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Don't Even Think

About a Conservatorship

9/30/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has made it clear ... she will personally go to court and fight like hell if anyone tries to put her under a conservatorship ... sources with firsthand knowledge tell TMZ.

Lindsay is saying no matter where she is -- and she's at Betty Ford right now -- she will come to court and go after anyone who tries to create a conservatorship.

But there's one proviso.  Lindsay could end up in rehab for a long time.  There could be problems handling Lindsay's business affairs while Lindsay is otherwise engaged, so there's a real possibility a trust will be created -- at least temporarily -- to handle financial matters.


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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Best laugh all day!

1483 days ago


Someone at Betty Ford should be the conservator not Dina, Lou or Michael. She should fight like hell if one of these people are involved. Hopefully, they will let her recover and get help in the family program. Dina and Michael are a REAL problem for her recovery as they are using Linday as a way to get back at each other. That is the sad part for Lindsay right now. I hope TMZ keeps the focus on Dina and Michael's actions and behavior. They are very sick parents.

1483 days ago


Lindsay is 24 and has shown time and time again that she is incapable of making correct decisions. Her mother says that Lindsay is incapable of even sleeping alone (probably because Michael molested her constantly) or living on her own without the help and supervision of an assistant. So yeah, since even her own mother clearly thinks she should have a conservator over her she should have one.

As for the rest of us, we just buy an alarm clock, save the partying for the weekend, and get on with life.

1483 days ago


Hey Micheal, how about this... shut your mouth and keep your family matters private. Now that would be a start to someone who says that he is family. In all of the families that I know, we keep things to ourselves. You just want money and fame, but like your daughter you did not do the right thing. So you piece of ****, if you cared anything about her, you would keep quiet and help her...not yourself.

1483 days ago


@ 69 Riwkes and @72 Susan

Technically the judge can sentence Lindsay to one year in jail at her October hearing. Violation of probation means you can be re-sentenced for the original offenses along with the violation.
A one year sentence breaks down like this in LA: 180 days off for good behavior, 18 days off for time already served. That equals 167 days of jail time. The sheriff has already said that non violent offenders do 25% so that is 25% of the original 365 days which is 92 days. Of course you have to take what the sheriff says with big chunks of salt because Alexix Neiers was released from her 6 month sentence for felony burglary after serving 30 days.
I know it is unlikely that she will get that sentence but it is a possibility. This judge has already ignored the law in her case in order to jail her so I doubt he is going to let her slide with 30 days. The sheriff has also said that sentences of 30 days or less are tag and release meaning that you are booked into the jail and released, that's how she did 87 minutes in 2007. I very much doubt the judge will allow that again.
The judge can also impose jail after rehab so no matter how long she stays in rehab she is going to jail after she leaves there. I also doubt this option.

What really counts is the type of probation she is made to endure and how long it is for. My personal opinion is that about 15 actual jail days is about right followed by no probation. It is time to take this show off the air.

1483 days ago


The problem is also: even when she successfully finishes rehab and is clean she'll be right back in that feuding between her parents when she gets out . And unfortunately - in this case - you're stuck with your parents. You can't sack them..
If only for that an independent third party should take care of her finances so they both would have to go to THAT person instead of Lindsay.

There's also the issue of not being marketable - or insurance companies not willing to take the risk - which will be a steep hurdle for her to get career back on track . Might not be a conservator as such which is required but it would come pretty close to that.

1483 days ago

Alan Carver    

In legal terms, a conservatorship may refer to the legal responsibilities over a person who is mentally ill, including those who are psychotic, suicidal, incapacitated or is in some other way unable to make legal, medical or financial decisions on behalf of themselves.

With this definition, Lohan qualifies for a conservartorship.
She is mentally unbalanced, unable to make sound decisions on her behalf. She relapses in two weeks after being released from rehab after a 23 day STINT.

Lohan needs an impartial person in her life, because as long as Lohan feels 'obligated' to take care of her family (not including ML) since none of them have 'jobs', this pattern of behavior is going to continue.

It is in my estimation that Dina wants to be the conservator so that she won't get cut off. Whatever agreements Lohan and Dina have between themselves, written or orally, this could cost Dina income. And when a conservator comes in they start 're-establishing' what is good for that person and what is not and Dina does not want to have that happen. The books probably indicate that Dina has been 'ripping-off' Lohan for years and she does not want that information made public.

Dina needs to be removed as her manager immediately, since all she does is make money off Lohan's name and what is left of her very stalled and in the crapper of this so-called career.

Anyone with a lick of sense in the Hollyweird world that knows about how to do this, get Lohan back on track, get Dina out of the picture and someone who cares about Lohan and helping her getting her career back after a much needed time out in REHAB, would be better than DINA LOHAN! That monster has helped create the mess that is Lohan today, and they like her like that so she doesn't get too 'clued-in' to what is happening around her. That is why Dina goes on NATIONAL TELEVISION telling Matt Lauer that it is all PROPAGANDA and that LOHAN DOESN'T HAVE ANY ADDICTION ISSUES! SHE IS FINE!

What a mess!

1483 days ago


@86 while I agree with your analysis of what is legally correct procedure I somehow doubt the judge will see it that way. The court will by now have realized this isn't working at all and will probably also see that to do what you're describing would mean she'd be back in court - for a new offense,no less - within weeks time. I agree court will want to get rid of this case. But they aren't completely stupid and will ask experts for advice on how best to avoid Lindsay ending back up in court fast.

Simply jail + no probation won't solve anything , they'd want some kind of rehab deal included in the sentencing. I'm proponent of NO jail and all rehab but it remains to be seen if the judge sees it the same way.

1483 days ago


What really counts is the type of probation she is made to endure and how long it is for. My personal opinion is that about 15 actual jail days is about right followed by no probation. It is time to take this show off the air.

Posted at 6:00 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by Spot

I agree completely the only reason Lindsay is still in trouble is because of the probation and the ridiculous sentence of formal probation on July 6th not the actual crimes which were over 3 years ago.
The Judge should give her a few weeks in jail after rehab if she doesn't check out before the court date and end this saga.
She shouldn't have done coke while on probation but she shouldn't still be on probation and the sentence in July after she done everything to rectify her behavior basically made her a criminal.

1483 days ago


This isn't just about Linsay Lohan. It's about how the courts should treat all those with a substance abuse or addiction issue and it shouldn't matter at all whether it's a celeb or not . Nicole, you keep insisting nothing is wrong but all evidence is proving the contrary ( even UCLA which was a very brief stay indicated there was an issue with chemical substance dependency ) and even Lindsay herself has admitted to it and has even entered rehab on a voluntary basis . So what is the deal with this continued stout denial ??

1483 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Amazing how you could "immediately" make it to court for that, but not all those other times I'm just sayin'
Britney Spears Dad should handle Lindsay's stuff........
Oh wait, I just realized that I really don't care.......ZZZZZZZZ

1483 days ago


It's not your decision, Lindsay! The whole purpose of a conservatorship is that you are not capable of making your own decisions. If you come to court displaying your usual behavior, you won't be doing yourself any favors!

1483 days ago


@ 90 Nicole

I agree completely the only reason Lindsay is still in trouble is because of the probation and the ridiculous sentence of formal probation on July 6th not the actual crimes which were over 3 years ago.

Your wrong! the actual crime was the day her drug test was ruled positive for cocaine. The probation was in lieu of jail time for the original offenses in 2007. When you violate probation you are subject to sentencing for the original offenses, they become current as does the violation.

1483 days ago


Law & Order-LA was hilarious all about a starlet & her greedy mooching stage-mother. But mama ends up in prison not daughter, hehe.

Yo Dina, Hollywood is telling you what they think of you.

Posted at 2:49 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by beachgal

Too funny! I didn't like the idea of Law & Order: LA, but I thought it was very well done. The actress was a perfect Linds!

Loved the way "Mommy" ended up in jail!

This kid does not need a "conservator", as neither parent is fit for the job.

1483 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

She can not let that happen,how will she get money for her coke?

1483 days ago
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