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Lindsay Lohan --

No Time Limit for Rehab

10/6/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will definitely be in rehab at least until her court appearance later this month -- but how long she stays after that will probably be determined by the judge.

Lindsay Lohan rehab.
Sources tell us ... the plan is for Lindsay to stay in rehab at least until her October 22 court appearance before Judge Elden Fox.  As for how much longer she stays ... we're told by the time of the hearing, Judge Fox will have docs from the doctors at Betty Ford, evaluating Lindsay's problems and progress.

If the judge determines Lindsay would be better served with rehab than jail, it's all but certain her stay will be extended.

As for the October 22 court appearance, Lindsay does not have to show, because in misdemeanor cases lawyers can appear on behalf of the client.  But ... Judge Fox clearly thought Lindsay would be present since he assumed she'd be in custody until the hearing ... so it's a good bet she'll be there.



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Maisie Gallagher    

No matter what people say. Lindsay is a person , with feelings who is going through a hard time. People criticising when she's down is awful , its hard enoughh to work through these problems without harsh media.
Good on you lindsay , any educated person will know these problems don't get solved overnight. Stay strong and keep your head high , I have faith you will get through this and emerge stronger. You are talented and that will show in time to come , you deserve an oscar for your talent.

1423 days ago


Um, how is he still the judge on this case (or a judge at all for that matter)? If he denied Lindsay bail but was legally required to give her bail then he did something illegal. So doesn’t he have to answer for that? Or in California do they not even care when their judges become TMZ whores who will break the law to get their face on this website? God and TMZ says celebs are the ones who get special treatment. Why not crusade against a crooked judge, Harvey? Or are you scared of anyone besides a 90 pound girl?

1423 days ago


Whoever believes this nonsense is absolutely nuts, this loser is only doing it to avoid jail and it is working. I have had enough of the LOWhans.

1423 days ago


When given the chance of sobriety, she refuses it every single time UNLESS jail is the other consequence. When jail is threatened, she gets into rehab FAST to secure the reports the attending doctors can generate to the judge. This is a major game and Lindsay is good at it. Addicts lie well and combine that with the fact that she's an actress and you have a damn good game.

Posted at 12:43 PM on Oct 6, 2010 by JLS
Totally agree!

1423 days ago


if she does rehab...then goes back to the same place she lives and the same people...she stands, 'a snowballs chance in hell' to remain clean. she must leave this toilet, and find a new kinda life somewhere else... then maybe, just maybe...she'll find the peace we all seek so much.

1423 days ago


Because of overcrowding, Lindsay would only stay in jail a few days anyway. Then she would be out on the streets again. That's NOT what she needs. The judge would have to sentence Lindsay to 6-8 months of jail in order for her to actually stay in jail for a couple of months.

At least while she's at Betty Ford she's getting the help she needs. Hopefully, the "light is going to come on" for her this time. They need to get Lindsay to totally re-engineer her life. All of her usual habits. From where she lives, to who she hangs out with, when she gets up in the morning, what she eats ... basically everything. Maybe the judge can make sure she stays at Betty Ford for an extra month or two after October 22nd. She needs it.

Somehow Lindsay needs to learn that it actually IS the "cool thing to do" to be sober and having success in her career instead of hanging around with a bunch of druggies and alcoholics who have trust funds from daddy and party at clubs every night, etc.

Lindsay should realize how lucky she is to be able to make her living doing artistic things like her music and acting. She needs to appreciate that and dive deep into all her creative endeavors 100%. Try to be the best she can be at it. Lots of people would love to make a good living as an artist. It can be an interesting and exciting life ... IF you don't BLOW IT by messing around with the wrong people doing drugs and drinking and throw it all away.

1423 days ago


Just get the morgue ready. It's all that's next for her...

1423 days ago


Any one of us would have gotten jail time for what she has done, she needs to do her full 30 days in jail and then immediately return to The Betty, she needs to learn and the justice system needs to prove to us that their isn't 2 justice systems in this country!

She really needs to get sober, all of the recent pictures I have seen of her she looks older than me, and I'm 43!

1423 days ago


Heres the thing, most of the comments here are from people who assume they know and understand her situation and who she is. You have the image that she tries to show the public. You the image that the media shows you. Take away all this and you simply have a young girl who has lost her way due to substance abuse.

I don't care if she has been in rehab 40 times before, she is there now and hopefully at some point it will stick. One of the things they will tell you in rehab is if you cant walk the walk at least talk the talk and at some point you'll start to walk.

She is a smart girl, most addict are, if she lives through it and does not end up in prison or some other type of institution at some point she will come around and pull herself out of the hole she is in. I have seen it happen a thousand time with people who were in far worse shape than her. Most of those people went on to successful and positive lives. Some did not. Such is the nature of the beast.

The key is they have to be ready, they have to be tired of the life. They will at some point have whats called a moment of clarity that usually comes at a very low point in their lives when they are no longer fooled by their own excuses and justifications for what is happening in their lives.

At that point they begin to understand that rehab is their friend and drugs are their enemy rather than the other way around. Once they get to that point they will be willing to see addiction for what it really is. A very powerful, life threatening disease for which there is no cure only abstinence and treatment.

Good luck young lady, you have your work cut out for you but in the end you can become more successful than you were before. You simple have to decide to do it for your self.

1423 days ago


It won't matter how long she is in there. As long as she surrounds herself with loosers or I should say worse looser(s) then she is when she gets out she will start all over again.
Bottom line is she will end up dead sooner or later, might as well be sooner. We will finally see the last of this trailer trash bitch.

1423 days ago


There is NO 23 day program at Betty Ford. If there is then she is getting movie star treatment unless she goes to jail. There are 90 day programs and for once she should fully complete the program. Certainly Dina and Michael should be forced into therapy with each other. That will take 90 days to just plan with Dina's social schedule. It is so wonderful to not see pictures of Lindsay filling her gas tank up, pictures with her mom and sister and selling pictures with her SCRAM bracelet on. TMZ keep moving on to other more significant stories in people. Come back to Lindsay in 25 years.

1423 days ago


she even made the judge to look good after he sent her to jail
so it wont be inconvinient for him to send her right away in prison

1423 days ago


The judge will likely tell her to finish the 90 day program at rehab or do 30 days in jail as the original probation violation called for. Problem with that is that a 30 day jail sentence in LA is tag and release, she will be in the jail for about 90 minutes. So she could say no to further rehab and be back on the streets is a few hours.

I would like to see the judge tell her finish the program at rehab or face the longest possible jail term based on your case as it stands today. When all the adjustments are finished I believe that would result in about 45 days in jail. To further encourage her to finish rehab the judge could impose a year of probation with drug tests and SCRAM after jail or unsupervised probation for 1 year after rehab.

She would be a fool not to finish rehab!

1423 days ago

for now    

# 61 is right that most people are so insecure and hateful,they can't think straight.
They think that they know more than all the doctors and other professionals.
With all her talent and intelligence and work ethic,Lindsay will be fine.

1423 days ago


She needs to go to jail just like everyone else. She should be there right now, just like any normal person would be. After jail, she needs a LONG stint in rehab. I'm really sick of hearing about her. It was nice not seeing anything about her for a few days. She's a waste of flesh.

1423 days ago
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