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Lindsay Lohan --

No Time Limit for Rehab

10/6/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will definitely be in rehab at least until her court appearance later this month -- but how long she stays after that will probably be determined by the judge.

Lindsay Lohan rehab.
Sources tell us ... the plan is for Lindsay to stay in rehab at least until her October 22 court appearance before Judge Elden Fox.  As for how much longer she stays ... we're told by the time of the hearing, Judge Fox will have docs from the doctors at Betty Ford, evaluating Lindsay's problems and progress.

If the judge determines Lindsay would be better served with rehab than jail, it's all but certain her stay will be extended.

As for the October 22 court appearance, Lindsay does not have to show, because in misdemeanor cases lawyers can appear on behalf of the client.  But ... Judge Fox clearly thought Lindsay would be present since he assumed she'd be in custody until the hearing ... so it's a good bet she'll be there.



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Good!!! She needs to stay there a long while!!!

1480 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Lindsay should be in rehab through 2011. Then in 2012 when she's clean she can resume acting.

1480 days ago


Lindsay needs rehab not jail, I hope Judge Fox can set his pride aside and see clear to that. I wish Lindsay well!

1480 days ago

bring back recent posts    

um...just because she has the luxury of goin to rehab doesn't mean she shouldn't b punished with jail again like you or I would be..

1480 days ago


I would have more respect for Lindsay if she stayed in rehab until the professionals at Betty Ford tell her she's ready. But, knowing Lindsay, her rehab is all for show for the judge and the minute he says she can leave she'll be out that door quicker than a rabbit. Also, her mother needs to go home; she's half the problem. Her daughter is an adult and the only reason mom is around is to get her face in the tabloids. Talk about an enabler; she gets first prize.

1480 days ago

artie help    

she really is a very talented, beautiful young lady who will one day win an oscar.

1480 days ago

Erin Hachadoorian    

I have been sober almost 5 years and I am 25. Let me talk to her :)

1480 days ago


"If you've never tried drugs, DON'T. And if you have, pray." - Brad Renfro. DEAD. --- Rehab doesn't work if the person doesn't want to get help. Obviously, sadly, she has not hit her bottom.

1480 days ago


She's only doing this to stay out of jail. I still think she should do her jail time and then go back to rehab. She's had 5-6 chances. Again, if it were you or me we wouldn't be getting these breaks, stright to jail.

1480 days ago


Maybe Lindsay can QUIT SMOKING while she's at Betty Ford too. I don't like women who smoke at all. Who wants to kiss a woman that has that nasty ashtray mouth? You can smell the cigarettes on the clothes of smokers across the room. It's NOT very attractive to guys or anyone else ... except maybe other smokers. I bet every time Lindsay has a picture taken of her smoking it turns off thousands if not millions of her fans.

I hope the people at Betty Ford get Lindsay off of EVERYTHING. All street drugs, all prescription drugs, all caffeine, all over the counter pills (like sleeping pills), all cigarettes, all nicotine patches, etc. NOTHING. Not even much sugary stuff.

Just have Lindsay eat good quality healthy food and good quality healthy drinks. Basically, have Lindsay only eat and drink stuff that the health fanatics and dietitians would recommend. Plus, make sure she gets plenty of exercise, sunlight, and gets up at the same time every morning at 7 am or so.

If Lindsay could do this for a solid year or two, I bet she'd be amazed at how good she feels. I bet her career prospects would go back up and she might could be an "A list" actress again.

1480 days ago

Bubba Ganoosh    

I wanna give her a dirty Sanchez.

1480 days ago


Obviously she will appear she will want the SCRAM off which is only supposed to be part of her bail conditions.

1480 days ago


I've already won the $500.00 bet that she'd be back before a judge and back in jail within 30 days of getting out. Now I've got a bet that she won't get jail time but instead, will have to remain in rehab. My bet also includes my belief that she will go back lesbo within a year of getting out and will be back in front of another judge within a year of getting out. I'll win.

1480 days ago

Pretty LL    

Can't wait for that 5th mugshot.

1480 days ago


310 Mikey,
You sound like a real puke Mikey.
No wonder you can't get ANY women.. guess that's why you're a closeted pole smoker.

1480 days ago
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