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Don't Even Think

About a Conservatorship

9/30/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has made it clear ... she will personally go to court and fight like hell if anyone tries to put her under a conservatorship ... sources with firsthand knowledge tell TMZ.

Lindsay is saying no matter where she is -- and she's at Betty Ford right now -- she will come to court and go after anyone who tries to create a conservatorship.

But there's one proviso.  Lindsay could end up in rehab for a long time.  There could be problems handling Lindsay's business affairs while Lindsay is otherwise engaged, so there's a real possibility a trust will be created -- at least temporarily -- to handle financial matters.


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@48 I'm no expert but these folks are and they clearly state there is legal grounds ( or possible legal grounds ) to consider it :

But like I said : the mere fact she has stated it's out of the question makes it impossible for the court to contemplate.

1447 days ago


Unfortuneatley, everyone has the right to fck up their finances and if Linds files bankrupcy - better luck next time. I'm glad she will fight like hell for the right to flush what money she has left down the drain with bail, rehab, and what all.

In fact, better to flush it all down the crapper than let the old man or Dina have any more of it.

Linds - stand up to your mom! Do not let her use or feed you booze anymore! You are a strong woman! You MUST do it!

1447 days ago


Actually her business people handling her affairs is not the answer to a conservatorship. If the judge determines there is an issue of Lindsay being able to decide for herself who does what with her money and other assets then those "business people" could not be considered impartial because they would have direct benefit from her resources staying basically where they are. The whole point of the conservatorship would be to give the authority to a responsible third party. Since the "business people" stood to benefit from keeping Lindsay out of jail, despite how desperately she needed it, they are among the last people on earth who should have any say over her assets.

1447 days ago


Sounds like Betty Ford's not taken away phone privileges from their new patient.
Trying to make $ just before she went in with those desperate photos....sounds like she's found a way to make money while she's away, without - girl's got hustle, but all this attention will end up killing her career - nobody wants to deal with that.

1447 days ago


@54 what would YOU do when hearing your estranged father was playing the media while you were in a treatment center? a Gag order for both parents is in order,me thinks.They're still actively fighting their feuds at their daughter's expense.

1447 days ago

Lori better check your sources or at least have a picture of Lohan heading for Betty Ford because there are other "sources" that say she is NOT in B.F. but another rehab entirely.

1447 days ago


I think Michael Lohan is obsessed with Dina. Everytime he starts to talk about Lindsey being his priority, he winds up spouting off about Dina and all she "has done to him". It's all about him being victimized by Dina. Crazy.

1447 days ago


To #39 and "cali"

You guys are insane. Morningside is the WORST place to send someone like Lohan...they can't keep the people they have NOW straight let alone Lohan.

Their ONLY ADP licensed home is smack in the middle of the biggest PARTY street there is. The Duplex has the REHAB above and rents to PARTIERS right below!

They are the most money grubbing profiteers in the rehab industry right now and courted Lohan's JUDGE to get to her!

Rehab is a JOKE.

1447 days ago


Fox news, ie Fox Noise, if full of crap. Flat-out, that article is full of equal parts moron and fail. You cannot place someone onto a conservatorship simply for being a drug addict. You cannot, period, end of sentence. Fox needs to hire somebody with a brain if they think otherwise. She must suffer from a genetic mental illness; otherwise it cannot happen.

And back when Judge Revel sentenced Lindsay to rehab, she wasn't ready to go. If she had gone at that point then the whole thing would have been an exercise in futility. Rehab isn't going to work if you do not want it to work. But, if you do want it to work, then you can go just about anywhere and the actual facility itself probably isn't going to matter all that much. This place really does have a very good reputation by the way; far better than Promises and Wonderland. For Michael Lohan to insist otherwise proves just how much of a troll he really is.

1447 days ago


@59 Hey, relax already... :) I was already indicating that even IF a judge was examining this it's out the window now due to ML's actions and reaction of Lindsay .What's most important is that it is very obvious for all to see BOTH parents aren't acting in daughter's best interest ( as far as I can tell ,they're using their daughter to fight old fights ) and we are speculating- nothing more - what a judge can do about that , if anything.

1447 days ago


Trust me. Someone from Lindsay's inner circle is talking to TMZ. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be Lindsay's new Britney Spears management team, although TMZ will never admit to that. Either way, if TMZ says she is at Betty Ford, she is at Betty Ford. If another source insists otherwise, they are wrong. Michael Lohan already railed against Betty Ford, saying it was a horrible place for his daughter. It's not, by the way. Michael Lohan is just a tool, fool. If it did turn out she wasn't there, that would prove that Michael doesn't actually know where his own daughter is and simply reacted to the reports and acted as if he had known all along. It would expose Michael Lohan for being even more a fraud then he already is. Alas, she has to be at Betty Ford. Like I said, somebody from very deep in Lindsay's camp told TMZ exactly where she was at.

1447 days ago


So many comments, so much BS. NO ONE repeat NO ONE will be granted a conservatoryship over Lindsay, NO ONE. SHE made the cecision to go to rehab, it will NOT keep her out of jail, she will do whatever time the judge orders.

Lindsay has been tested so many times since May all clean of illegal drugs. She NEVER tested positive for Ambien. TMZ listed a string of drugs but very few were accurate. The main drug was Adderall and that was prescribed for the ADHD for which she may have been misdiagnosed, we don't even know the answer to that yet.

Don't believe everything you read on a gossip website. She didn't at any time test positive for cocaine until a couple of weeks ago which led to her current situation.

Her father said he will be filing for a consertavoryship but her mother DID NOT say she would. Again, the story came from an implication from a gossip website.

Lindsay has a business manager and business partners, she is a very astute person and whilst she has a problem there are NO grounds for giving another person control of her life.

Lindsay is in rehab at the moment, how do you think she feels at the actions of her awful father? Is he intentionally trying to upset her? derail her time in rehab? certainly looks like it! Oh and the latest I hear is he is now critising his son Michael Jr for supporting Lindsay. Didn't Michael Lohan threaten Lindsays lawyer Shawn the other day? And this is the guy who wants to implement a conservatoryship? He is mad, totally mad. The best decision Lindsay ever made was to get him out of her life.

1447 days ago


@Rikwes I haven't heard any statements from Dina in a while or comments on Lindsay's failed drug test. None at all. It's all Michael. While Dina has been quiet the only other family member besides her father that has spoken out is her 22 year old brother Michael Jr. in an interview with People magazine.

1447 days ago

Andolini better gear up for a fight..your douche bag father is in overdrive over the thought of a conservatorship..I just keep saying...Not her father not her douche bag father..he's slobbering at just the thought...That's why he wants you in rehab...He don"t care..just cares to make you look "unstable" You know you need help...he's taking credit for you going to rehab...

1447 days ago

Landon D    

Lindsay is in real trouble now... Her awful parents are trying to rob her. Unreal.

1447 days ago
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