAT desperate to stay in politics because that is all he knows.

Both lawyers with ZERO respect and credibility


SO OBVIOUSLY planned and scripted by the left

1455 days ago


Whitman also assaulted an Ebay employee back in 2007. This was reported by the New York Times back in June of this year.

1455 days ago

Annette Kapple    

Hope this ruins Nut Meg :D!

1455 days ago


I don't remember which post it was in, but someone posted that if it were true then CNN would be covering the story. Well guess what here you go
CNN is now covering the story.

1455 days ago
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